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Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Be an improver!

12th July 2016
The most important thing is to enjoy your life - to be happy - it's all that matters.  Audrey Hepburn.

Off back to the hospital with mom tomorrow for her broken jaw!  They're going to see how it is and they said they'll decide then whether to let it heal naturally or if they need to operate.  We're both hoping it gets left to mother nature!  She's handling not being able to have solids really well but forgot for a moment last night and said, "we got any bread, I fancy a slice of toast", that's the first time it's slipped her mind, we opted for cheesy mash instead, one week gone, only another five to go!

In the Weight Watcher world a few of my members were competing for the crown of "worst WWer ever", it seems to be a title that has a lot of competition although it's not a coveted spot, they'd happily give it away!

The people who think they wear the crown, actually don't, it all depends on your perspective, to me if you're still trying to getting your eating habits healthy, if you're still trying to get your appetite under control, then you can't wear that crown, heck you don't really want to hold that title. 

Instead lets go for a new title, "Best Improver", guess what, you can all get that title too, especially if we change it slightly to 'best improver in your shoes", yeah remember it's not a competition anyways, it's about supporting each other, sharing ideas, talking together about the challenges, acknowledging it's not always going to be easy.  I know we say life gets in the way and sometimes we say that in a flippant way, sometimes it's parties and nights out, holidays and the like but other times, it's not so flippant, life really does get in the way, it becomes hard work and our eating habits don't become as important.  This is when we really need to make good choices, because food really does affect the mood and it's easier to pick the food that doesn't help rather than the food that does.

How can we improve this week, what little things can we do, I noticed this morning, that I didn't finish my pint of water yesterday morning, there was still some in the glass, so I can improve there straight away, not only drink that pint but ensure I have another one before the end of the day.  Not put pressure on myself to drink a gallon!

What else can I do? Well Alfie has got me walking again, it's amazing what you can find the time to do, when you don't have a choice!  We're getting at least one walk a day, although yesterday we had two, no we don't walk fast, nor do we get very far but we're out and moving - well most of the time, there was a ten minute break where Alfie decided he wanted to lie down, so I lay with him, we did get some strange looks from folk passing in their cars, we were on grass at least!

I'm also going to make sure I do my 15 minutes on the cross trainer every day this week, starting with 15 minutes, hoping to build up to 30 minutes, again not pressure to do it quickly!

What else could I do?  Or what could you do?  Let's be improvers this week.  What can you improve, a great place to start is to work out where you are, tracking is a good way to do that, if you write down everything your eating and drinking, you have a starting point.  Even better you could write down WHY, write down the times of the day you're eating and see if there's a pattern to all this when, what and why.  Look for both your strong and weak points in your current diet.  Are you eating your 5 portions of fruit and vegetables every day, are you getting enough calcium.  Do you eat wholegrain and fibre filled foods?  Are you taking advantage of the low Smart Pointed protein options, and watching the quantity of high sugar, high fat foods you're consuming? 

Before we can make changes and improve, we need to know where we're veering off the rails.  Let's get back to basics, my meetings this week are all about "simple", looking forward to hearing my members thoughts and ideas.

Enjoy your day BeYOUtiful, take care of your, look for the smile moments, you can find them in the unlikeliest places sometimes.

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