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Thursday, 18 July 2019

Thursday already!

Thursday 18th July
Your attitude determines your direction.

Yeah the housework thing yesterday, it didn't really happen, well it did a bit, I did the floors downstairs and tidied the living room a bit, then my back started to twinge (I'm sure I'm allergic to housework) and it was so hot, that instead I decided to walk to my weigh in, I much preferred the 4.5 mile round trip than an hour spent cleaning.

When I woke up this morning and lay there trying to work out what day it was, I couldn't believe how quickly the week had gone again, already Thursday!  Life is flying past at such a speed, 6 calendar months tomorrow until my 50th!

I lost 2lb YAY, that's the gain from the last few weeks gone, so back to 12st 9lb from 13st 4.5lb, 9.5lb gone, if I lose next week, I'll be the lightest I've been in a good 18 months, so that's good news.

Not the best shot, my halo is shining too brightly 😝 here’s to another great week! WW works, checking in each week is working for me! Thanks Elle xx

Another lovely day with mom, spent my spare time sitting watching rubbish tv with her whilst finishing off the baby blanket I needed to get done, now to play with the pretty wool I bought from my shopping try last weekend.  Can't wait!  Crochet comes before housework in the dictionary, as it should.  

Food wise was a bit random, I was so hungry when I got back from my walk, I opened the fridge found a bit of leftover mash and one sausage, so I ate the sausage and made a mash potato sandwich which filled the gap.  Wasn't hungry lunchtime and was making mom a sandwich so I had a jam sandwich, just one slice of bread, it was lovely, can't remember the last time I had one but I don't think it will be long before I have another!  I indulged in some WW bakes, we've had a new flavour, here's moms verdict. https://www.facebook.com/bevww/videos/10156999284880862/ 

Then for my tea, I tried the new WW tomato, herb & honey sauce, it's 1SP a portion and there's 2 portions in the packet (I ate both), had it with 80g pasta (8SP) and 4 Penn Road Butchers chicken sausages (2SP), although Alfie had one sausage at least.  Delicious fast food at it's finest, was in my belly in 15 minutes!

The workshops were as good as ever, another great day all round, I'm loving my life right now, long may it continue #MyMay was the best thing I've done in a long time, it can be #MyMonth any time of year now, continually putting me up there at the top of my list and taking care of me doesn't just help me, it helps everyone around me too because when I feel good, I get more done.  

We're drawing the raffle for the blanket tonight, I'm thrilled with how well we've done and I'll let you know the total raised for the community cafe tomorrow.

Let's all have a very, great day - we've got this!  Mwah, 

Luv ya, 

Love me xx 

Wednesday, 17 July 2019

Midweek, let's make it wonderful

Wednesday 17th July 
you get what you work for not what you wish for. 

Out walking Alfie, it’s a lovely fresh morning and I’m feeling good. I was planning on walking to my weigh in but I think instead I’m going to use that time (we only get so many hours in a day) to do housework, that’ll earn me FitPoints too (4FP per hour) even if it’s not as enjoyable, I’ll be glad u did it afterwards. I will do a bit of a workout too.  Yesterday I found a 6 week workout plan on the WW website with videos https://www.weightwatchers.com/uk/m/cms/ww-fitness-videos 
There are lots of different videos on their but the 6 week one would be ideal to see you through the school holidays maybe! 

I’m hoping for a weight loss today, I’ve had a much better week, not been obsessed by food as I can be so hopefully that’s helped. Yesterday was a scotch egg for breakfast, steak salad for lunch and a WW cheese and tomato sandwich for tea. Mom did force feed me half bag of Walkers crisps and a sugar free biscuit but that’s not the end of the world.  She was really good again yesterday which is brilliant.  Although she’s become the dog whisperer at around 4am!  If he hasn’t slept on her bed she comes looking for him and her ‘whisper’ is about as quiet as a donkey neighing!  Yes being woke up to “Alfie, Alfie” in a creepy loud whisper in the worst alarm call going, at least I managed to snooze back off. 

Crochet has kept my fingers busy as I’ve got a baby blanket to finish and I had to finish the one I’m raffling too, we’re raising lots of pennies for the Community cafe at the church in Bloxwich, I hope other businesses and groups help and support the project. 

lots of people tell me they’d love to be able to crochet and I alway tell them to try YouTube like I did, both Bella Coco and Blossom crochet both do videos to learn a granny square but that wool shop I went to on Saturday do workshops, it’d make a lovely morning out, Much Wenlock is about half hour away and it’s such a pretty village, it has the priory to walk round too. https://www.ippikinyarns.com

Loved my workshops yesterday, morning and evening ones have completely different vibes and they’re all brilliant, 88lb lost on the morning, can’t remember the nights now but I know a lot were looking forward to the school break as they work in schools. 

Going to do an online shop today too as my sis is going to make me a pie, that’s my weekend sorted, I’ll save some for my bro and save me a few million points, her cheese and onion pie is not low fat! 

These are a food find by a friend, I think Sainsbury's sell them.  Deli Kitchen subwich, 4SP each.

Now what to eat today, no clue but I know I’ll be okay as I only have healthy stuff in really and I feel good so will eat good. I like feeling like this, it’s not about what I weigh it’s about how I feel and finding that balance between enjoying indulgent food but not too often that it’s detrimental to my health. 

Oh ma’an having to backtrack my walk as dropped my poo bags, Alfie’s not impressed, actually I’m surprised he’s coming with me to be honest, he’s usually so stubborn. I’ve picked up 3 bags of other people’s dog mess, they’ve bagged it up and left it!  What is wrong with people!

Anyway not the kind of conversation you want at this time of the morning really is it.  So I’ll be on my way, still walking, got a busy day ahead of me hoping to get the living room done before mom gets up, it’s easier that way. 

Enjoy your day, take care of you. Remember it takes 4 weeks for you to notice a difference, 8 weeks for friends and family and 12 weeks for the rest of the world. Let’s make the most of summer! Mwah 💋 

Luv ya,

Love me x

Tuesday, 16 July 2019

It's been a great few days

Tuesday 16th July
Today is a good day for a good day.

Well I always say whenever I see a heron that I'm going to have a good day and it's never let me down, but I have to say seeing 3 on Sunday well, it's been the best two days with mom I've had in such a long time so thank you to those herons!

I did my paperwork yesterday, planned my workshops for the week, then decided to walk to the post office to combine my errands with exercise, once there I decided to have a walk through the fields, ended up doing a 5 mile walk and earning 25 Fit Points (BOOM!).  Once home I convinced mom into sitting outside for an hour, good old bit of Vitamin D is good for her, then we chilled in front of the tv for the rest of the day.  We laughed at silly stuff and had a truly wonderful day together, I've had my mom back this last two days, it's been amazing, I've loved every minute of it.

Foodwise, well it's just been something I do because my belly was growling, it's just not been important, I had a chicken sausage meat scotch egg for breakfast, then later one I made bangers and mash with more chicken sausages (they needed using!).  I put some wholegrain mustard in the onion gravy, that worked.

My house looks like someones dropped a dusty bomb on it but I don't care, these last two days have been precious, it's the first time in a long time that I wished I wasn't going to work in the hope that the bubble doesn't burst, but I know it doesn't work like that.  Thankfully I have the best job in the world and I'll enjoy being there and I'll be back before you know it.

I've still not shopped, I'm going to work my way through some of the stuff I have I've decided, I can nip and get a loaf or the odd thing, need some veggies I think mostly, as much as I love frozen peas and could live off them forever, I think there should be other stuff in my diet.

This sunshine makes everything better doesn't it, I'm cherishing the calm in my world right now as I know it can change at any moment, I have friends out there who aren't having such a good time and as the saying goes, when you're going through hell - keep going.

Right, short blog from me this morning, I have work to get ready for and mom'll want another cuppa. Here's hoping everyone has a very, great day today, mwah,

Luv ya,

Love me xx

Monday, 15 July 2019

Smiling from the weekend

Monday 15th July
A laugh is a smile that bursts.

Can we rewind and do that weekend again please?  Especially yesterday because mom was good, hopefully she will be again today as I don’t go to work so it is sort of my day off, although I have a little office work to do first. Need to spend the majority of the day with my crochet if I’m gonna get the baby blanket finished this week, if not it’ll be next week, my house needs some cleaning!   Oh and I want to do some exercise of some sort, so either a good walk or a work out, need to keep that a habit. 

My dinner was a let down yesterday, the beef was amazing but the gravy not for me, turns out I like my wine I’m a glass not a gravy!  To make up for it, I had a mash potato sandwich for my tea, nom nom 😋 

We had a lovely 4 mile walk along the canal again, just parked in a lay-by and walked back to my brothers house and drove to pick it up my car. We were thrilled to see not one but three herons as we walked, the one was a big old beaut and he or she wasn’t phased by me at all and just sat up there on the pipeline chilling!  Absolutely made my day it did, I’ve always said it means I have a good day when I see a heron, well I had an very, great day, mom really was fab yesterday, no strops or dramas she even sat through the two guardian of the galaxy movies, going to bed just before the end of the second one. Then to top it all I’ve slept till half six, she did wake me up about an hour earlier but I dozed back off.  I’m now walking Alfie on this glorious morning hoping for a do-over kind of day with mom anyway.  

I’m hoping for a weight loss too this week, I’ve been much improved and my favourite jeans are barely staying up to be fair I look like a tramp but they’re so comfy, but I reckon a few more pounds and they won’t stay on my hips - loving it! 

I need to survive the next few days till weigh in, loving the summer, even if it hasn’t been the best we’ve ever had it’s lovely now and that’s what I’m all about, living in the now. 

Oh speaking of which, what am I eating today, I’ve still not done a shop, one reason because I want to use what I have but also because I can’t be bothered, I buy too much food and I know I can live with what I have. Ooo I have a can of chip shop chicken curry in cupboard might have that but with mash, and before you got yak, it’s no difference from having it on a jacket or with chips  (the bit inside is like mash potato). Or I have a potato and bacon thing or fish in butter sauce. Yeah I’m good for food. 

Right here’s to another very great day, let’s make Monday matter and enjoy the sunshine and the smile moments whilst we can, mwah xx

Luv ya 

Love me xx

Sunday, 14 July 2019

You have to be into wool to understand lol

Sunday 14th July 2019
You are what you do, not what you say you'll do

What a wonderful day I had yesterday, as always my workshop went well, lots of weight loss and laughter. Then Carol and I drove to Much Wenlock for a mooch round the wool shop, it was wonderful, the staff were lovely and I bought wool. Got myself some bargains too, it was good to watch them wind my skeins into balls for me on this contraption, 

I couldn’t wait to get started on a new project even though I already have one or two on the go, managed this much before reverting to the baby blanket I need to get finished as I’ve promised it and want to get it done in the next week or two. 

Food wise it was delicious, if not completely on track, we had rarebit in the deli cafe, I’d guess 20SP for that easily. 

Then I had a couple of cheese cobs for tea, at least that was low fat cheese and I slices it thinly.  Still probably 16 if I count the bits of cheese that went in my mouth before they made it to the plate!  Ended my day just shy of 60SP but still have fitpoints left so it’s all good. I’m happy with how it went that was all I ate yesterday other than half scotch egg I had for breakfast, I didn’t indulge in any unplanned treats, I just enjoyed my wine, watched some tele and slept for 7 hours mom woke me up just after half five. 

Off to meet my bro this morning as long as he doesn’t get called out in the next hour, just out with Alfie who’s on a go slow!  My day is planned, I shall mostly be crocheting when I can, the housework can wait!  I think I fancy a beef dinner, I have some posh slow cooker beef thing in the freezer that needs using and I can add peas, and hopefully I have a packet of mash, that or I could stop at a shop on way home. I’ll have a low pointed breakfast with eggs for breakfast. Oh bugger I’ve just remembered having a little bit of moms bread pudding so there’s a few points to add on to the tracker, see it’s that easy to forget isn’t it. 

I honestly could spend all week crocheting with my new wool, it’s so lush, some of it was on sale so I got really expensive wool I normally wouldn’t buy for a bargain, it’s so soft, I can’t wait to see what it looks like when I’ve finished the projects. I can’t recommend the place enough https://www.ippikinyarns.com and if you’ve ever wanted to learn, they do workshops, if I didn’t have to work and look after mom, I’d be tempted to do a couple. 

Okay I need to get gone, things to do, places to be and all that!  Catch ya tomo. 

Mwah, luv ya 

Love me xx

Saturday, 13 July 2019

Rollevers on a Friday night!

Saturday 13th July 2019
Be a flamingo, stay balanced, stay by your flock and always be fabulous!

I only ended a Friday with Rollovers, that doesn't happen, yep I went to bed (early) with I was going to say 4SP to rollover but I've just noticed I didn't track the milk I had in my 2 mugs of tea so that would make it 3SP as 100ml of skimmed milk is 1SP.  This means I have 30 weeklies left and 61 FitPoints that I can use in an emergency, I've earned 70 so far this week (since Wednesday) and despite waking up shattered yesterday I managed to earn 22 Fit Points, I didn't do my workout so walked to and from my massage appointment instead, that's almost a 3 mile round trip, earned me 7FP one way and 6FP the other, my other half hour walk only earned me 3FP, because it does know how slow you're walking and Alfie doesn't walk fast, I wasn't walking as fast as I usually do on my own, but I was walking and it all helps.

Mom was not good yesterday, in her defence, she wasn't feeling well but boy does she make a bad patient, I wasn't going to let it mess with my behaviour though and I stayed on track.  I finished the blanket, it's 1.5m square and I hope it will make a fair amount for the community cafe project,

It's so soft and chunky, a real statement blanket.  £2 a ticket (all money to charity) bargain.  

Foodwise I was super good, this honestly is all that past my lips,

breakfast, 1SP of WW cheese on egg bread 4SP total 
1SP salad

Oh and a Scotch egg I'd made, they are good.  I honestly wasn't hungry at all yesterday really and because I was doing stuff, I was distracted, so for a change I didn't think about food.

Today might be different but I'm focusing on being better when I can and moving when the opportunity strikes.  I'm off to look at nice wool today and for a bit of lunch or cake depending on where we eat.

Short one this morning, moms just got up and she's not feeling very well again this morning, so I'll go give her a bit of attention and make her a cuppa before I get ready for work.

Here's to having as good a day as possible, I've had 3 good days, I plan to have a good weekend too! Do you?

Luv ya, mwah

Love me xx

Friday, 12 July 2019

Tireder than a tired thing on tired tablets

Friday 12th July 2019
She believed she could but she was tired.  So she rested & you know what? The world went on without her & it was okay.  She knew she could try again tomorrow.

That's me this morning, I could lie in bed all morning but you can't do that when you're a grown up with responsibilities can you, so instead I'm up and will do the things that have to be done but then then rest of my day will be spend relaxing and recharging my batteries.  It's the good kind of tired when you know you've earned it, I've had a busy week and I've been active, oh and I've only had 6 hours sleep last night and the night before and I'm a 7-8 hour sleep kind of girl.  So yeah a lazy day ahead, although saying that, I will be crocheting as I have a blanket to finish, well two actually but the first one is for a raffle prize, we're raising funds for the Community Cafe they want to build at my Thursday venue (St John's Methodist Church) I think it's a great idea, anything that brings together a community and helps the people living in it is brilliant in my eyes, they've going to have a dementia cafe, help people get back into work, help those with special needs, have internet facilities for those without - oh and not forgetting a cracking new coffee machine and a panini maker ;) well that's good enough for me.  No seriously, it's a great, ambitious project so we're raising money to help.  This is the blanket, 

It will be bigger than this as I have those two balls left, so I reckon easily the size of a double bed and will hang over the side a bit.  £2 a ticket, you can get tickets directly from me or send the money via Paypal bev_ww@yahoo.co.uk and I'll let you know the number of your ticket.  If I've raised enough by Thursday evening we'll draw the winner then (I should have), I've donated the wool and the time involved so every penny will go to the cause.  It's really super chunky wool, a real statement piece, very trendy and chic :) 

So back to yesterday as that's my day sorted, I've even charged my kindle up so I can start reading as I crochet, as tele and moms shows are just repetitive these days, I've seen most of them at least one.

I had a damn good WW day, my workshops were great, lots of weight loss and laughter, love and support, there ain't a better place to be when you need a bit of support and understanding.  This helped to keep me on track, this was my food day; 

Started my day with a 3SP scrambled egg sandwich and a mug of tea.

Lunch was 3SP too, mackerel in brine, tuna in low fat mayo (1SP), salad dressing (1SP), olives (1SP), eggs, mixed leaves, tomatoes, beetroot. 

Dinner was my 12SP treat I have a little Penn Road Butchers lattice chicken pie addiction going on!  There's just enough pastry to satisfy but not enough to give me heartburn! 

I did have a few bits after including the last bit of St Agur from the fridge and a pack of pom bears, not forgetting my wine (but less that the last few Thursdays) so I ended on 35 if you include my skimmed milk that I've just realised I didn't track that.  That's really good for me, especially when I was tired when I got home and mom had one on her all the time I was home, I didn't let her mood send me to the kitchen for comfort I just sat and let it wash over me.

I need to do a proper shop but it won't be today, I could do an online one, actually I will so I can start adding stuff to the basket as I think about it and at some point I'll order, I want to think about what I need, not just buy stuff.  I can live on what I have in kitchen for a couple of days, the only thing I'm really missing is good veggies, although I do have salad left so that'll do, I have another lattice pie, I'm tempted with, actually I have 2 as they're 3 for £10, I wonder if I can tempt mom.  

Right now for the paperwork, once that's done the only thing I 'have' to do is go for my massage, I don't think I'll be walking there today, although you never know, I might get a sudden burst of energy once I've walked Alfie, we shall see.  I'm looking forward to tomorrow, I'm off for a mooch round the wool shop in Much Wenlock https://www.facebook.com/ippikin/, hopefully mom will be okay with me being out a few extra hours after my workshop, the shop just looks so lovely and it's been recommended and because they have a sale this weekend, I just can't help myself ;) 

Here's to surviving the day, staying on track, day 3 of my WW week, we got this, let's do the best we can and take care of these bodies we belong in.  

Luv ya, mwah 

Love me xx