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Monday, 1 August 2016

What kind of August shall you make it?

1st August 2016
Make each day your masterpiece. John Wooden

It's the first of the month, I'm up for making this month Active August because I know it'll do me good, the thing is we don't have to wait for the first of the month to make a change we can do it any day!  It doesn't have to be a Monday either!  But hey, let's not waste the opportunity of the first of the fresh month being on a Monday, I mean, surely that's a sign!  So what will your focus be on this month, it could be Accurate August, I need to do that one too!  We could have a different theme for every week,

1) Active August
2) Accurate August

Mmm what else,

3) Actually do it August

And, let me think, it's early after all


Maybe you can suggest something for that last week, I'm not processing things properly yet.

Thinking about Active August, I managed 10,607 steps yesterday, I'm pleased with that, it was a Sunday after all and it earned me 11 Fit Points, which is  all adding up, 33 since my week started on Friday 13 Fit Points, Saturday 9 Fit Points.  I've not been earning those kind of Fit Points at the weekend for a good while.  It all helps with the weight loss.

Now the accurate bit, that definitely needs working on, I'll start practicing this week, I'm not being accurate with my tracking still, I know I'm eating 'okay', not good enough, I'm sat looking at the tracker I promised to fill in and I haven't got passed breakfast from yesterday, I can fill it in now I more or less know what I've had but it's not the same is it, I know I'll miss something off, whether by accident or on purpose to make the tracker look better.  Today I will write as I eat!

I've got to take my car in this morning, the exhaust is blowing, the beamer/flasher lights aren't working - great joy!  Weird being car less for the day, but I'll get stuff at home done whilst it's being sorted.

We've started a little book club going in my group, if we're reading, we're not eating!  The chosen book is The Night Book by Richard Madeley, I started it yesterday, so far so good.  I'm still processing the one I read over the weekend thought, Beside Myself by Ann Morgan, really good, I couldn't put it down and thought provoking.  I'd definitely recommend that one, I've told my bestie she's got to read it so we can discuss, I need to talk about it!

Well I better get a wriggle on, I need to be at the mechanics for half 9, I'm hoping to cook some rock cakes later for the meeting, they're 6sp each which I thinks a bargain.  We shall see if they turn out!

Whatever you've got planned, make it a marvellous Monday, let's make August awesome shall we?  I like that idea!

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