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Thursday, 21 July 2016

What lies are you telling yourself?

21st July 2016
Don't be afraid to go out on a limb.  That's where the fruit is.

We dodged the  predicted storms yesterday thankfully and had a glorious sunny day.  I did my last but one Wednesday morning meeting, will miss it but I need to get some balance back in my life and I know if I'm at home Wednesday morning, I'll recharge, I can get office work done and I won't need to work once I've finished my Saturday morning meeting.  It'll all make a difference. 

I was sad to see we couldn't use the church hall on the evening because the floor is damaged, we think it's caused by the vandalism in the toilets a few weeks ago when some idiot/s thought it would be a good idea to block all the sinks and turn the taps on in the men's toilets, they went unnoticed until the next morning.  It's so sad to think that someone thought that was a good idea for whatever reason.  I just don't get vandalism at all.  The only upside from this whole thing is how it brings the community spirit out in people, we're going to raise some money for the church somehow. 

Anyway moving on, a member messaged me yesterday to say how busy they were, that they were struggling because their willpower had disappeared, chocolate had arrived, getting home late and eating convenience food instead of the planned meal. 

We've all been there haven't we!  I posted it in our group to get ideas from other members, turns out a lot of members fit this profile right now!  That wasn't a surprise, the world is a busy place, we're always in a rush, another reason I've decided to cut a meeting.  Some suggested No Count, I have to agree there, it help not to have to think about counting and weighing sometimes, I also think it helps balance out the blood sugars which helps with the sugar cravings.   Healthy snacks was another suggestion, making up sugar free jelly or buy the ready made pots.  When you plan your meals, make them simple meals, beans on toast, I made this breakfast yesterday morning (you can eat it any time of day) and I timed myself, 8 minutes from walking into the kitchen to walking back out!  

 I liked what Jay said, "In from work, tea on, quick shower and change, tea done. Simples", she's right, it can be simples we do give it all too much thought, think that it's going to take longer than it needs too.  That's because we're overwhelmed by other things in our life and "weight loss" is one more thing to add to that list, so instead see it as healthy eating, you have to eat anyway, so...

Ping meals, they have their place, the Weight Watcher ready meals have massively improved, you can even get No Count ones now.  If you do end up having takeaway food, choose wisely, tikka pieces with some rice won't do that much harm, chicken chow mein or an omelette too. 

Those salad bowls too with a packet of cooked meat on top are great for lunch, all done and ready - sorted.

We can all do this, no matter what our circumstances, the real challenge is believing you can, that's where your real barrier lies.  My leader pointed it out to me last Friday when I was at the scales and I said, "I just can't do it", she stopped me right there and said, "Well you can stop that straight away", we become what we say, what we believe, so if I believe I can't I won't, if you believe you're too busy to take care of yourself, you'll not take care of yourself.

What are you telling yourself that isn't necessarily correct?   How about today you decide to change the way you think?

I like that idea, do you?  Challenge your thoughts, you can do it.

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