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Thursday, 28 July 2016

A day of delicious...

28th July 2016
If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.  Wayne Dyer

My shoulder and now my neck is tight and stiff, I'm wondering if it's walking the dog that's the cause, not the lead but being on my phone whilst walking!  I'll be leaving the phone at home in the future whilst mom and I are out, folk can wait for an hour whilst we have some time out and I'll hope it rectifies the pain.  I've already got arthritis in my wrists from computer work over the years, more so in the right one because of the mobiles.  The youngsters today are really going to suffer in the future, I've only had a phone for about a decade, these lot were born with them in their hands - scary thought.

I had a good day on track yesterday, guilty though as only drank the 1 pint of water, had about 5 hot drinks and a can of pop, need to up that!  Food wise was excellent,

 Sainsbury's seeded flatbread 3sp
Egg 2sp
2 bacon medallions 2sp

Milk in tea 1sp

Home made meatballs using Lidls 5% beef mince 3sp
Weight Watchers spicy tomato sauce 3sp (I don't do tomato flavour meals but this stuff is seriously delicious, will be having the other half today, can't wait!)
 Rice 6sp

Salmon in chilli sauce 6sp (It was a whoopsie in Budgens!)
Tinned potatoes 3sp
Lidls thin 3sp
Can't believe it's not butter 1sp
Butter 4sp
Diet coke

Cake at meeting 9sp

Total 45sp

I'd forgot about the cake ;0), we baked for the meeting, sold it by the slice to raise some funds for the church.  I made the chocolate muffins 6sp from the new Sweet Book, they had good feedback and Julie made lemon and lime crunch, mmmm. I thnk it was 4sp a slice, and I shared my muffin so 9 will cover it, I have another slice but it's still in my bag.

I did earn 15sp Fitpoints with my FitBit, so I'm pleased with my day in all.  Progress not perfection, no wine you may notice, can't have cake and wine and lose weight! 
I've started my day with a 20 minute meditation followed by watching the most glorious sunrise, life don't get much better than that.

Now for a day of fun at Bloxwich, loving the chat in the meetings this week, we're coping really well at St Albans to say we can't use the church hall thanks to the vandals, but they haven't stopped up getting together and having our giggle and WW time.

Right I'm off, things to do before I leave, cuppa to make, I've managed my first pint of water at least.  Here's to another great day, on track and smiling - you up for that too BeYOUtiful?

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