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Thursday, 7 July 2016

Oh good morning silly o'clock...

7th July 2016
“Lean too much on other people’s approval and it becomes a bed of thorns.” ~Tehyi Hsieh

What a lovely day mom and I had yesterday for her birthday, we spent the morning sitting on her bed opening her gifts and chatting, we sat up the garden for an hour on the afternoon.  Then she supervised my ability to hang out the washing, apparently I was doing it wrong!  It still somehow managed to dry okay and the pillow cases are still oblong, and all is well in the world.

We're walking with the 'No Solids' for 6 weeks rule and mom had farley's rusks for breakfast, a bowl of soup for tea and in the middle, there was a rolo desert, jelly and custard and a bit of ice cream.  Lots of hot drinks too.  Early days yet so eating isn't the easiest thing to be doing and her appetite isn't really there.

I on the other hand, had a couple of crumpets for breakfast, a protein bar for lunch, a bit of her ice cream, then after being challenged by a member in my meeting, who said, "you're just using that as an excuse" when I said why I hadn't eaten that great yesterday,  I came home and cooked tandoori chicken, jersey mids, carrots and samphire because I realised she was absolutely right!  If she hadn't have said that, I would've just eaten the tandoori chicken and wouldn't have bothered to cook the potatoes and vegetables, it's easy not to bother, especially when you're only cooking for one!  But I can't get into that habit, that's a bad one, so I'll be having salmon today I think for lunch, with the leftover potatoes and veggies, and the leftover chicken for tea, maybe with rice.  Sorted, see it's not that much 'bother' even when you are only cooking for yourself, it just means i'll have to start thinking differently, splitting packs of meat and freezing some maybe, or freezing the other meal once I've cooked it.

I've realised a few things have got to change, I can't do as much as I have been and keep on top of everything, there's just not enough hours in the day and as I'm quick to tell others, you only get one life.  I'm reassessing mine because I need to be able to do my house work, to have the time to do my washing, cook my dinners, walk the dog but most importantly, spent those valuable moments with my mom enjoying each other's company and making wonderful memories, having the morning off work yesterday meant we got to spend a lovely day together which I would've missed out on if I hadn't realised how important it was.

Yeah, work / life balance is truly important, I know money is too but I can live on less, I've done it before!

Well it's only 3.51am, yep I've been awake since silly o'clock, 2.30am to be precise, woke up coughing, couldn't stop then lay there wide awake, so decided to get up and be productive instead!  I can hear mom having  a cough as I type, poor love, her ribs are already hurting from the fall without her coughing to aggravate them.  I think I'm going to go and make me a lovely mug of tea, then I'll get the bit of paperwork done before work that I need to do, which means I'll be able to take Alfie out for a walk at lunchtime.  He's helping me get those steps up, usually do between 6-8,000 on a Wednesday, ended on 12,000 yesterday!  It's all good.

Here's to a great day, finding that balance and making time for those you love because those relationships are what life is truly all about.  Don't you forget it BeYOUtiful, focus on the healthy & happy and enjoy the now, don't live in the past, don't think about the future - be in the moment.  

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