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Monday, 17 December 2018

11 more meetings

Monday 17th December
Only ever compare yourself to who you were yesterday.

What a lovely day yesterday turned out to be, we watched a heartwarming tale on Netflix called Dumplin (defo recommend), then my brother and niece popped in for a visit, then our new Amazon Echo turned up, well how easy are they to set up!  once we did, mom had a sing song with it, until she got fed up.  Despite her mood dipping after our visitors had gone, I enjoyed my day, I know how to handle her moods most of the time now, I know what to do to bring her round, if it's TV she's having an issue with, I just put something else on for her, it was all causing her grief last night so we went to bed just after 7, I didn't mind as I'd been up since 4ish, plus I have my laptop if I want to watch tv or my phone if I want to listen to a book, I can also use my Echo for that too, they're great, even the fact I can listen to the radio via them is brilliant.  The radio in my kitchen has been playing up for so long, happy Christmas to me!

Oh my breakfast yesterday, Eggs Benedict, thank you WW for bringing out hollandaise sauce at 1SP a pouch, I'm impressed and chuffed, one of my favourite breakfasts but I only have it when I'm out as it's too much hassle to make.

Then I wake up this morning to find out Robbie Williams is now a WW ambassador, Kate Hudson too (I like her), but Robbie, well he's one of moms favourites so she will be pleased when I tell her.

Robbie follows WW Freestyle

A lovely lady made these keyrings for me to sell for the food bank, I posted them on Facebook and they'd all gone within the hour at £3 each.  She has said she will make more if anyone wants one message me, I can even ask her to make personalised ones for a fiver, they're handmade with real wood and then engraved.  Brilliant and they raised £55 (well they will once I get the money and dish them out) kept myself on of course as a reminder each time I pick my keys up that I am BeYOUtiful.

Anyway the week's going to get better as my brother has just posted that he and Alexis are at the airport coming home for Christmas, they won't get here till late this evening as they're flying to Luton (cheap flight) oh and I recommend www.kiwi.com for booking cheap flights, they're customer service was so helpful, the automated machine was good but couldn't solve my problem and I said 'I want to talk to a person' and it put me straight through, the lady was lovely and solved my probs.  Anyway, looking forward to having the around and the laughter they'll fill the house with.  I suppose I should tidy up, but if I don't it'll give Alexis something to do whilst Terry sorts the bathroom, fixes the skirting in the kitchen, looks at the porch door (there's a gap at the top, causing a draft), fixes the shed door, and if he gets really bored, I'd like all the downstairs walls painting ;) I can live in hope ;)

Right, paperwork for my real job to get done, walk Alfie, got the dentist lunchtime (for me this time), I'm going to try and take a car load of food to the food bank today and then I will hopefully get to sit on my backside and do a little crochet.  I started sewing the blanket together yesterday, it's gonna take a while, fiddly job for sure but I'll enjoy sitting under this one, it's a keeper, too much work gone in it to part with.

Have a very great day BeYOUtiful, it's only 8 sleeps to Christmas so Alexa informs me, she's my new friend, just like my bestie she doesn't understand me yet, Lynne used to say 'I don't know what you said' a lot when we first started hanging out together.  How cool would it be if you could choose the voice for your Alexa, now that I'd like.

Right I'm off, turrah.

Sunday, 16 December 2018

Sunday slow day

Sunday, 16th December 2018Be kind to yourself and then let your kindness fill the world \

OMG we're so close to the £2k, 
https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/donatedinner (Simply text: WWDD66 followed by the amount to 70070)

This is an incredible total and proof again of the power of working together towards an end goal. I won't stop when I hit £2k though, it'll continue in 2019, collecting food for the food bank, I need to take another car load next week, just amazing.

As for me and food, well let's just say there was bread involved!  I'm just going to enjoy the rest of the year and get super healthy again in January.  Yesterday I couldn't get warm, I seriously started to get on my own nerves the amount of times I said 'Ain't it cold'.  Couldn't believe when I got home and it was time to walk Alfie, it started raining too - unfair that I reckon.

I did get two lovely gifts yesterday though, a gorgeous Owl Christmas cake, from a fellow Happy Owl, which I will be eating Christmas Eve/Day. 

 and this owl that was bought tongue in cheek from a member who truly gets me, yet it turns out, I've found a function for him, he's going to keep my crochet hooks safe, I'm forever losing them! 

Thoughtful gifts are what Christmas is all about, I love both of these.  I've ordered us an Amazon echo, they went down in price yesterday and I thought what the heck, I think we'll have some fun with Alexa over Christmas and having read a little about them, I think it could be useful to mom too.

I've finished all the parts of my blanket, it just needs sewing together, ends sewing in and a border putting on it, that's the boring bit, but it'll be worth it when it's done and I'll be glad when it's finished.  It better look good or I'll be miffed, it was quite the task, I'm ready for a nice simple project next for sure.  It was cold enough to sit under one of my blankets yesterday.

Anyway, I'm just waffling and moms just woke up, I on the other hand have been awake since just gone 4 when she last went to the toilet.  She doesn't half stress about everything, so I'm going to go and let the dog out, even though he doesn't want to go and won't go, but until I offer to let him out, she won't stop asking him what he wants and if he wants to go out!  

Oooo Eggs Benedict for brekkie this morning with the new WW Hollandaise sauce, I'll let you know my verdict tomorrow.  Have a very, great day BeYOUtiful. x

Saturday, 15 December 2018

humbled by peoples generosity

15th December 2018
Look around, all that clutter used to be money!

Well I wasn't as indulgent as I expected myself to be, the lid is still on the baileys, although I did have a glass of advocaat, plus a chip butty (oven chips not chip shop so that saved me lots of points!), had a cheese and onion sarnie for tea, skipped breakfast, then had 4 ryvita with spread, I've resisted opening that packet for months because I struggle to not work my way through the pack, sad I know.

And now it's the weekend, but there is one more before Christmas, I'm putting off going to the supermarket or doing an online shop because I know I'll spend money on stuff I probably don't need.  There's faggots in my freezer, might cook them this weekend and salvage the last few spuds before they grow legs and walk away, can have them mashed with some frozen peas, proper food on a day like this.  I need eggs though, completely out of them!  How can I live in a house with no eggs.

It's damn cold this morning, waiting for the central heating to kick in, as much as I love my job and my members, I'm looking forward to it being this time next week and doing my last workshop before Christmas, 12 workshops left to go before I can have a week off and a total rest. 

We had a lovely chilled out day yesterday, although I was made to watch one too many murder / crime / violent programmes for my liking, oh she loves them all CSI, NCIS, SVU, Criminal Minds, no wonder I like my crochet it distracts my brain, plus I've got me a new easy project that I can really do without thinking.  I needed a few days away from the complicated one I'm doing, it might be put away till the new year now, might spend a few hours on it tomorrow, but then that'll be all the thinking I want to do.  Although I've just realised I could probably finish the actual crochet work on it tomorrow, then it's just the dull bit of putting it all together.

Anyway, as I've not really got anything to say, I'm going to share a mug cake recipe with your that I've just spotted in another FB group, just because I loved her camera work; 

I've never made one, puddings aren't my thing, but for 1SP, WOW, worth a try if you have a sweet tooth.

I'll leave you there, I'm going to brave the shower, the house is warming up nicely, maybe a mug of tea first then shower. 

Enjoy your Saturday, can you believe we're only ten days away from Christmas Day, no nor me, I've barely done a thing, got half dozen silly gifts for mom and that's all I've done this year, given my money to the food bank and we're getting so close to that £2k, only £148 of smashing that total.  I am seriously surrounded by the most amazingly, generous people, even my hairdresser gave me a tenner yesterday and my American friend PayPal'd me £20, so that actually means we're only £118 away from that total, I have a feeling if I opened the charity tubs this morning we might be under the last hundred, that makes me super happy especially as I had another email from the yesterday confirming our 4th donation of food totals, 

another 494 meals, totalling 2,565 meals donated 
1,281.7kg total of food
97.7kg of none food.

Just incredible, thank you all for your kind generosity, I'm so grateful.

If you've yet to do it, or have another quid. xx 

Simply text: WWDD66 followed by the amount to 70070 https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/donatedinner

Friday, 14 December 2018

Could've been worse...

Friday 14th December 2018
Just enjoy where you are now.

Well yesterday was an interesting day, I had a wonderful morning of workshops, my lovely members amazing me with how well they're staying on track and some seriously good weight losses too!  Then I walked in to 'There's been an accident!', I knew mom was okay because she was sitting in the living room.  Turns out she'd left the tap running and the plug in the sink upstairs and walked away and forgotten.  Bathroom floor and wet room ceiling underneath water damaged, but at least she found it before the ceiling fell in.  The insurance were great, they've said £100 excess and send them photos and quotes for any work that needs doing.  To be honest I don't think we'll need to claim hopefully,  just the floor needs relaying and the ceiling will need repainting and our Terry lands Monday or Marks offered to do it Saturday so all good.  I will need the sink taps in both bathrooms replacing with those that auto turn off though, I can't have this happening again, next time we might not be so lucky.

I did use it as an excuse to eat a cheese and onion cob!  I went to collect my new glasses which I have to say at the moment, I'm not loving, they're making things a bit blurry, I know it's most likely because the prescription is stronger and they're varifocals, apparently I'll get used to them, I hope so or I'll never have to drink again cos I feel like I'm already a bit tipsy.

So when I came out the opticians, I had half hour to kill and I thought I'd treat mom to a cake to cheer her up, her reward to not murdering my house completely let's say, that was when I spotted the cobs, wished I hadn't if I'm honest because it wasn't even the best I've had, so now I want a good one which means making my own and leaving them wrapped all day sweating, now I said I'd never use cling film again and don't have any so what would you use instead!  Now that is a dilemma.

There's the most glorious sunrise going on outside my window this morning and I'm just enjoying it, not trying to take a photo of it, so many colours, makes me want to crochet a sunrise blanket, mmm maybe.

I almost cried over the flood but instead I took a deep breathe, put Alfie on his lead and realised as I was walking it's all just stuff, how difficult must this all be for mom, how must she feel knowing what she's done.  She get's on the defensive on days like that, she was proper huffy when I got home last night, Mark was a moron, as was Anne, everyone who'd been to the house had been a pain in her arse and she was gonna start locking the door from the inside to stop them getting in.  At least I wasn't a moron, although I'm sure she was only tolerating me and if I hadn't got front and back door keys, I might be worried ;) Yeah today I will mostly be giving her lots of attention and chilling out with her.

Right the sun has almost risen the sky now, it's light pinks, blues and greys, Alfie is getting impatient, I'm at everyones beck and call lol, not at 10am though, then I'm going to enjoy a lovely massage.  I think I might be in danger of pretending today is a little Christmassy!  Wish me luck on the smart points front, the total might be a little on the high side - oops.

Whatever you're plans, make it a very good day one way or another.

Thursday, 13 December 2018

Trying not to indulge! It's not Christmas YET!

Thursday 13th December 
Make it a December to remember

I did my batch cooking so I now have enough food to last me the rest of the week.  The chickens I'd bought from the co-op, 3 for a tenner, I skinned and portioned the remaining two, it gave me 4 breasts weighing 1kg and 4 legs weighing just shy of 1kg, not bad when you work out the cost of buying them ready portioned.

I made a chicken hotpot with the legs and chicken madras with the breasts.  Then my lovely ladies who help me on a Wednesday night made me a veggie curry and some lentils, so good, if I could do to veggies and lentils what they do, I'd live on them!   The secret here I think is dicing the veggies, I always struggle with veggie curry but think it's because the veg is cut in huge chunks.  I really do need to have a go myself but I know it won't taste as good as theirs, oh and that chapati thing, well..... 

I'm keeping my head above water on the Christmas front, I succumbed to one Malteser truffle yesterday, oh my days, they're a bit nice!  I also had a small sliver of bread pudding to say I'd had a bit, mom had the rest.  

I've just woke up to a wonderful inbox message from a lovely lady about my relationship with my mom and everything I do, that's made me smile.  Isn't it wonderful when people say nice things to you.  Why do you make today, 'Tell them how you feel Thursday' tell someone you love just how much, or if you admire someone tell them so, we're all quick to complain but not so much to say thank you. 

I video'd my mom yesterday telling me about when she received a Food Box from the Salvation Army when we were kids, actually before I was born, her version has changed over time but the event did take place and it did help her out massively so close to Christmas to have some help.  https://www.facebook.com/bevww/videos/10156492692605862/  This is just one of the many reasons I'm raising money for the Food Bank, we're getting closer to my £2k target and I think I'll have to go take another car load of food before Christmas too.  I've emptied another £50 from the charity tubs in my workshops last night, I'll bank transfer that when my phone charges but if you can't get to the charity tubs then you can text your donation 

Simply text: WWDD66 followed by the amount to 70070

or donate at

I know I'm going on about it but I'll give it a break when we hit £2k ;) and seriously that food parcel delivered to mom was before I was born she thinks, so in almost 50 years, not much has changed, there are still people going hungry in this country, meanwhile the other half of us are trying desperately not to eat and if you still haven't watched 'I, Daniel Blake', I suggest you do because that gives you an insight into how broken the system is.  Hell try going all day today without anything more than water and realise how difficult it is, trying to sleep when your stomach is making noises.  Imagine being a child trying to learn in school on an empty belly.  It's just wrong isn't it.  How much are the Christmas coffees in costa? More than it costs to feed a family of four at the food bank I bet!

Anyway, I'm getting preachy and I don't want to, instead I'm going to go eat leftover curry for breakfast, because I can and because it's a zero meal.  Here's to spending the day being grateful, being kind to others and trying to avoid the Malteser truffles, wish me luck.

Have a very, great day BeYOUtiful, I'm hoping Sadie has my 'BeYOUtiful, happy owls' t-shirt ready for Christmas, I need it. 

Wednesday, 12 December 2018

No shame in a maintain!

Wednesday 12th December 
Eat like you love yourself.

Well I managed a maintain on the scales yesterday I'm pleased to report, now to not go off track this week because I can feel me slipping into Christmas a little too soon!  Carol saved me from myself last night, I needed milk and was going to pick a carton up on my way home, she gave me the one she'd bought for our tea/coffee in meeting, how did this save me you ask?  Because the other thing I was going to buy was ICE!  But Bev there are no calories in frozen water?  No, maybe not but there is in the glass of Bailey's I was planning to drop it into - yep, that had been my plan, instead I went home and had my M&S pizza and a nice big glass of red instead.  I could've easily started my celebrations a week early yesterday, but today I've woke up ready to have the rest of the week on track.  I bought 3 chickens for a tenner on Monday, ones eaten, it's been shared by every person and creature in this house including the cat that's not my cat.  I'm thinking, skinning and portioning the other two is the solution to not eating the skin, thus saving points, yeah that's the best.  I fancy a mild curry today I think, or maybe a hotpot, or should I make both, then I have today's and tomorrows meals sorted.  

If I could lose another pound next week, then I can have a cracking break over Christmas, regain that 4lb I've lost the last few weeks, then restart in January and get serious again.  WW is for life, not just for Christmas! 

Just remembered, I have M&S Coquilles St Jacques, 6SP each and deliciousness on a dish, so that might have to be today's lunch, we'll see, not sure of the use by date.  I will get back to tracking though, not done it since the weekend, it does make a difference as it makes me think about whether what's in my hand is worth putting in my mouth! 

The one thing I liked when I was tracking and on track was the lack of heartburn, I need that back and eating well was what helped and eating the portion sizes I needed not wanted made the difference too.

Yeah as soon as I finish typing, I'm going to go skin and portion those chickens, once that's done, I can't go back and change my mind.  Then I'll see what ingredients I have and what I need which I can get from the Co-op, it'll only be veggies.  Ooo I have green beans, chicken and green bean curry works well.  

This time next week, I'll have a house full of crazy, so I'm going to enjoy the calm for the rest of the week.  I love how close our family has become, we've always been there for each other, it went without saying, but you know what's nice now, it doesn't go unsaid.  We share our feelings, we talk on the phone, yeah I had a good natter with my bro on the phone yesterday morning, I had to tell him to hang up in the end because I needed to go to work.  It's good to know they care and would do more if they could, that's enough sometimes.

Anyway, tis the season to be jolly apparently (but not yet), it's also the time for loving and giving, I read a wonderful FB status this morning about one of my gold members finally sorting out the red tape to get her husband home for Christmas (and forever thankfully).  The Foodbank drive we've been having the last few months has been a huge success, you're generosity is extraordinary, I'm trying to get the cash total up to £2k before Christmas, help me by texting 

WWDD66 £1 

to 70070. Make my Christmas, get your phone out and help me feed those out there that are struggling at this time, families trying to feed their kids, not buy them gifts.  We're trying not to eat and they ain't got any food.  It isn't just homeless people, it's families who are trying to do the best for their families, people on universal credit who are waiting months to get their money.  Imagine losing your job at this time of year and having to wait weeks and weeks for help to be sorted!  Do you have enough savings to keep your head above water for 2 - 3 months?  I'm only asking for a quid, why not donate your dinner money or your costa coffee cash.  Get everyone you know that you come into contact with to do exactly the same thing today.  

A selection box costs as little as £1, does that kid really need MORE chocolate, no, but the kid you don't know could have a good healthy breakfast with that pound.

I'll leave you with that thought, enjoy your breakfast BeYOUtiful, I'm thinking eggs, enjoying the zeros to help me stay on track. xx

Tuesday, 11 December 2018

Holiday mode is looming...

Tuesday 11th December 2018
Do it for you, not for them.
Pitch black out there and I've been up an hour already, I'm so over winter and it's not even started yet!  Although I do like chilling out and not feeling like I should be doing something, winter is meant for hibernation and that isn't just for bears, it's for me too.  I love to shut the curtains on a grim day and settle down to relax, these days that includes my crochet and tv, plus yesterday it included making a chicken dinner, oh and roasters, it's all about the spud not so much how you cook them, yesterday I experimented and used a Sainsbury's Vivaldi (which are my fav spuds) and spray light, yep and they worked a treat, so you don't need goose fat, dripping, lard or any of it, to make a perfectly delicious roaster, oh and it reminded me of how mom made hers and that's how I likes em.

I'm not holding out much hope for the scales, but I can pray I guess, it's all good, as long as I'm doing what I can and I want to enjoy Christmas, it's the most wonderful time of the year for sure.  I know this is going to sound like an excuse but I'd rather indulge a little every day with mom for the next few weeks than watch her try and pack it all in on over a couple of days which I know was what caused her to be really poorly a few years ago.  We've not had anything yet though, apart from the mince pie a few weeks ago.

I'm resisting the bottle of bailey's in the cupboard, not going to lie, that's not easy but I will be brave, then there's the Irish coffee's in the cupboard, I will admit to having 2 of them over the last 3 weeks.

Today though, I will eat healthy and stay away from all that is Christmas!  I'm going to enjoy a day full of workshops with my members and share what they've been up to.

Here's to a very, great day BeYOUtiful, 3 weeks today, it'll be the first of January 2019!