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Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Who fancies a walk?

13th July 2016
Life is ten per cent what happens to you and ninety per cent how you respond to it.  Lou Holtz
I loved my meetings yesterday, a few of us on the morning decided we were going to be born again Weight Watchers, we were going home and re-reading our books!  Then we were going to be all keen and enthusiastic and post in our group ;)

Mom's got the hospital this morning, they need to check her jaw and decide if it needs operating on or if they'll leave it to heal naturally, I think it'll be left to heal naturally as she seems to be coping with it really well, banana mashed in ready brek was on the menu yesterday with Heinz mushroom soup for lunch.

It's made me stop and think, how would we cope if we couldn't chew any foods for 6 weeks!  If all we could have was soft foods, it would take the choice away from us wouldn't it, we wouldn't be in that dilemma of "I want this, that and the other" we just wouldn't be able to have any of it!  Would 6 weeks be long enough to break those habits, those cravings?  I wonder...

We had a letter through the post from the Alzheimer's society and after reading it, Mom and I have decided to take part in this year's local memory walk, it's being  held on Sunday September 4th at Cannock Chase, we've both set up our fundraising pages and would love you all to sponsor one or both of us, or why not join our team and take part in the walk with us, this is our team page https://www.justgiving.com/teams/MW16hilaryshowlers  you can access both our pages via there.  Or for simplicity you can text your donation by texting MWHL78 £1 to 70070, you can change the £1 to whatever amount you wish to donate.  I know so many of us are affected by Alzheimer's in some way, so come on dig deep and help us walk for a world without dementia.  For information on all the memory walks go to https://www.memorywalk.org.uk/

I'm feeling No Count today I think, I've got some leftover mash in the fridge, I might make cheesy potato cakes using protein cheese for breakfast with eggs and tomatoes.  I'm out for a late lunch, so it'll either be jacket and beans, or I'll ask them to do that delicious pan fried chicken breast they did me before, I've been trying to get back to the Old Mitre at Essington since the last time I went because it was the best meal I've had in a pub this year.  Although steak does sound like an option too!  That'd set me up for my meetings with my lovelies at Ashmore Park tonight, they always keep me on my toes!

I noticed lots of my members had their soup makers on the go yesterday, that's because it's not feeling anything like summer, when we walked Alfie yesterday, it was raining with a bitter cold wind.  I think I'm going to have a go with the soup maker myself, I've bought some parsnips, fancy curried parsnip soup and can make a  No Count version, add a spud to make it creamy, should do the trick.   I can have that for tea when I get home then.  Sorted, I'm ready for my day now.   If I have a bit of spare time, I might have a play in the kitchen to get food ready for tomorrow when I've got my busy day, be nice if it's all prepared and ready to eat.

Right let's get on with our day, it's not raining - YET ;) better get the bins out!  Have a fantastic day, focus on the healthy and not forgetting to be happy BeYOUtiful.

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