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Sunday, 23 September 2018

Thin = Happy? Not in my world!

23rd September 2018
The secret of being happy is accepting where you are in life and making the most out of everyday.

I had a lovely Saturday yesterday, great start with my WW meeting, then I spent the rest of my day on my backside watching tele with my crochet, perfect.  We watched a couple of cracking good films and were both in bed by half 8 – rock and roll.  I recommend “I, Daniel Blake” if you haven’t already seen it, I’m not one for sad films, but this was an excellent portrayal of real life on the breadline, this country is broken in places for sure.  Think I need to get my members collecting for a Food Bank again, it’s the least we can do.  The other film we watched was “Nappily ever after” on Netflix, excellent film, uplifting especially in this word of self-obsession with our looks, if you enjoyed my blog yesterday this is the film for you to watch.

Oh and carrying on from yesterday’s blog, being ‘thin’ or at ‘goal’ doesn’t make you happy either, it may give you some happiness but it won’t solve all those other problems you have in your life.  Absolutely, lose weight for your health or whatever reason you want to, I’m all for that but don’t do it on the assumption that it will make everything better in your world.  Whereas working on those things that aren’t great in your life whilst doing your best to eat well and take care of yourself, now that will improve your happiness.  It’s about taking care of the whole package, mind, body and soul.  We can’t always change our situations but we can change how we react to them and make tweaks to our situations to make us feel happier.

How do we find happiness?  Or do we make it?  I googled of course and one thing that jumped out at me straight away from the numerous links I followed was to make a list of “do-able” things that make you happy.  I blinking love this idea!   What do you like to do, think about what you liked to do when you were younger?   I like to read, to write my blog, to go for a walk, giggle with my bestie (we had a 40 minute phone chat on Friday that saved both our days I think!) I love to listen to music and watch a good movie, go for a drive in the country to name but a few, oh a bubble bath there’s another one and cook a delicious meal.  When I was watching that movie yesterday she danced around her living room and I think gosh, I’d so enjoy doing that, why don’t I do that every day whilst moms in bed or in the kitchen if she’s up to music I enjoy, that’s a workout in itself, no steps or moves to remember just throwing yourself around to good music, not caring about whether you’re doing it right or wrong!  What is it you love to do?  That’s one way to be happy, nearly forgot my crochet, I used to love crafting, maybe that’s something I could get back into.  Lots of people are unable to get out and about and they find plenty to keep them occupied.  Find stuff you enjoy doing and find the time to do it, no matter how short that time is.

Also focus on what you already have rather than what you want, yes you might want to lose 3 stone but focus on the 3lbs you’ve lost this month, or the 3lbs you managed not to gain!  I’m thankful for my health, I’m thankful that mom isn’t as bad as she could be, I’m not looking to the future, which is another way to be happy now, focus on living for today.  Stop being stuck in the past or your previous failures, what’s gone is done and try not to think about what’s coming, enjoy the present moment, live in the now.  Let’s focus on getting happy, on loving ourselves for who we are not what we look like!  I’m happy to say I’m blessed to be surrounded by BeYOUtiful people, life don’t get no better than that.

Have a very great day looking for those happy moments and making your life a happy place to be, don’t spend it focusing on hate whether it’s towards others or yourself. 

Saturday, 22 September 2018

Be who you want to be BeYOUtiful!

22nd September 2018
Whatever you are, be a good one.

We call it autumn, Americans call it fall, I like that, so if we fall a little this season we can get up as soon as possible and let’s be honest no one stays focused all the time so knowing it’s okay to take a stumble makes it easier to handle.

I spent hours working yesterday when I normally wouldn’t, so I ended up with an egg sarnie for breakfast, and a veggie burger in a deli thin for my dinner.  Not sure whats on the menu today but I do have the ingredients for the pasta Bolognese recipe in the new cookbook although, the beef needs defrosting.  Or I could make the Tuna pasta bake from the book, decisions, decisions.  Then there’s these two recipes I noticed this morning on pinterest both look good!

Actually I have spuds I need to use up too from the recipe I did Thursday, ooo there’s a delicious looking Spanish omelette in that cookbook, they’ll go nicely in that and mom might eat some too.  Could even do that before work for breakfast.  We’ll see.  Not gonna get anything done if I don’t pull my finger out!

I plan to have a nice relaxing day once I’ve done my meeting this morning which I love, once I’ve walked Alfie, hopefully not in the rain!  Then the rest of the day I’ll chill with mom, maybe start a new crochet project, just finished my besties blanket, I do love using that wool, but at over £10 a ball, eek, hers would’ve cost almost £50 just for the wool had I not got it off Facebook marketplace for half price.  I have lots of other wool to play with, I’ll have a think about what to do with it, I’ve got a few ideas swirling around in my head.

Have I mentioned lately that you are BeYOUtiful?  Yeah you, reading this, you are an amazing individual regardless of what you weigh or look like, there’s not another one like you, you are completely one off, 100% original, a masterpiece.  Remember masterpieces take time and you’re constantly working on you.

I was having a text conversation with someone yesterday, the content of which isn’t important but it was about losing weight and being at goal, we were disagreeing on the importance of the scales, I sat down to wait for my massage and caught myself in the mirror, the tshirt I had on was tight and you could see I was carrying extra weight that in a perfect world I wouldn’t want.  I also looked a bit tired from a busy, hectic week and from my life that is.  At this point, it would’ve been so easy to start that self-loathing that people do so well, that “I hate myself because I’m overweight, I hate my body because it’s ugly”, you know the sort of thing and yes I’ve done it in the past.  But no, never again, I love me, I love every inch of me, even that top belly.  At this moment in time, I’m doing everything I can to survive this life I have because it’s not always easy and I don’t always like it.  Why would I chose to make it even worse by hating myself and my body?  That doesn’t make any sense whatsoever does it?  Instead I smiled back at my reflection and thought to myself, I’m doing alright, I’m coping with everything the universe is throwing at me and taking care of me and mine to the best of my ability at this time.

So no, the scales aren’t the only indicator of my success, of my health and wellbeing, there are so many other things to tell me I’m doing okay.  Those blood tests I had the other week came back all good, which means my body is in pretty good condition,  other than the hormonal changes it’s going through, which again I’m surviving.  I’m a bloody good person, whatever I weigh, I do good things and make people feel good about themselves, I don’t have to be a certain weight to have those qualities!  I’m real, I’m caring and I’m kind, my weight again doesn’t make me better or worse at any of that.

And guess what, you’re weight doesn’t make you a different person either, you’re still you, still BeYOUtiful and you know what else, we don’t take care of anything we don’t love, so learn to love yourself, then you’ll take care of yourself and then the weight loss or maintenance becomes a side effect.

I’m going to spend some time this weekend, picking a few more recipes out of my cookbook to cook because I want to cook delicious food for this body I love, what are you going to do this weekend to take care of you?

Here’s to a very great day BeYOUtiful, take care of you xx

Friday, 21 September 2018

Too preocupplied to type...

21st September 2018
Be kind.  Even on your bad days.

Oh yesterday was all about the chicken and mushroom pie I made, did I mention how excited I am for you all to see the new cookbook, so much so that I will be doing a cooking demo from it next week, to give you a sneak peek.  The pie was amazing, on my busiest day, I took half hour out of my day for me to cook me a delicious dinner and I was so glad I did.  It was actually so good, I had it for my dinner and my tea and I froze a portion for another day.  There’s one portion left so I’m guessing that’s today’s dinner because I’ve got a busy day ahead with a nice massage thrown in for good measure – more time for me, looking after my own health and wellbeing because I’m important too, as are you!

The suns shining, I’ve had a lie in, the fact I have a little work nightmare to sort out isn’t even concerning me, it’ll get done and that’s all that matters, I am in a good place this morning and that’s what matters most!

Back to food if you have the mushroom & lentil ragu recipe card from last week, I’ve been told it’s amazing, so that’s going on my to eat list too on and next weeks has a crumble recipe that looks a bit tasty too.

You know what, the dog needs walking, there’s so much going on in my head this morning, I can’t think to type so I’m going to sign off and wish you a very great day BeYOUtiful, take a little time out for yourself, you know it makes sense.