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Sunday, 15 September 2019

Day 15 #SelfCareSeptember

15th September 2019
Today's moments are tomorrows memories.

Half way through our Self Care September, so are you doing the tasks?  If not maybe it's time to ask yourself, 'why not, what's stopping you?'  Is your life exactly as you want it, do you feel your best and don't need feel you need to do anything more.  Or could you do with looking at your life, is there a way that you aren't respecting yourself, your wants and needs?  What needs to happen for you to turn that around?   That's more than enough questions for a Sunday morning, you can wait to do that thinking tomorrow if you'd rather!

Sunday's are supposed to be the day of rest but I know for a lot of folk, it's the day you get things done, the laundry, meal prep stuff like that but make sure you do something you enjoy too, go back to day when we came up with a list of self care ideas that we would enjoy and do one of them, no matter how small, my self-care routine always starts with a mug of tea and my blog, it sets me up for the day.  I try to include as much self care stuff for myself as I can, it helps me stay calm and patient with mom, the second half of yesterday was not easy, she has a bad leg and I'm trying to get it better myself by cleaning and dressing it so we don't have to have the district nurses out again as she really didn't like the huge dressings they put on but she was in pain with it and being particularly dramatic, she's always been stoic, it's true that dementia seems to do a complete U-Turn on a persons personality.  Because I'd made time for me this week, I was more tolerant of her behaviour.  I'll be taking care of me too again today, I'll be meeting my brother for a walk again this morning, where hopefully I'll get to see some of those things that make me smile, herons for one, last week I saw a kingfisher, I was like a big kid, I got so exited.  Then I hope to watch a movie (mom willing), the forecast is good so I may even sit outside for a bit or when I walk Alfie later we can lie on the grass.  I'll cook a delicious meal and maybe have a bubble bath later before settling down with my crochet.

I cleaned out my freezer yesterday, trying to do a little bit of housework at a time so it gets done without doing my head in.  My bedrooms next for a polish and hoover etc, maybe today or most likely tomorrow.

I'm really enjoying cooking again, I'm seeing it as part of the self care thing, eating healthy is important and by getting a varied diet, I'm enjoying it more.  This week we've talked Carbs and it's made me want to eat them, especially the stuff I haven't eaten in a long time.  I had scrambled eggs for my breakfast yesterday to keep it as zero, I made them so perfect, I licked the bowl!  Dinner was this;

I roasted butternut squash, sweet potato, vivaldi potatoes (my fav from Sainsbury's) and carrot chunks in a teaspoon of oil for about 40 minutes, that's Schwartz Italian seasoning on the salmon, found it in the cupboard wrapped in foil for 20 minutes with tomatoes.  

Later on I was still hungry, so I cooked some wholewheat tagliatelle and made a sauce using the houmous I'd made, I just added a bit of the pasta water and it worked, threw in a handful of spinach and topped with a bit of basil and it was delicious, plus it stopped me from picking on other stuff, all I had to point was the pasta, another carb I hadn't had for a long time.

I'm hoping for another weight loss this Wednesday, need to survive today on track and in the zone, so I'll be cooking a good meal, not sure yet if it's going to be a chicken dinner, probably will be as I have some of those carb chunks left which I could use, I have some mash left which should still be okay, ready cooked sliced chicken breast, I only have to cook the cabbage and make a bit of gravy and I have dinner.  I have some sea bass that I want to do something with, was gutted the sea bream I'd ordered wasn't available as I'd never had that before.

In my shopping that did arrive, I'd ordered other carbs that I haven't had for a long time and have missed, couscous, freekah, quinoa, rice, pasta.  Usually I would buy these ready made in microwave pouches but they are cheaper buying uncooked and I have my rice maker from the WW shop that I'm going to use to cook them in my microwave, yes I'm going to get back to enjoying all food groups, not living on chicken and eggs alone!

Rice cooker - Available in workshops

Anyway, I'm spending way too much time looking for sea bass recipe / cooking ideas, I need to stop, I'm gonna spend enough time looking for freekah recipes lol, but not now, I need to get dressed and sort mom so I can go enjoy a walk along the canal paths.

Here's to a wonderful day, the sun is forecast to shine, no matter how busy you are or how much you need to get done ready for next week, try to make sure you enjoy some of it!  Mwah,

luv ya

Love me xx

Saturday, 14 September 2019

Day 14 #SelfCareSeptember

Saturday 14th September 2019 
Sometimes music is the only thing that takes your mind off everything else.

Well we're almost half way through our self care month and if you're taking part and doing the tasks you'll realise it involves taking time out your day to think about yourself even if only for a few minutes.  Hopefully it's helping to lift your mood as it is mine, I'm eating better too because I'm being reminded I'm important too and that this body I've been given deserves to be taken care of.  I'm looking at different ways to move, accepting that housework is part of my self care routine even if I'm not a fan of it, I do however enjoy the outcome of doing it.  Yesterday I cleaned the fridge out ready for my supermarket delivery today which is lots of healthy, fresh food.  Yeah this self care lark is making me feel better. 

Now today's task is a good one, it's about the feel good side of self care - MUSIC!  Yesterday I had such a great hour listening to tunes.  


Anyone my age knows it as a mix tape!  Music can take you to a magical time and place and that’s exactly what it did for me yesterday which is why I want you to do it too.  I watched Captain Marvel last weekend and part of the sound track was a Garbage and No Doubt track, immediately I added them to my playlist, then yesterday when I was walking the dog I decided to listen to the entire Garbage album and it took me back to 1995/6, I loved being that age, I'd just started to like me for who I was not who I had been trying to be, I'd still got a lot of learning to do though, still had terrible taste in men, just had a quick whizz in moms old diary and in Sept 1995, I was going out with a lad named Kieran (younger man too!), I got my wheels nicked off my car (cost me £200 to replace) and we went to Butlin's for the first and last time!   I'd just started to have spare cash to spend on having a good time, anyway back to music.

Music is a powerful tool in that it has both physiological and psychological effects. 
In a 2013 study, it is stated that “continuing research within the psychology of music has highlighted the profound effects of music listening and there is no doubt that music is a separate channel of communication affecting emotions in significant ways. Music may be uniquely suited to managing or regulating emotions and stress in everyday life since it has the capacity to both distract and engage listeners in a variety of cognitive and emotional ways.”

There is science to back up the claim that music has healing power for the mind, body, and soul.  That's good enough for me and I have to agree, I absolutely loved singing along (not sure anyone I walked past whilst out with Alfie appreciated it though), then I enjoyed dancing round the kitchen to it whilst cooking, I really enjoyed it, so much so I'm going to do it again today.   I'm going to start a list in my notepad of tunes that I love to sing and dance to, then I can make a play list or two instead of having one long play list.  

Music raises those dopamine levels, lifting your mood and making you happier, that's gotta be good, that's what another study suggested back in 2011 anyways. 

Yeah we can all fit a bit of music into our day to sing along too and if we can dance to it at the same time, bonus, we'll be burning those calories off too.  

In other news, this was what my food looked like yesterday; 

My zero breakfast, a double yolkier inside a 2 egg omelette with peppers, very tasty. 

This was an experiment in the slow cooker, 200g packet frozen onions (sorting my freezer out), chicken breasts, 4 garlic bulbs cloves Unpeeled, frozen peas (didn't weigh them), 2 chicken stock cubes in a mug topped up with water then poured in and a couple of thyme stalks thrown in.  Slow cooker for 4 hours on high or 6-8 on low.  It was tasty, make sure the garlic is underneath as the ones on top didn't cook enough but for zero, hell yeah and the mash only set me back 2SP. 

I wasn't hungry on the night so I had a bit of the hummus I made with a packet of the WW snacks, tasty and today I've got my shopping coming so can have crudités with the hummus.  

No need to mention where the rest of my daily allowance went, if you know me you'll know it was in a glass, which I have to add was amazing and went on my smile list because I found a 2015 bottle of my Beyerskloof and it was delicious, we're on 2018 stuff now so it had been there a while.

Anyway, I need to go get showered and ready for work, love Saturday mornings, I've got my supermarket shop coming later too so will be cooking some delicious food this coming week, I've picked a few new recipes to try using ingredients I haven't eaten in a while, sweet potato being one of them.  

Catch ya tomorrow, mwah

luv ya 

Love me xx

Friday, 13 September 2019

Day 13 #SelfCareSeptember

Friday 13th September 2019
"A hug" said Pooh, "is always the right size!" 

How do you greet your loved ones in a morning?  I've started to get on moms bed with her and give her a hug and then we'll snuggle for five minutes when I can, she likes it and it helps me remember my mom isn't 'Alzheimers', she has Alzheimers!  You can't deny the undeniable power of a hug, hugging is the most beautiful form of communication that allows the other person to know beyond a doubt that they matter to you.  When was the last time you hugged your loved ones?  That's your Selfcare task today, because trust me as much as they'll appreciate it, you'll enjoy it too, it'll make you feel good and that's what self care is, it's about making your feel good. 

As I was reminded by my bestie this week, our skin is our bodies largest organ, she was talking about taking care of it with skin care - also really important and why I'm going to be treating myself to some gorgeous smelling body lotion and shower stuff, but I digress, but you could do similar, that's good self care too. 

Yeah so back to the hug, here's some reasons they're worth sharing (with the right people of course - don't forget yours and others boundaries, not everyone appreciates being hugged when you're not what they consider 'close' to them)

  • Hug's make you happy!  Yeah biologically so and that's quite the something, squeezing the heck out of someone lowers stress hormone levels and raises their levels of oxytocin (also known as the love/trust hormone).
  • Hugs reduce stress!  Yep they are a signing of showing your support, scientists say that giving someone support through touch can reduce the stress of the person being comforted and also reduce the stress of the person doing the comforting (result) 
  • Lowers blood pressure!  Yep hugging triggers release of hormones that help lower your blood pressure, how cool is that. The touch of your loved one on your skin sends signals to your brain and it lowers, ain't the body brilliant. 
  • Are good for your health! Yeah apparently they can boost your immune system (another study, but we don't need the results, let's just trust google) Oh go on then if you need the why and how, the emotion, warm physical contact and the slight pressure on the sternum stimulates the thymus, which is a gland that balances and regulate the white blood cell production in the body. White blood cells keep your body diseases free.
Hugs show appreciate, love, boost self esteem because when you're being hugged, that physical contact tells you you are safe and loved which in turn boosts your self esteem, all those hugs we receive make us more self-confident and happy.  Let's get our hug on!  How many hugs are needed a day - as many as you can get, hell yeah, can you get too many, it ain't like they have calories in them.  
Oh and if you needed another reason, according to yet another study, the heart beat of participants who received hugs was lower than those who did not receive any, decreasing your heart rate will help to lower the risk of heart disease and high blood pressure.  

And it feels good too, I love a good hug, it makes me feel safe, cared for and comforted, we were never a hugging kind of family, I was probably in my 30's when people starting hugging me and it was a long time before I was comfortable with it, even now sometimes when someone goes to hug me, I'll tense up because it's not my norm.  Yeah so if you've ever gone to give me a hug and felt me do that, I'm sorry, I blame my upbringing, lots of love but no physical affection.  

That's the Self-care bit done.  Here's a quick summary of my meals and day yesterday, I ate this; 

Bit of a random breakfast I know & apologies if I smell of garlic this morning but this was lush! Homemade hummous-ish with salmon, 1SP at most. I will eat chick peas

How did I make it?  2 cans of chick peas, drained, keep the liquid though.  Add to food processor, some frozen garlic, 1tbsp tahini, diced spring onions, juice from a lemon, salt and pepper, whizz then add some of the juice to get the consistency you want.  
Pork Chop & creamy leeks with spuds, best recipe yet out of the new 30min WW cookbook, video here https://www.facebook.com/WWBev/videos/393294124708630?sfns=mo #bevsww
The potatoes, I cubed and used 1 tablespoon of oil for 4SP (served 4), then crushed an oxo over the top and roasted for about 25 mins on 180 degrees (fan oven) or gas mark 4

Sooooo good! 8SP cod, chips chunks and peas 😋

Right I'm off to enjoy my day, got some work to do, then a massage, got my dinner ready as I cooked it whilst making yesterday's pork dish, I'm in the zone, on it again and focused, cooking from scratch and realising it can be done in under half hour has helped me there.  Just gonna finish off my online shopping, then I'll have all the ingredients to cook some more out of the Freestyle cookbook, might even bore you with a few more live videos.  

Gonna give mom a lot of attention today, she had a fall yesterday poor love, this getting old lark is frustrating the hell out of her.

Ooo it's Friday 13th and a full moon but remember, we make our own look and don't worry about werewolves, I ain't seen one lately, stay indoors and cuddle in front of the tele where it's safe ;)  

Mwah, I'm off, luv ya xx

Love me 

Thursday, 12 September 2019

Day 12 #SelfCareSeptember

Thursday 12th September 2019
Time is a currency you can only spend once.

Yesterday just flew by for me, normally my paperwork doesn't take me too long but my iPads wouldn't sync so I had to wait for head office to open so I could call someone, then I got distracted by something else that did need doing, so that's at least a good thing and before I knew it I was late for my workshop and my weigh in, I did make it there though, if not a little late and I was so glad I bothered because I lost 2.5lb of the gain I took the week before, so I'm pulling it back, current weight,  12st 10.5lb, start weight on May 1st was 13st 4.5lb, total weight loss to date 8lb, I know it's not loads but it's good enough for me, I haven't stuck to plan for this long in a very long time, not with attending workshops as well, I'm quite pleased with myself.   Even when I have other things I could or should be doing, that time is precious and important to me.

Even though I was crazy busy, I still made time to cook and again I posted it on Facebook live to show how easy this cooking lark is, you'll find it here,  https://www.facebook.com/WWBev/videos/1422330801255648/  I made Coq au Vin and Breakfast muffins.  I forgot to take a photo of the meal before I ate it but here's a screen shot 

I didn't get home until gone 8 but by half past this was on the table,  a completely zero meal and absolutely delicious! 

Okay so today's thoughts for self care and task, 

Given the choice, would you rather save time or money?

Most people when asked this question think money, but you can save more money, time is precious.  How you spend your time is much more important than how you spend your money. Money mistakes can often be corrected, but when you lose time, it’s gone forever.

Your priorities determine how you spend your time, and time is precious.  Think about your priorities, have a think back to yesterday and how you wasted some precious minutes, here are some ways we waste time during our day; 

  • not planning our meals - it takes time and energy choosing what to eat and making sure we have the ingredients.
  • Watching tv - sometimes do you watch tv because you can't think of anything else to do or be bothered to do. 
  • Mindlessly scrolling on social media.
  • Not having an actual to do list and relying on our memory.
  • No planning in advance.  Missing appointments!
  • Procrastinating. Don't put stuff off to another day - get it done. Or maybe you get distracted by other things that 'need' doing. 
  • Not being organised!  Or having too much on! Are you running round like a headless chicken?
  • Too much clutter, have you just got too much stuff so it takes you ages to find something to wear or your keys etc. 
  • Not doing an online shop, it does save time, especially once you have your favourites set up.

Your task today is to start your shopping list, make it an ongoing shopping list, then you won't forget what you need or waste time trying to remember, or even have to go back to the shops again.  As soon as you use something in your cupboard add it to your list.   I've really enjoyed cooking new things this week, I'm not suggesting you cook 3 new things, but 1 a week, that's doable and it'll give you new recipes to make your meals interesting, will I cook Coq au vin again, nah, I just don't like cooking with red wine, it's meant to be drunk, I don't like the taste of dishes cooked with it.  The Nepalese curry is most likely to be made again though, that was tasty and easy, two things I like a lot.  

Anyway talking about saving time, I need to get on with my day, moms just woke up.  Before I go though, if you're still not convinced about the value of time and how precious it really is, the following statements may help you put time in perspective:
To know the value of one year… Ask the student who failed the final exam.
To know the value of one month… Ask the mother of a premature baby.
To know the value of one week… Ask the editor of a weekly newsmagazine.
To know the value of one day… Ask the wage earner who has six children.
To know the value of one hour… Ask the lovers who are waiting to meet.
To know the value of one minute… Ask the person who missed the plane.
To know the value of one second… Ask the person who survived the accident.
To know the value of one millisecond… Ask the Olympic silver medalist.

Enjoy your day, Mwah, luv ya 

Love me 

Wednesday, 11 September 2019

Day 11 #SelfCareSeptember

Wednesday 11th September 2019
Never feel guilty for doing what's best for you.

I really enjoyed yesterday, how about you, how was your day?  I had an extremely busy morning at workshops, lots of returning members and new ones too, the evening workshop was busy but I was missing quite a few, thankfully I know where most of them were, lucky devils on holiday!  

I still found time to cook lunchtime, I also did it as a Facebook live video so that my members could see that you can fit in a proper meal, this was also my new recipe for the week, one new recipe a week going forward is what I'm going to do and I hope you will too, I have to say adding lime as the recipe said really made all the difference over all.  The cucumber worked too, I'd have never of thought about sticking that on the plate but it added one of my five a day which is always a result.  

Nepalese Keema Curry mince 10SP total from WW 30 minute cook book. 

Find the video here; 


This was my tea, I'm trying to eat the apples I bought yesterday, not a great fan of fruit but making an effort, I bought the wrong babybels, 2SP instead of the low fat ones for 1SP so I balanced the plate out with lots of zero hero's, I didn't get to eat the chicken though, Alfie saw that off! 

Okay so yesterday's challenge was food related, today's is all about moving, now I was all gung ho with my exercise a month or so ago but I hurt my ankle and it's still not right, now I'm cautious to do anything for fear of making it worse, but I can't rest up completely because, well, because life has to go on.  How active are you?  Well I walk my dog at least once a day, two when possible and he wants to go, my Fitbit lets me know how many steps I'm doing which helps.  I do my Sunday walk with my brother, typically a couple of hours walking at a fair old pace too, his dogs walk fast.  I think the main thing is that we move in any way possible and as I was reminded on Monday when I was listening to an audible book, any movement counts, even HOUSEWORK, note it's in capitals because I don't like doing it.  Although I'm going to change my mindset here, I'm going to work on making it a habit I think, I've only just decided that as I typed it btw and just the idea makes me cringe a little but if I see it as activity that's earning me FitPoints, it might help.  Monday I cleaned out a cupboard in the kitchen, threw away those out of date spices, by emptying the cupboard, then putting it all back, I now know what's in there.   Yeah I will see it as activity, a bit at a time though so I don't feel drained by it.  as my kitchen is already tidy, courtesy of my amazing sister, I will clean the cupboards in there and the fridge today.  I'm going to work on making my kitchen a healthy, safe space for me to follow the plan, if my environment is WW friendly, I'm more likely to stick to the plan ain't I!  

Your task?  What can you do to add a little movement to your day today?  You can do a little housework too?  Maybe have a walk round the block?  Maybe you don't need to move more, you're already a little exercise machine.  What about something calmer like a yoga pose, they say those are supposed to be amazing, all the self care stuff I'm reading / listening to mentions yoga. 

Right we're all gonna try this yoga pose as it's easy and it's a stress reliever, you can do it tonight if you don't have time now, that's probably better.  If you can't get on the floor, lie on your bed as long as it's up against a wall of course!  

WHY? What does it do? How do I do it?  Here's everything you need to know...

Start by finding a wall or on your bed with your legs up the headboard, shimmyyour hips as close to the wall as possible, then start walking your feet up the wall until your body is in a L-shaped position. Make any adjustments to facilitate a more relaxing space - place a pillow under your head if it makes it more comfortable, let your arms rest on your belly or out to the sides whichever feels best. Now, focus on your breath- take a deep, slow inhale through your nose and a deep, slow exhale through your nose. Try to stay in the pose for 5 minutes for optimal benefits.
  • Provides anxiety and stress relief
  • Therapeutic relief for, headaches, arthritis, high blood pressure, low blood pressure
  • Relieves menstrual and menopause symptoms
  • Stretches hip and leg muscles including hamstrings and calves
  • Relieves swelling, cramping and fatigue in legs and feet
  • Relieves lower back pain

According to one website, Studies have shown that restorative yoga poses (specifically, Legs Up the Wall) can be beneficial for those suffering from the negative effects of:

  • Fibromyalgia (e.g., chronic pain)
  • Venous Disease (e.g., varicose veins)
  • Cancer
  • Menopause (e.g., hot flashes)
  • Restless Leg Syndrome
  • Metabolic Syndrome


Try not to bring the body to a full 90 degree angle as this can impede circulation at the hips. Instead slide your hips a few inches from the wall and/or elevate your hips by placing a cushion under your sacrum.

Well I don't know about you but if lying on my back for 5 minutes with my legs up the wall can do any of the above, I'm happy to give it a go - I think you'll have to do it more than once though, but let's try it once for starters ay!

I've gotta go, Alfie's getting restless, going to do some of that movement I've been talking about, here's to another great day, cooking Coq au Vin today nom nom.

Mwah, luv ya 

Love me xx

Tuesday, 10 September 2019

Day 10 #SelfCareSeptember

Tuesday 10th September 2019
You can't live a full life on an empty stomach.

Food glorious Food, I love the stuff I really do, I particularly enjoy delicious meals made with good healthy ingredients so this week I've planned to make 3 new recipes, well I say 3, one is very similar to a recipe I've done before just a different name I think, no it is different I've just looked, I'll be making Nepalese keema-style curry which is in the new cookbook from WW, '30 minutes meals', whereas this was the one I was thinking about;  

Keema Concoction

10SP total

2 sprays of low fat cooking spray  
350g pack of quorn mince 
1 bunch spring onions, chopped  
250g chopped mushrooms
1 yellow pepper, chopped
125 g cooked frozen peas 
3 cloves garlic  
1 piece ginger, 2cm, fresh and grated
2 tbsp curry powder (2sp)  
1/2 tsp cinnamon  
300ml vegetable stock using 1 oxo cube (1sp) 
2 tbsp chutney, mango (7sp)
Heat the oil in a large non-stick frying-pan and add the mince, add the garlic, ginger and onion and stir, then add mushrooms, and peas stirring well. continue frying gently for approx 5 mins. Stir in the curry powder and cook for a further minute, then mix in the cinnamon. Add the stock or water & chutney. Bring to the boil, then cover and simmer for 5- 10 minutes until cooked. Serve with oven chips, rice or whatever you fancy for extra SmartPoints.
Works with any mince, just amend Smart Points accordingly. 

Now today's task is to plan to cook a recipe this week you've not cooked before, I don't expect you to do it today because obviously you need to get the ingredients, I can recommend the recipes on my website http://happyowls.co.uk/Recipes/RecipeHome.html although some need the points tweaking as they were uploaded pre free foods list being extended and I haven't changed them all.

If we were to try a new recipe every week, it would remind us how good healthy food is but also we'd end up with a collection of meals we can do so that we don't get bored of healthy foods and turn to the junk stuff.  Recipes can be fast food too as the 30 minute WW cookbooks show but also the Cook on which is under 15 minutes, there are also some download booklets on my happy owls website. 

I still like the idea of my own handwritten cookbook, I'm thinking a ring binder of some kind with those sleeves to keep the recipes in order, actually do you know what, I'm not a handwritten kind of person which is probably why I haven't do it, I'm a printed out kind of person, so that's what I think I'll do, print them all out and put them in a folder, that way I can change them round when I add more ingredients, it can actually be a mix of handwritten, cut out of magazines or printed, just as long as they all end up in one place which isn't a computer hard drive because I lost my hard drive and a lot of stuff from my computer last year.  Yeah a recipe collection is my plan, I will start today not just collecting them but cooking them also, I promised my members a live cooking demo so that's the plan.

What recipe are you going to make?  That one above is a vegan recipe, maybe explore a bit of veganism, you can change the mince to any meat if you'd rather not, it is best with beef mince if I'm honest but then if you're a veggie/vegan you'd disagree! 

Let me know what recipe you're going to try, there are lots on the WW app, try something a little different maybe, I'm going to make Coq au vin this week too (again in the 30 minute meals cookbook) it's a recipe I've never cooked, then I shall do a pork chop with creamy leeks one from the same book, I don't really eat pork but after trying a chop the other week, I enjoyed them.  

This is part of the self care thing as it's starting with the basics, but you can also take a moment to think back to yesterday what did you do to help your self care and what made you smile, did you even pick up your notebook?  I know I didn't and I know a lot of you didn't even read my blog because it tells me how many people do and it has dropped since Friday, see we put ourselves down that priority list don't we.  Thinking of stuff to write is making me search out stuff and I'm feeling better for it, if I help just one other person or give them something to think about, then that's a bonus.

Here's to a great day at work for me, these weeks sure do roll round quickly, the time goes so fast which is another reason I need to go, need to shower and get ready to go, I do enjoy this time at my computer writing my blog and drinking my cuppa though, it sets me up for the day and gives me a positive mindset to get me started, what do you do to start your day off good?  I'll leave you with that thought...

Luv ya, mwah 

Love me 

Monday, 9 September 2019

Day 9 #SelfCareSeptember

Monday 9th September 2019
You can't go back and change the beginning but you can start where you are and change the ending.

Morning, well I had a wonderful walk yesterday morning, it's great that I don't have to travel far to find one and incredible that I can still find paths I haven't walked before so near to home, I've travelled the world looking for adventure and now I'm finding it on my own door step.   If you know of a great walk we'd enjoy, let me know, save me some time on the google search!

Well I was going to spend this morning getting you to meal plan but meh I haven't done mine yet so I'll save that for another day, I like the idea of reflecting over the last week, yeah I know it would've probably been better doing it yesterday, Sunday and all that, but nah, that's not how I roll lol.  I'm thinking Monday's is usually everybody's oh no day, where they don't want to start their week nor end their weekend, so let's think about whether the week just gone is worth mourning for shall we.


Okay, describe your past week in 3 words...

On a scale of 1 to 10...

Unhappy           1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10    Happy
Bored                1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10    Engaged
Tired                 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10    Energised
Stressed            1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10    Relaxed
Unhealthy         1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10    Healthy
Unproductive    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10    Got stuff done

This weeks best bits / Proud Moments / NSV / The Highlights:

This weeks worst bits / Low Moments / Challenges / Frustrations / Struggles:

What have I learned:

What would I like to do better / improve on

What or Who am I grateful for

What would I like this coming week to look like...

There are so many things we can do at the weekend to set ourselves up to a great week ahead, but the truth is most of us don't, maybe I'll cover those things another weekend and see if it encourages us, maybe you can think about it yourself for next weekend.  What can we do this morning to help us make the day/week a better one.  Fill a water bottle for starters to take with you, make your lunch instead of buying it, yes you do have time, damn just grab 2 slices bread and a packet of cooked meat or a couple of cheese triangles out of the fridge you can make it when you're about to eat it if you're that rushed!  Boiling a couple of eggs whilst you're boiling the kettle for a cuppa, we've got time.  

If you have a lunch break and you're not taking it, maybe grab your trainers and go for a 20 minute walk to make sure you have a break, they're important and you're entitled to them, trust me, you're not appreciated any more for being a doormat who does too much.

Finish on time and leave work at the office, maybe plan to have an early night tonight, you'll be grateful you did come Thursday when you're shattered.  If you're thinking you can't leave on time, spend 5 minutes at the end of the day planning tomorrow, realise everything will wait, honest it will.   Before you go to bed, sort out your work clothes for the next day if you haven't already got them sorted at the weekend.

Is a stress free work day possible?  Is a stress free any day possible?   Maybe the odd one yes but no a completely stress free life isn't possible, happiness is a constant work in progress because solving our problems is also a constant work in progress.

Practising Self Care isn't going to solve everything or make our lives any easier (actually is something else to do so...) but it may give you the energy and clarity to solve your problems because trust me problems in life are guaranteed!

You can't earn the big bucks without working crazy, long hours, I remember watching many a director in my last job, work ridiculous hours to get to the top to be exhausted when they got there, but they had status and money.  They were obviously willing to make that trade.

You can't have a slim body without forgoing the burger and replacing it with the salad, you have to ask yourself if its worth the trade.  Things worth having don't come easy.

People have said my brother is lucky to live in Corfu, no he ain't, he worked crazy, long hard hours, had a plan and made it happen, his trade off is a body in bits from overworking, having to now work in ridiculous heat to earn a wage.

So a stress free life isn't really feasible if you want to get things or do things with your life, so the question is what stress are you willing to handle to get what you want.  We all have problems, you're not special in that respect and guess what, someone else has already had the problems you have, maybe even bigger and better!

Maybe the best things we can do today to ensure we have a good week, is accept SHIT HAPPENS, life's not fair, but it's not fair for anyone which I guess makes it fair lol.   Don't let the shit consume you, when you're in the middle of a melt down or a stressful situation, ask yourself, will this matter a year from now?  If the answer is NO stop being so dramatic and work on solving the issue.

Right, that's enough reading for one morning, you've got stuff to do, let's get stuff done, oh and if you haven't already, go grab a glass of water - we're still taking CARE of OURSELVES!  Mwah xx

Luv ya

Love me xx

Sunday, 8 September 2019

Day 8 #SelfCareSeptember

Sunday 8th September 2019
Any day spent with you is my favourite day, so today is my new favourite day (Winnie the Pooh)

Morning, quick one from me this morning as I've got to walk Alfie and then meet my brother to go for our Sunday morning walk.  One of my members Karen showed me her notebook yesterday with the #SelfCareSeptember stuff in it so far and it was fab, if you’re struggling to answer some of the questions do what she has and write the questions down then ask your friends to help you answer them, great idea if you're not sure what's sabotaging you.  

Today's is a nice task, self care means taking time to do the things we enjoy, like me going for my walk this morning, one thing I've realised from the last week is one thing I miss more than anything is being alone, I love my own company and used to go off for weekends or holidays alone, I can't do that at the moment but one day hopefully, I'll get to and until then, I can think about it! 

Today's task is to answer the following question. 

What would your perfect day look like?

What it wouldn't look like is easy to answer, but really think about what you do want, visualise it, play it out in your head from the moment you wake up, so I know I would wake up feeling refreshed for starters after having a wonderful night's sleep, I'd wake up in a giant bed with clean sheets and a fluffy quilt with a white Egyptian cotton quilt cover on, oh and I can hear the sound of the sea outside my window. 

Have a good think, write it down, don't miss anything out, get specific, including as much  detail as possible.   

Why do this?  Well what you write down could be completely possible, maybe not every day but you could plan for it to be a holiday or a one off, or something you do every now and again.  Or maybe just aspects of it you could include in your life as it is now. How fabulous would it be if we could live our perfect day every day! 

These questions might help you get started:

  • Where would you be?
  • Who would be with you?
  • What would you be doing?
  • What wouldn’t you be doing? (and then leave this out!)
  • How would you feel?
  • What steps do you need to take to start making this more of a reality?
Okay your turn, enjoy doing this whilst enjoying a relaxing cuppa hopefully, it is Sunday after all and most people don't work (sorry if you do, unless you love your job). 

Right mine, as I've already said I'd wake up in a luxurious bed, lie there listening to the sound of the waves outside my window, I'd make myself a mug of tea and go and sit on the porch to watch the sun rise, my cottage is either on a cliff top or on a beach, I can't decide, maybe I own two houses and I walk daily from one to another ;) ooo now that sounds lush.  I'm living in Wales I think that would be my coastal path of choice, preferably North Pembrokeshire, where the path is rugged and it's quiet. 

I then go for a long walk, there's not a soul in sight and I spend a couple of hours exploring the path and beach, just me, my thoughts and a glorious day, I pass by some seals in a cove, dolphins are swimming past too, it's just glorious. 

When I get back, I enjoy making a long, healthy breakfast whilst listening to the radio, knowing I have the whole day in front of me to do as much or as little as I please.  

Anyway, that's enough of my day, what does yours look like.  

What I've realised writing mine is I do a lot of the things that would be included in my perfect day, I may however be buying myself a new quilt.  I'm also going to continue with my decluttering because one thing I love about being in a holiday cottage or staying in a hotel is it's minimalism and tidiness, I want more of that in my house.  There are things I cannot change in my world right now, but there are lots of things I can do to make my home a place I enjoy being and my life the way I'd like for the moment.  How about you?

Enjoy filling your notepad today, I need to think of something to write tomorrow, maybe it'll come to me whilst we're on our walk today.  Mwah xx

Luv ya

Love me xx

Saturday, 7 September 2019

Day 7 #SelfCareSeptember

Saturday 7th September 2019
Because my body is my home and the greatest wealth is health.

One of the basic self care things we can do is making sure we’re well fed.  Do you eat well?  Are your food choices providing you with the energy you need to function?  Do you take time out to eat meals at work or working straight through.  Do you keep healthy snacks to hand for when your body needs to feed during the day?  Do you skip meals, grab on the go, eat too fast?

Self care means eating healthy foods!

I thought today we could look at planning ahead to help ourselves with this part of our self care routine.   We did some foods lists the other day of foods we enjoy and don't so from those you can make your weekly shopping list.  Today let's look at meal ideas, you could write a list of as many meal ideas as you can think of, breakfast, lunch and dinner, but then of course you may want to do think of ideas for when you're on the road, if you work away and have to stay in hotels regularly, if you eat at your desk.  Here's some ideas for your lists, the meals are down to you because you are the expert in yourself! 

Breakfast ideas 
Main meal ideas 
Meals for work / lunch ideas
Meals when you’re out and about or away
Meals if you work away and have to stay in hotel

I sat with my book yesterday, I had an hour to fill between dropping my car of and having my massage so I spent a wonderful uninterrupted hour thinking about my bucket list and meal list, I loved doing my bucket list, I have done so much, I've already had a great life, I realised there's not much I still want to do, not new stuff anyway but there are things I look forward to being able to do again some day, the idea of a weekend in a cottage on the beach on my own sounds like my idea of heaven, I will do it again eventually.

Back to the meal ideas, that wasn't so easy you know!  I really had to think, they I googled but it made me realise it's a great idea to do because when we're struggling to stay on track, the last thing we're able to do is think about healthy meals, so if you have a list to hand to just look at, result.   Oh and every time I think of another like I just thought Frittata I can add it to the list, then frittata makes me think about Spanish omelette, there's two more on my list.  Now do I give you some to start you off or not?  See we're all different and like different things, I know my bestie would put mussels on her list, it ain't going on mine!  I love scallops but I rarely cook them as it's my choice of starter when I eat out and they're not easy to cook.  Oh go on then, I'll go find my book and share;

Roast Dinner - meat / potatoes / veggies
Chicken casserole
beef stew
spaghetti bolognaise
egg fried rice
sausage and mash
pasta bake
salmon, rice (or potatoes, squabbles) and veg 
Fish in breadcrumbs or batter with chips or mash and peas
Fish finger sandwich
meatballs with mash, rice or spaghetti 
spaghetti carbonara
shepherds or cottage pie
cheese and potato pie, baked beans
40 cloves of garlic chicken
soup and bread
stuffed peppers 
fish pie
egg and chips with beans or peas
omelette, Spanish omelette or frittata
burgers / hot dogs
chicken, chips and gravy with peas 
slow cooker chicken
stir fry
fish cakes 
pork chops / gammon 
breakfast dry fry up
tacos / kebabs
Orzo dish 

Just think over time you could get another notebook and write your recipes in there with the points values and you'll have your own personal cookbook, even a roast dinner needs pointing so you could put weights and points under that one.

Today's task is an easy on because we don't want to make this self-care a real tough thing to do, we want to enjoy it.  After all, self care is not a competition, let's show people you’re happier and healthier not tell them, it good to share how you're feeling but no one wants it shoved down their throats do they, there's nothing more infuriating than someone who's all ra ra look at how well I'm doing when you're doing crap lol, when they're saying 'yay, you can do it', when all you're thinking is, 'no actually right now I can't', so yeah lead the way by example, don't drag everyone with your regardless of whether they want to come or not.  

Now I'm going to use my list to plan my week over the weekend, I have some food in the fridge that needs cooking and using so I won't be shopping till Monday probably, I'm going to do a cooking demo in my FB group too at some point, they voted for Nepalese keema style curry, which I'll do, but the other options were Coq au vin which I really fancy so I'm going to do that too, and the third was pork chops with creaky leeks and new potatoes so maybe I'll be doing 3 options after all, we shall see, they're all from the new WW less than 30 minutes cookbook. 

Well I'm sat here in the dark, my lightbulb has just gone and I'm not climbing up ladders or standing on chairs at this time of the morning, knowing my luck I'll break something, so I'm manage to finish this in the dark, then go get showered and dressed and hopefully it'll have lightened up a little by then. I'm looking forward to tomorrows blog post already because I think I know what I'm going to write about, I think you'll like it too. I'm loving seeing what you're all writing, I love that you're posting it on Facebook for others to read, thank you because it encourages them to get involved, we could all do with a bit more self care.

I'm off to spend my morning with my lovely Saturday tribe, it's just the best way to end my working week, see some of you soon, the rest of you, spend a little time with your notebook. 

Mwah, luv ya 

Love me xx