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Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Enjoying the sunshine

19th July 2016
Believe with all your heart that you will do what you were made to do.  O S Marden

Making the most of the cool morning air, sitting here with my window open, as that was one warm night with not much sleep had and they reckon we're in for hotter today, so make sure you have a bottle of water with you wherever you go.  No walking the dog in the midday sun folks. 

After a morning spent in my office yesterday, I nipped to the garden centre and spent my Christmas gift vouchers on some French lavender to put up the garden in my pallet holder - instant pretty.  I love my greenhouse my brother built for me but the truth is growing things from scratch is a hobby for people with spare time and patience on their hands and I haven't had the spare time over the last 12 months, maybe in the future, we shall see but this year, the only thing in there are tomatoes and they're a little neglected, I'm still hopeful I'll get some kind of crop though. 

We then decided to have another drive over to Weston Park, use that pass we've bought, and we almost had the place to ourselves, it was so quiet, just lovely to walk through the woods, under the coolness of the trees.  It was still too hot for mom and Alfie so the walk was a shorter one than yesterday and we went and sat and enjoyed a cuppa, mom decided that you could suck meringue so had one of the giant strawberry ones.  I've just remembered the other half is still in my bag!

It was 11ish before I remembered to eat yesterday and we were just about to go out, so I made put a slice of beef on a Warburton thin with some pea shoots, that did me.  I also took a piece of cod and chicken breast out of the freezer.  When we got back for dinner I roasted both with a little salt and pepper seasoning.  Dinner was the cod on a bed of pasta in a tomato and pepper sauce that I made using what was in the kitchen.  I had some of the chicken breast on another thin for supper.  All of it was hassle free food which is working for me this week, loving the freedom of No Count.

We spent the rest of the day up the garden, I nipped over the pet shop and got some pansies for the spaces in my pallets, so now we have something pretty to look at when we are stood in the kitchen, I do love flowers, opted for a purple
 Theme as its moms favourite colour and added a splash of yellow which I guess is mine, although where flowers are concerned, you can't beat white.

Today's menu is quite simple, I have a Weight Watchers No Count ready meal, chicken and leek pie, I'll have that as my main meal.  I've got some cottage cheese and a pineapple so fancying that for lunch, it'll be nice and cool, might need to nip into a shop and get a cucumber and a couple of tomatoes that aren't soft!  Then for breakfast I'm thinking eggs, beans, crumpets maybe - if I have time.

Not much thinking went on there, easy, I like this simplicity, it's just what I need right now.

We have no kitchen at my venue this morning as they're working on it, so must remember to take a drink.  I do hope they finish all the work soon, it's taken much longer than we expected and it has been disruptive, what with that and all the road works locally.   

I'm off for a shower, cool me down, then I'll be ready for a great day, enjoy the sunshine BeYOUtiful, stay cool, drink plenty of water and relax the rain will return soon enough!

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