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Wednesday, 6 July 2016

All about mom this morning...

6th July 2016
Every moment is a fresh beginning.   T S Eliot

Had a lie in ain't I!  We were awake for an hour around 2am and I didn't think I was going to be able to drop back off but I did and I've only just woke up (6.45).


It's now half 8 and mom woke up so we've just opened all her pressies and enjoyed a cuppa, that's what life's all about!  I'm having the morning off, thanks to my lovely AnnMarie covering my meeting for me so mom and I can make some memories, it's been great not having to rush off to work.

My brother Ian has already been round, Mark and Anne will be round later and Terry will call from Corfu soon to have a chat with mom.  And the suns shining!  What more can you ask for ;)

Feeling very blessed this morning, so grateful that despite a broken jaw and her ribs are hurting this morning, she hasn't broken anything else, battered and bruised maybe but her hips are intact and that makes me smile!

It seems weird not having birthday cake but I'm going to go and get some tasty ice cream I think and we can have birthday Ice Cream instead, and as mom said this morning "What diet!" yep, today isn't about counting points, today is about whatever mom wants it to be able.

Keeping it brief because I want to get back to mom, so enjoy your day, thank you to everyone for your kind thoughts and birthday wishes, she loves to read them. 


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