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Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Making more memories on a Monday...

26th July 2016
If you don't like something, change it; if you can't change it, change the way you think about it.  Mary Engelbreit 
We had a lovely day yesterday, another trip to Weston Park, we went round the maze this time, mom and Alfie had it sussed, the soon got us round, she used the logic that the route was where the ground was most worn - no flies on her! 

She finally got cake, 3 weeks since the fall and she had a slice of dark and white chocolate roulade and drowned it in pouring cream - where there's a will, there's a way.  I decided to take the 80/20 attitude yesterday and ordered myself the Homemade carrot, herb and cashew burger with sweet tomato compote, brioche bun, homemade slaw.  It only came out with a bowl of the bestest chips I've had in a long time, just like mom used to make out of a chip pan!  I really enjoyed it, even if I did burn my tongue on the first bit, vegetarian food at its finest. 
It was so filling that when I made my tea later, I couldn't eat it all, I experimented in the kitchen with the pack of quinoa and freekah I have, I liked it, added onions, carrots, mushrooms and roast garlic and a little salt and pepper seasoning.  Topped off with a garlic chicken breast, not bad at all.

We had a nice early night too, both in bed before 9, the wonderful Alfie woke me up bang on midnight, I don't know why, he didn't want to go out, so I made the mistake of throwing him on my bed and he stayed where he landed, which was in the middle on the quilt, so I've spent the rest of the night, fighting him for the quilt and fitting round him on the bed ;)

I'm thinking eggs on crumpets for breakfast today, I'll decide on lunch when I get home, everything in the fridge is a good choice so we're safe to leave it till then, I've got some beef mince, I might have a dabble at the Weight Watcher chilli or meatballs in the Weight watcher tomato sauce, they're both delicious, I might be able to split the mince and do both!  We shall see...
For now I'm going to go top my water glass up, this week sees the start of my fundraising efforts to raise money for St Albans church, vandals flooded the toilet overnight and now they have to have a complete new church floor, the main hall will be unusable for at least the next 4 weeks.  I just wanted to show how much we appreciate the local church and all the work they do, anyone who knows me knows I'm not religious but I am truly grateful for the church halls, I couldn't run my meetings without them!  This week I've bought and donated a fit bit and will be raffling it off, £1 a ticket, all the proceeds will go to the church.  Fancy a go, paypal me your £1, I can post it out if you win :) bev_ww@yahoo.co.uk (Beverley Longsden).  My members are also donating prizes, we're going to do a WW friendly hamper as one hopefully and whatever else we get.  I love it when a community pull together to show their support.

Here's to a wonderful day, smile, eat delicious, focus on making those changes and I'll see some of you later.

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