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Sunday, 31 July 2016

Yesterday afternoon was so relaxing...

31st July 2016
Be happy for this moment.  This moment is your life.  Omar Khayyam

I had a lovely relaxing day yesterday, downloaded me the book "beside myself" by Ann Morgan, not my usual read, let's be honest I don't have a usual read and I don't read that often but just felt like losing myself in a book and having an almost day off.  It was only 99p on Kindle but then it offered me the audio version for £2.99 and I thought yeah why not.  I sat with my colouring book all afternoon listening to the book, I'm half way through already, it's one of those books I need to know how it turns out.

At the meeting on the morning we had good chat, as always there were giggles, Kaj showed us the correct way to use weigh scales;
Plus there was Weight Watcher friendly cake, Julies Lemon and lime crunch cake (5sp a slice), mom confirms this is particularly nice with a little pot of custard on top, a good treat for controlled Smart Points.  I really liked the biscotti biscuits (3sp each) Tina made, to me they tasted like grown up Farley's rusks and rusks are on my fav food list!    Lisa was very clever in her thinking, she did fruit skewers with strawberries, pineapple, grapes, blueberries and they looked so pretty and zero Smart Points is always a winner.  I can see me buying myself some skewers as I think that would make me want to eat them, I eat with my eyes for sure.

I might have that Weight Watcher chicken lemon risotto meal out of the freezer for my dinner today, I want to try and finish my book so I won't be doing much else, although can I say the first thing I did when I got out of bed this morning was clean my bedroom window!  Alfie sits up there and makes a mess of the window and I finally thought, it's that time, they really need doing, you've been saying it for a week and if you don't do it now, you'll forget again until you wake up in the morning!  So that's today's housework ;)  no I'm going to do a bit especially as I've got my book on audio, I can do the two things at the same time.  This may be the future, housework book listening!

This week in meetings I've asked members to answer this question;

"In order to lose weight next week, what could I....

Stop doing
Start doing
Continue to do

We've then spent some time discussing our responses, it's always interesting that we agree on so many of the things we write or that we get ideas for what we could have written.   What would I write, mmm...  Before you read on if you missed you're meeting this week, write yours down first so you're not influenced by mine!

I said, Stop panicking!  Occasionally when I look at a menu, I get all excited, no I always get excited at menus, I just occasionally panic when I start reading some of the things and because I'm excited over the choices, I panic because I know I'm likely to go crazy and order loads.  I think as members we sometimes see certain ingredients and think NOOOO!  For example on Monday when I went to Weston Park and noticed the delicious vegetarian burger, I thought mmmm, carrot, herb and cashew burger, but as soon as I read 'cashew' I was ooo nuts, they're really high, that'll be mega points, blah, blah, blah.  Then I realised what I was doing and reminded myself it wasn't a handful of cashew nuts in a veggie burger that was at the root of my weight gain, it was the constant overeating of crap, the endless meals that had no thought put into them at all.  I ordered it, even when it came out with the bowl of chips (small bowl btw) I thought that's okay, it's a balanced meal and it's okay to enjoy.  I lost weight too remember so I was right to enjoy that meal.

What could I start doing, mmm, I'm going to start shopping for a family of 2 and a dog, not a family of 4 or 6.  In other words, stop overbuying, stop getting excited in the supermarket.  I really don't need that much food.   

I'm going to continue to walk with mom and Alfie, it's really made a difference to my steps but also making me take an hour out of my day at least instead of working straight through, that's important!  It's also helping me get my vitamin D.  Oh and I'm still getting everything that MUST be done, done!

What can I change, this was the one most people struggled with, this one's probably easy for me to answer, I'm going to change some of my mid week evening glasses of wine for alcohol free lager or water, or maybe a cup of tea!   Notice I said "some", I'm being realistic, drinking wine is something I enjoy doing and if I stop, it won't last, I know it won't.  I've lost weight whilst drinking wine and I know I can do it again, it's all about balance!

Right I'm off, I've got a book to get back too ;) I want to know what happens!  Here's to a fantastic day, I do hope we get more sunshine than cloud today, it wasn't the best yesterday, and sitting outside reading is more fun than sitting inside! 

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