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Sunday, 17 July 2016

No Count all the way for me today

17th July 2016
Self-confidence is the first requisite to great undertakings.  Samuel Johnson

Day one done of No Count at its simplest, I don't to have to think much about what I'm eating, how much and how may Smart Points at all, so my mission this week it to keep everything simple.  

I had eggs on low calorie brown toast for breakfast with tomato.  Lunch was salmon and green stuff on a warburton thin.  Dinner was steak, jacket potato, tomato, mushrooms and peas.  I even finished off the tin of salmon later with a slice of bread, then got the munchies after that so had low fat cottage cheese with 4 Weight Watcher crackers, they cost me 2sp from my weeklies.  There was wine involved of course, that's coming out of my weeklies and the FitPoints I'm earning, on average 10-13 a day at the moment, and I can use any over 4 a day I earn!  Let's see if it works!

Just flicking through the No Count cookbook, looking for quick easy ideas for the week, a BLT with chicken, that'd be nice and I more or less have the ingredients.  I should do stuffed peppers today or the ones in the fridge are going to commit suicide, they're so close to death!  Could have brown rice in them, the one on the cook book is using mince, I might have some in freezer.  Pasta and/or spaghetti is definitely going to be on the menu this week, bought brocolli so I could have that with it and maybe tuna, or bacon medallions. 

Also bought gammon, can't go wrong with gammon and mash.  And not forgetting eggs, I've got lots of eggs to use up, so will be doing everything you can with them, including those mini pea and mint frittatas I've seen members making on Facebook from the No Count book, they look good and simple. 

I finally got round to doing a shop yesterday, I was going to order online but with mom not being able to chew, I needed to be able to browse the shelves to see what she could have.  I'm glad I did because I bumped into a friend and had a lovely natter, then I did a sensible shop.  It's set me up with the right foods, not too much food, and I feel good about the week ahead, I've made it through Friday and Saturday anyway which is always a toughie.

We might be going for a drive out if moms up for it, I thought we'd go and get a new stamp in our National Trust passport, she may not be able to have cake but can have a super dooper hot chocolate!

I'm feeling positive and like I want to be back on track, I can honestly say making time to get to my meeting on Friday, having a chat with my leader and then sharing ideas in the talk with the other members really helped, 4 of us are all trying No Count this week and supporting each other.  Can't wait to share our success this Friday!

Now to get through the bit of office work I have, before deciding what to do with our day.

Feeling focused and positive, I hope you are too BeYOUtiful.

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