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Monday, 18 July 2016

Memories aren't made on the plate in front of you!

18th July 2016
Energy and persistence conquer all things.  B Franklin

Another fab day yesterday, making memories, enjoying life.  Mom and I were just going to have a drive but we realised when we started driving it was just too warm in the car for Alfie, he wasn't impressed, so we ended up at Weston Park.  It's only 15 miles away and we've never bothered before because you have to pay to get in as it's not a National Trust property.  I'm so glad we did, it's a perfect place to spend a few hours, pretty gardens, lovely woods with lakes, we sat watching the dragon flies skirting the water.  We enjoyed it so much we've paid for the annual pass, so we can go back whenever we like, it also gives you 10% off the deli ;).  Another reason we liked it was they were dog friendly, the only place he can't go is in the big house and when we went for a cuppa, the outside seating area is covered over, so we can sit outside with Alfie even in the rain.  They do a mean mug of tea too!  Of course mom can't chew still so we shall be partaking in their giant strawberry meringues at a later date!  If you've got kids they had what looked like a fantastic adventure playground and a train, lovely day out for sure. http://www.weston-park.com/visit-weston/times-pricing/

I stuck with No Count again yesterday, I'm liking the hassle free food at the moment it's working for me, I don't want to spend ages thinking about what to eat or standing in the kitchen cooking.  This was my day in food;

Breakfast was Heinz curry beanz, crumpet and egg, lunch roast beef with tomato and pea shoots on a Warburton thin and dinner smoked mackerel, jacket potato and petit pois peas.  All knocked up in no time at all and all tasty and filling.

I'm too busy making memories at the moment to give food any more power than it needs, as I said in my meeting last week, make time to do things that you enjoy that don't involve food and drink!  Make memories - you'll remember where you were and who you were with, you'll probably not remember what you ate!  No matter how delicious it was and I can confirm that, as I've questioned it I once ate at The Ivy in London, I also ate at a Michelin restaurant, it was one of the best experiences I've had because I love fancy food, I can't remember what we ate though you know, no matter how hard I try, the only thing I do remember is the dessert I ordered at the Ivy because they set it on fire :) which got me some attention from the other diners, was it nice, I've no idea, I only remember having the banter with the posh lady on the next table about my fancy pudding.  See memories aren't made on the plate in front of you!

I plan to continue with the No Count theme today, I have a few things planned so don't want to be messing about in the kitchen.  We've got a dog walk to have, I need to go buy some pansies for the garden to prettify the patio ready for summer and autumn, they're the one plant that's scared of no weather!  Of course if this sunshine lasts, I've got a few hours in the garden to be enjoyed, I do love the sunshine, had an hour or two out there where we got home yesterday with a book and a beer, bought from the Deli at Weston Park, doing my bit to save Hedgehogs the bottle said, at £3.50 a bottle, that'll be the last bit I'll be doing too!  Even with my 10% off, it's still an expensive bottle of beer!

What to eat then today, I'll go defrost chicken breast I think, I have some Weight Watcher wraps in the cupboard, I'll knock something up, I know the food down there is No Count friendly so it's all hassle free food, that'll do me.

Enjoy your Monday morning folks, hope you get to enjoy a bit of this sunshine even if it's after you finish work.  Take care of you BeYOUtiful.

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