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Wednesday, 27 January 2021

Another pound gone

Wednesday 27h January 2020
Don't feel guilty for doing what's best for you!

My stats as of today

I started at - 200lb
I wanna weigh - 165lb
I plan to lose - 35lb / 17.5% of my body weight.
The scales 27/1/21 - 189lb
I've already lost - 11lb 
Yesterday I stepped  7077 times 
I covered 3.01 miles 
I burned 2121 calories  

I consumed 1726 calories
I was active for 20 minutes 
I slept 6 hours 30 mins (estimated as fitbits not recorded it)

#walk1000miles challenge - Total YTD =  97.69 left to walk = 902.31

My 3 good things;

1) Seeing Gail (UW partner) get the 4th important customer of the month - so pleased for her.

2) Having a zoom chat with peeps & realising I'm more social now than before the pandemic, albeit virtual.

3) My sister cheering my mom up when she was having such a tough day.



Another busy day yesterday, but I'm not complaining I'm actually loving it, being able to talk to different people every day and having time to hear about their lives not just 30 seconds stood at the scales and in a rush for the next in the queue! 

And just in case you don't read my stats each morning, I've lost another pounds so that's 11lb gone since I started recording it at the beginning of the year, I'm really pleased because I'm actually eating well and not going without the odd bit of chocolate or my wine.  This is what I had yesterday; 

There's a breakfast muffin under that ham and eggs

now there was more beef from crispy but for £2 (382 cals) it was okay, the sauce was lovely poured over the roasted cauliflower.  I wouldn't buy this one again, I'd buy the sauce though.

I was all nostalgic when I popped these in my Iceland shop and they didn't disappoint, 109 calories per drummer, bloomin delicious and part of a 2 for £3 offer. 

Yeah my freezer is the best money I've spent in a while, it's really going to help me with my meal plans because I don't like having the same thing more than once to often and with the freezer I won't have to, I'll be able to go a few weeks or month without having the same thing. 

I'm pleased because yes I am busy in my work but I'm making time to walk the dog (twice) and cook meals, so when I say 'busy', I guess it's all relative, I've just worked it out I was on the phone four and a half hours doing appointments, some time on the laptop too but seriously that's not 'hard work' when you think there are nurses out their doing crazy shifts and risking their lives!  I might be looking after my mom too and trying to juggle both roles but I still feel really, bloody lucky to have the life I have right now!  I'm truly thankful. I still managed to fit in a couple of calls to natter with my mates, yeah I'm enjoying it, but I still need 4 customers by Thursday for this challenge I've been set and I'd really love to smash, if I get them I promise not to mention UW till Monday 😆.  But as it's not Monday yet lol, I signed two last night, Paul's moving into his new house on Friday and now has one less thing to worry about, plus I've helped to pay his mobile contract off! Annettes getting all her bills for what she was paying just for her gas/electric = results!

Right what to eat today, need it to be delicious and quick, the plan is breakfast muffin with bacon, egg and spinach. 

For dinner I'm going to try a Slimming World chicken tikka masala (360 calories £3) with some cauliflower rice or small florets roasted (that way's quicker), then I might have a chip butty for tea, again I'm giving the Slimming World chips a go as Iceland sell them and some of the range was on offer. I'll let you know how they taste tomorrow. 

Well I've just helped mom get dressed and get down stairs, she's smiling this morning so that's a good start to the day because she's not got an easy life right now.  

Have a great day, we're already half the way through the week, end of the month Sunday, that's gone quickly for me for sure, the more I talk to people, the more I realise we're not going anywhere for a long time, schools not back till Easter, people are saying pubs not going to open till July!  I'm going to make the most of being stuck in, so here if you want my help with your bills. 

Right I'm off, Alfies starring at me, reckon he wants feeding, I've just said, 'want some food' and mom replied yes lol. 

Mwah, luv ya 

Love me 

Tuesday, 26 January 2021

Loving life right now!

Tuesday 26th January 2021
Be strong but not rude, be kind but not weak, be humble but not timid, be proud but not arrogant.

My stats as of today

I started at - 200lb
I wanna weigh - 165lb
I plan to lose - 35lb / 17.5% of my body weight.
The scales 24/1/21 - 190lb
I've already lost - 10lb 
Yesterday I stepped 7377 times 
I covered 3.14 miles 
I burned 2164 calories  

I consumed 1706 calories
I was active for 40 minutes 
I slept 9 hours 26 mins

#walk1000miles challenge - Total YTD =  left to walk =

My 3 good things;

1) SLEEP - I got to sleep

2) I achieved number 1 partner for customer gathering in the country 

3) I chatted on the phone with an old friend for 2 hours, so good to catch up



I'm not gonna lie, living at home with mom even before Covid, I didn't have much to look forward to apart from the odd outing with my besties (which are irreplaceable, nothings as good as that) but since covid I didn't have that, then I got made redundant so I couldn't even look forward to seeing my members - meh.  Anyway, UW changed all that, it's given me a focus and with little else to do, I've thrown myself into it 100%, most people do it part time of course as a sideline to a job they already have, or a couple of hours a week because they're a full time mom or carer.  I'm till not working anywhere near the hours I would've been had I still been a weight watcher coach in January but I'm putting the time in and enjoying every minute of it because most of the time moms happy to sit next to me and chat, although she went a bit grr yesterday afternoon, but Anne came to the rescue and changed her mood whilst I walked Alfie.  I was absolutely over the moon yesterday when my upline sent me the screen shot of our partner app to show I'd hit number 1 for customer gathering this week, then another partner pointed out that to be that in context, there's around 48,000 partners in the UK, well chuffed I was and I still am to be honest. 

Now I don't want to sound greedy but I need 8 more customers before Thursday to hit my 50, there's a couple of reasons for this but one is because I'm being interviewed on a Partner Zoom call with on of our main men and I'd love to say I'd hit the 50plus club (he's also challenged me to do it too and I'm a bugga for a challenge!) so please, if you have half hour, just let me show you what we're all about, no obligation, if you talk to someone who's struggling with their bills, who's had the letter from virgin saying their prices are being hiked, give them my number 07739 968678, we have loads of extra benefits other than just cheaper bills, including helping to pay you out of exit fees.  If I can help people great, if I can't that's okay too. 

Right moving on, it was so great to catch up with Chantel, I can't believe she'll have been married 2 years in February, or that it was 2012 that we went to Rome together for a marvellous weekend.  It was like we'd spoken yesterday, so many memories of good times we've had together and now she's going to be a UW partner so we'll be working together and it'll give us a reason to talk more, I'm so pleased.

Well I had my first Iceland delivery meal and I was really impressed, this joint was part of a 4 for £10 offer (or £3), it was absolutely delicious, I'm not a crackling fan so Alfie had that off the top which helped bring the calories down, it was plenty for 3 or even 4 if two were kids or not as greedy as me.

Piling the plate with veggies, meant I didn't need to eat again yesterday, 
I was full to the brim. plus the plate beat me lol, I didn't quite empty it.
I'd also enjoyed this breakfast, there's a breakfast muffin underneath that lot. 

Alfie and I had a couple of walks which we enjoyed, he loves the snow, just oblivous to the snow boots he ends up with when we get back home!  Mom had an early night which really helped me as I had a support appointment at half seven, but then she tried to get up a few times in the middle of the night but thankfully she agreed to go back to bed and it's almost eight and she's still there, I managed to stay there till around half six, happy days, my sleep may be a little restless but at least I'm rested.

Now what to eat today!  I did plan my meals, too many so I have the choose, like I'd got a tea planned for last night but didn't have it.  Today is Iceland crispy chilli beef with cauliflower rice and then if I'm still hungry later on I'll have a couple of chicken drummers with squash and peas.  

Quiet day today unless I hopefully get a couple of people wanting appointments, supporting a couple of of new partners on a couple of their calls, so we shall see how the day pans out. 

Mwah, hope you have a brilliant day, here's to the future being a hell of a lot more freer

Luv ya 

Love me

Monday, 25 January 2021

She's not for letting me sleep!

Monday 25th January 2021
Create your own happiness!

My stats as of today

I started at - 200lb
I wanna weigh - 165lb
I plan to lose - 35lb / 17.5% of my body weight.
The scales 24/1/21 - 190lb
I've already lost - 10lb 
Yesterday I stepped 4823 times 
I covered 2.05 miles 
I burned 1958 calories  

I consumed 2064  calories
I was active for 10 minutes 
I slept  6 hours 6 mins

#walk1000miles challenge - Total YTD =  94.68 left to walk = 905.32

My 3 good things;

1) Watching the snow and not being stressed about working in it!

2) Watching Alfie in the snow - he's oblivious!

3) Helping 3 people in one day save loads of money! 




3.14am was when I finally gave up on trying to sleep, mom woke me at 11, then at 12.30 she got up and went downstairs it took me an age to get back to sleep, then she woke me at 3.14 she shouts me as if it's the norm, she's now snoozing next to me and I'm wide awake, thankfully we went to bed at 8 ish.  Feeling a bit tired this morning I won't lie, hopefully will perk up later on. 

My eating as always was a bit random yesterday again! 

tandoori chicken wings sarnie ;) because that's how I roll! 

Jam tart and squirty cream - don't have pudding very often 

This was my favourite - garlic butter and parmesan mushrooms, potato croquettes, 
cod in butter sauce and greens. 

As I'm up at silly o'clock and my Iceland delivery has arrived, I'll do my meal plan this morning.  The delivery man told me I nearly didn't get it because of the weather, my first order too, so I'm pleased.  I'm fancying a pork dinner today, this cost me £2.50!  I'll share it with Alfie and there should be enough for a sarnie from it too.  
I'm going to have a cooked breakfast use some of the mushrooms in the fridge and the open tin of beans, I find a good breakfast keeps me going and stops me snacking which might explain why I've been more picky this past week, not been doing the cooked breakfast so much.  

I've got a cauliflower that needs using and I'm tempted to have a go at this Cauliflower Breadsticks Recipe - (4.6/5) (keyingredient.com) or Low Carb Cauliflower Breadsticks * Low Carb Recipes * VIDEO * (realhousemoms.com) same idea different versions.  We shall see how the day takes me, got a couple of appointments this morning and a couple of calls with team mates later on that I'm looking forward too.

I'm aware that I need to stop for lunch and not work through, so I've made a space for that, but I won't lie, I'm loving helping people and I've always been the same, if I'm enjoying doing something, I'll throw my all into it and get caught up in it.  I have seen a crochet pattern today thought that may tempt me to turn off a bit from work and have a bit of a relax lol. 

Mom likes crap tele that just doesn't do it for me so I've been working instead, you can only watch so many tipping points especially when they're repeats! 

Anyway, my brains a little empty this morning, so I'm going to go and do a meal plan, I might do alternatives for busy / not so busy day options. 

Here's to making Monday marvellous, be careful out there in this weather, stay safe and take care of you and yours. 

Mwah, luv ya

Love me 

Sunday, 24 January 2021

Staying safe at home

Sunday 24th January 2021
The future depends on what you do today.

My stats as of today

I started at - 200lb
I wanna weigh - 165lb
I plan to lose - 35lb / 17.5% of my body weight.
The scales 24/1/21 - 190lb
I've already lost - 10lb 
Yesterday I stepped 12,494 times 
I covered 2.49 miles 
I burned 2035 calories  

I consumed 1824 calories
I was active for 28 minutes 
I slept 7 hours 56mins

#walk1000miles challenge - Total YTD = 92.64 left to walk = 907.36

My 3 good things;

1) Watching the Mask and comparing notes on Facebook with my FB friends

2) Early night & mostly calm

3) Walking into a walk house after walking in the snow




Well yesterday was another good day, moms never going to be 100%, she woke up moaning her way to the toilet this morning, it's not the nicest of wake up calls but it's all good, I'm in a great place and am able to cope with it all.  My mental health is better than it's been in a very, long time.

I'd spend a busy morning, zoom for an hour, then on calls for the next few hours with just enough time off them to show the delivery men where to put the upright freezer (yay excited to fill that today!) it was 12.40pm before I finished my calls and realised I hadn't walked the dog or had anything to eat!

I soon rectified both, decided because I needed to keep my car ticking over, I'd throw Alfie in with me and we'd drive for a walk round Essington pool, only a mile away.  We'd been walking about 10 minutes at most, he'd decided he'd rather go through a gate and walk the roads than the pretty pools - typical, when it started to snow and boy was it fierce, bumped into a friend I hadn't seen for such a very long time so we had a few minutes saying hello, but the weather had become savage so Alfie and I got back to the car as quick as we could, he got half hour walk though.  I need to get back on my walking in the house, not done it for a few days and the figures are showing.  I've been told about 7 minute 1000 steps short videos, gonna have a look at them too, there's really no excuse there is there!

The calls I'd made were a success, 2 new customers and one new partner who I'm looking forward to working with, saving someone £50 a month is fantastic, I was so happy to be signing Cathy up as a partner I can't remember what I saved her, but I know she was happy for sure because we were helping to buy her out of a contract which was costing a ridiculous amount monthly.  

Anyway food wasn't high priority yesterday which I need to get a handle on, but to be honest I think even if I had eaten earlier, I would've still had a bag of crisps and a couple of chocolates later on because I've had one of those picky weeks, it's my pattern, my hormones maybe.  The good news is, I've jumped on the scales this morning and I've maintained, not bad for my birthday week at all, I'll take that.  

Marlies chicken wings were mostly all I ate yesterday, I do love them though.

Today at the moment I've only got one call booked in, I don't mind if it changes, it's keeping my brain active and enabling me to catch up with people and hear about their world and what's happening in them.

Foodwise, I've got fresh veggies to use and potato croquettes, so that will be my main meal with some fish maybe, we shall see what I can tempt mom too if anything. I have a few wings left too lol.  It depends what's delivered from Iceland too, I know I'm gonna be excited for what I ordered, got a little excited on their website, foods I've not eaten for such a long time. 

Let's have a lovely Sunday, I plan to watch The Voice, walk Alfie, oh I watched Bulletproof South Africa yesterday, enjoyed that. Any viewing suggestions gratefully received. 

Mwah, luv ya 

Love me x

Saturday, 23 January 2021

And another fall!

Saturday 23rd January 2021
Make happiness a habit.

It's just shy of 3am and we're up and downstairs, moms had another fall, thankfully nothing broken again and she's sat next to me happy because she wanted to get up anyway, anyone would think she'd planned it!  She'll snooze in her chair now for sure thankfully but her aching arms and legs from the previous fall will take even longer to heal.  Both yesterday and this morning, I've woke to hear her crying on the toilet, she's just tired of being alive is the truth, it's hard work every day. xx

But let's not keep the mood down, we're alive and we still have our moments, she interrupts me on every call I make, thankfully the people I'm calling don't seem to mind.  I asked one lady the other day if she was on Virgin, and mom pipes up 'Is she a virgin!'

Her little Facebook video we made yesterday after she was watching the news has made people smile, I just wished she wasn't in pain all the time and scared, she's scared about everything from making sure the doors are locked to thinking she's going to choke.  Poor love, all I can do is be here telling her she is safe. 

Yesterday was a good day, here's my daily update on me trying to improve my physical and mental health; 

My stats as of today

I started at - 200lb
I wanna weigh - 165lb
I plan to lose - 35lb / 17.5% of my body weight.
The scales 5/1/21 - 190lb
I've already lost - 10lb 
Yesterday I stepped 7479 times 
I covered 3.18 miles 
I burned 2144 calories  

I consumed 2188 calories
I was active for 28minutes 
I slept 5 hours 45 mins

#walk1000miles challenge - Total YTD = 783.59 left to walk = 916.41

My 3 good things;

1) I received chocolates in the post from UW

2) I had a Marlie's Menu for tea, Chicken Pathia - 1st outing on the Marlies Menu, a rich sweet and sour sauce with a kick. It was tasty as always, a little on the warm side, I'm such a light weight where spices are concerned but I've also noticed some days I'm better than others when it comes to heat.

3) I got my new art on the wall and I absolutely love it!  If you like work like this, keep your eye on her page (1) Crystal Glass Metal Art | Facebook she's also on instagram @crystalglassmetalart and etsy https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/CrystalGlassMetalArt all her pieces are one offs and gorgeous - well I think so anyway.

I also helped another customer who really needed helping, having lost their job, then to finish my working day off nicely, I had a message from another young lady who needed help last October because she was being stung badly with her prepayment electricity meter!  This was the outcome of that message last night, felt good to know she was buzzing, bear in mind in October, she'd put £148 in her meter! 

She's now got her electric / landline / broadband and 2 phones all together on one bill, it will be more than that going forward, but nowhere near the £148 that she was pay just for her electricity! 

Another good day for feeling good, I have just cried when mom fell though, middle of the night, tired and scared for her, emotions got the better of me, I'm okay again now though, focusing on what I can control not what I can't.

Food wise, just about keeping the numbers level, I can only guestimate the calories in the meals I had yesterday, tbh I could ask Marlies for the ingredients but I don't want to live my life doing that, I'm not eating that kind of food everyday so a little leeway is okay.

There's a good carbs / cals book that gives you examples of portions, but I also bought the app for my phone, it was a fiver, but is good to learn portion sizes; 

I searched chicken wings and these examples came up; 

Now I know my tandoori ones are nearer the buffalo than the BBQ, you can also check supermarket websites and look for the nutritional info of something similar or you could use an app like MyFitnessPal.

Now the curry wasn't too bad I don't think because I know she uses good ingredients, but again if you use this app as a guide it shows the portions; 

this was my portion; 
and I left half the rice.

And those pesky chocolates that I've remembered are in the cupboard, the thorntons left from Christmas, they are good though and life is too short not to enjoy the odd chocolate now and again. 

My brother came and got my car going again - yay, so I've got my car again now, just need to run it round the block every few days lol. 

Right I'm off, who knows maybe I'll have a snooze in my chair but I doubt it, I'm probably awake for the day now, got a zoom to look forward to at 9 and a couple of appointments but then a free evening and an early night hopefully.

Have a super Saturday, mwah

Luv ya 

Love me 



Friday, 22 January 2021

A work of art!

Friday 22th January 2021
What is coming is always better than what is gone. 

My stats as of today

I started at - 200lb
I wanna weigh - 165lb
I plan to lose - 35lb / 17.5% of my body weight.
The scales 5/1/21 - 190lb
I've already lost - 10lb 
Yesterday I stepped 8140 times 
I covered 3.46 miles 
I burned 2159 calories  

I consumed 2038 calories
I was active for 42 minutes 
I slept 7 hours 49 mins

#walk1000miles challenge - Total YTD = 72.80 left to walk = 927.2

My 3 good things;

1) My wonderful work of art arrived.

2) Supported my bestie to sign her first UW customer ;) 

3) lamb chops!



A much quieter day yesterday, just a couple of appointments so a nice slow start to my day, which resulted in my buying an upright freezer so I can do a monthly freezer shop from Iceland.   I've thought about it on and off for a couple of years lol, finally deciding that it was a good idea.  I have this thing about bonus's, I believe they should be spent on something you want rather than need.  Well I had £300 Love to Shop vouchers for Christmas from UW and I swapped them for Sainsbury's vouchers and they've been paying for my shopping, so that means the £300 I saved on my food shopping can be used to pay for the freezer.  I got quite excited looking at the foods and bargains in Iceland!  Mom is more likely to eat the more processed type things I'll be able to buy too.  It's even silly things like the Co-op £5 meals deals, I've never got space when I want them. Now I will have, it's coming tomorrow ;) 

Talking about treating myself, I've had another bonus this month so I've treated myself to this piece of art by a lovely lady I know, who's trying to turn something she loves into a way to earn money (every one is having to reinvent themselves because of covid aren't they!) 

The photos don't do it justice, it's very healthy metal and  I love it, so does mom, we just need it fixing to the wall n

(17) Crystal Glass Metal Art | Facebook     CrystalGlassMetalArt by CrystalGlassMetalArt on Etsy  

I've not had anything on my walls since we decorated a few years ago, so this will be the first, it's so beautiful, my very own dandelion click with swarovski crystals, so pretty.

Food wise, need to get back to paying more attention to when and what I eat!  I had egg and tomatoes on toast for breakfast. 
Lamb chops, butternut squash, carrots, savoy and gravy for dinner, it tasted way better than it looked and Alfie was grateful for his share too, he likes carrots and chops! 

Alfie like most of us has gained weight in lockdown, I need to put him on a diet!  That's not gonna be easy, but as he likes carrots, I'm going to try bulking out his food with them as at least they're lower in calories. 

Now today's meal plan, I'm not sure when Marlies is bringing my curry and wings, so I've got to be a bit flexible with my plans.  I am going to make stuffed mushrooms today though and have them with potato croquettes, hoping mom will have a couple of the croquettes maybe with an egg and a few beans.  I'll have my marlies wings with some salad when they arrive and the curry will be my weekend treat and I'll eat healthy around it.  

Now this is the time that people who started the year off motivated start to wobble, 3 weeks in, credit card bills land - I've not actually got one of those this month, I've swapped to my cashback card and only use that now, so Tesco credit card must think I'm dead!  It's made a massive difference to my finances though, I'm not just saving money on my bills using it, it's making me aware of how much money I've spent and have left.  Anyway, it's easy to give up now, the weather just sucks!  Here in Wolverhampton it's cold but compared to some areas we're blessed not to live by a river that's for sure.  Yep, in any year this time of year is tough but we've got covid worse than ever this year so it would be easy to give up.  DON'T!

We need to take care of ourselves, self care is the new healthcare, the NHS is doing everything they can but we can do our bit too.  Let's work at getting healthy, building up our immune system and losing some weight if we need too.   We mustn't give up and think sod it, we need to give ourselves the best fighting chance again this dreadful disease.  

Let's have a fab Friday!  Actually it could be fish Friday, healthy fish and chips maybe, make your own, or some oily fish, I might have some for breakfast.  Whatever you do today, take care of you and stay safe. xx

Mwah, luv ya 

Love me x

Thursday, 21 January 2021

Carb cravings

Thursday 21st January 2021
Get into the habit of asking yourself, 'does this support the life I'm trying to create?'

My stats as of today
I started at - 200lb
I wanna weigh - 165lb
I plan to lose - 35lb / 17.5% of my body weight.
The scales 5/1/21 - 190lb
I've already lost - 10lb 
Yesterday I stepped 6,285 times 
I covered 2.71 miles 
I burned 2071 calories  
I consumed 2734 calories
I was active for 27 minutes 
I slept 7 hours 3 mins
#walk1000miles challenge - Total YTD = 80.31 left to walk = 919.69
My 3 good things;
1) I'm number 2 on the UW leaderboard for customers!
2) A catch up on zoom with some of my owls 💜
3) Feeling good about my day and my life in general. 




Another good day, and this ones started well too, I love mom in the morning when she's happy and tells me she loves me and that's how today has started I'm pleased to say.  

Plus seeing I was number 2 on the UW customer leaderboard both thrilled andshocked me, then made me want to help more people so I can see number 1 just once, I've not had much to dance about for the last few years, I was preparing to put my life completely on hold for mom, it was already on hold all but my job, but I knew at some point it would be impossible for me to go out to work as it was affecting moms behaviour, which made me believe I'd not be able to work at all.  To be able to now find something that's not just a job but something I'm enjoying so much, I've met some amazing new friends in my team mates and I'm also getting to catch up with people I've known for years and then save them money and simplify their life.  It's bloody brilliant is what it is and I'm beyond thankful.  Need some appointments now though, so come on give me half hour, it's okay if you say no at the end, it really is. xx

Well diet wise, I lost my appetite and found a donkey's yesterday, so let's replay the day and see why that happened.  Firstly I hadn't planned my meals beforehand, then I did on the morning, but I'd already had 2 Lindt chocolates that I'd found in moms drawers when tidying up.  I then fancied this shepherd's pie after my zoom call and because I hadn't had anything for breakfast, I ended up eating this at 10.15, it wasn't bad to be fair, but it wasn't enough, not for me, not when you compare it to the meal I'd had the day before and that was less calories, look at the difference. 


328 calories or 306 calories for the breakfast on the right, convenience is great I know the bisto meal took 40 minutes to cook in the oven, the breakfast took me 10 minutes to cook on the hob.  

I then had a beef curry out the freezer and bulked it out with mushrooms, I ate the entire packet of microwave rice with some of Diana's chutney, better than mango, was so chuffed when she delivered it Christmas eve. 

As you can see I had a serious carb craving yesterday, now I look chicken super noodles, I don't might the maggi ones either but I bought these to try, they weren't very nice at all - but I still ate them, what's that all about. 

Yep yesterday I was a carp monster, today I need more veggies in my life, my shopping is coming later on, the only substitute is for my pork loin medallions and they're sending me belly draft which I do not want, as mom said, that's what you have as a last resort because when we were kids it was.  I'm not a fan of bellydraft at all.  

Only got a couple of appointments today, one supporting my bestie which is brilliant, so if anyone fancies a catch up and to find out more about what I do this morning, give me a shout otherwise, I'm going to have to do some housework because it's vile outside so Alfie won't go far it out at all!  

Here's to getting that calorie deficit back today, as I think yesterday was the first time this year I didn't get one, not to worry, we'll rectify the situation.

Have a great day, can't believe it's Thursday already!  

Mwah, luv ya 

Love me xx

Wednesday, 20 January 2021

Someone's nicked my bed!

Wednesday 20th January 2021
When you focus on the good, the good gets better.

My stats as of today

I started at - 200lb
I wanna weigh - 165lb
I plan to lose - 35lb / 17.5% of my body weight.
The scales 17/1/21 - 190lb
I've already lost - 10lb 
Yesterday I stepped 11,281 times 
I covered 4.8 miles 
I burned 2339 calories  

I consumed 2465 calories
I was active for 85 minutes 
I slept 6 hours 24 mins

#walk1000miles challenge - Total YTD = 77.6 left to walk = 9224

My 3 good things;

1) Having friends knock my front door with a gift

2) Having a walk with my bestie and the dog

3) Being asked to share my story on a team meeting zoom




'Are you working on your birthday?' That's what a text said yesterday morning, I think I've worked on my birthday most years unless it was a Sunday, I don't mind, January as a WW coach was always ridiculously busy anyway so we usually celebrated my birthday at a later date.

I did get to spend some of my working day enjoying a chat or two and also because I've choose to add amazing friends to my team, we get to have a reason to keep in touch, we're gonna be the dream team for sure!  Those that know Vicky, Kelly or Gail, they're looking for people to practice on (potential customers too), I won't mind you not choosing me and opting for them, I only have 24 hours in my day and we want to help as many people as possible save as much as possible.

Well as birthday's go, it had a couple of nice surprises, a yarn holder from Julie, what a fantastic gift, I've always fancied one but never bought one, then the lovely Lucy got me wine and pizza and the really thoughtful bit was she checked the calories for one that wasn't going to blow the bank, it was tasty too at 868 calories for the whole thing.  I had hundreds of birthday wishes which was wonderful.
I started my day with this delicious breakfast and it really was tasty, 

I left the pizza in slightly too long but it was still delicious; 

I had to return a parcel to Amazon, so Vicky arranged to walk to the top shops with me, Alfie insisted on joining us (mistake!), we had a chat and catch up, then Alfie started limping and I had to carry him home, he's a heavy lump, he's just getting old and has a bit of arthritis, I've had to carry him up and down the stairs the last few days, think he has good days and bad days. 

I was asked to tell my story on a zoom call, eek, once you start me, you can't shut me up can you!  Finally got to bed at 10, and had a few hours before mom woke me up at half one saying she wanted to get up, there was no coaxing her back to bed so I let her, settled her in her chair and went back to bed myself.  

It was about 4.45 when she woke me up again shouting, 'Bev, someones nicked my bed!" I got up and explained she was downstairs so she's now back in bed asleep and I'm wide awake lol, looking at a right mess that needs tidying up and cleaning this morning. We actually had a better night than I was expecting from her mood and behaviour before I got her in bed last night, so I'm relieved and thankful. 

Here's to another busy day ahead, I need to get my supermarket shop sorted for tomorrow, although I have ordered me a bit of niceness from Marlies.  I did indulge in twiglets, jammie dodges, cheesy spread and wine yesterday, but still didn't go crazy, a few of the totals are estimated but not far off.  I'm heading towards losing a stone and I can tell so I'm not stopping now, although when I get there I'm having a Chinese, I've been craving one for weeks!

Here's to having a wonderful Wednesday, doing a bit of housework, sorting my shopping and making a few calls! 

Happy days, mwah, 

luv ya

Love me xx