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Saturday, 21 July 2018

Remembering the love between us

21st July 2018
Value not the things you have in life, but rather who you have in life.

Well we had a very, great day yesterday!  After it starting off in a way we’d both have rather not experienced, we put that out of our minds and went and sat in the shade outside.  Then enjoyed about 3 hours of singing along to old songs on youtube whilst chilling.  The beauty of doing that is you have to stay on the youtube screen (unless you pay money) so I couldn’t be faffing on my phone at the same time or the song would stop.  At first when I realised I was all ‘oh ma’an’ then I appreciated the break from technology was probably just what I needed.  It was my day off, I shouldn’t be checking in with my members messages on Facebook.  My next move in my game of scrabble could wait, I’d been stuck on the same level of Candy Crush for days so who cared and those messages beeping through could wait a few hours!

We loved it and only came in when it started to rain, then we changed our attention to Netflix and America’s got talent which kept us going until The Voice (kids) started, oh and we did a celebrity Tipping Point in-between.

Yeah I was reminded of my mom’s vulnerability yesterday and it made me forget all her cantankerous behaviour of late and focus on the now. 

We need to focus more on the NOW, because no matter how much we stress or obsess about the past or the future, we can’t change either one!  It’s in the present where our power lies.  From a Weight Watchers point of view, we’re can be guilty of regretting what we’ve eaten, the choices we’ve paid, then we’ll focus on how we can pull that back tomorrow instead of just saying okay, what can I do right now.

It’s okay to make mistakes, to have bad days, to be less than perfect, to do what’s best for you and to just be yourself.   We don’t have to be everything to everybody all the time.

Alfie was a little darling yesterday, it was as if he knew I could do with a second walk and some fresh air, he took me on the longest walk he’s done in weeks, he then stopped and rolled around in a pile of dusty dirt like sand he found and actually changed his colour to a grey brown but it made me smile and again remember why I love him, because he’s not always a pain in the backside.

Anyway today’s another day, got my meeting this morning so I better go get myself ready for that, hoping moms better this morning and we have another very, great day.

Enjoy your day BeYOUtiful, healthy and happy and in the NOW!

Friday, 20 July 2018

It's all good x

20th July 2018
Strength grows in the moments when you think you can’t go on but you keep going anyway.
Woken by a poorly mom this morning, let’s just say that was an interesting start to my day! Change of plans, had to cancel massage, I don’t want to leave her alone for long, poor love.

I’m just giving Alfie a quick whizz round the block, enjoying my music on my phone, I apologise to anyone who’s had to listen to me randomly singing as I walk past. I’m aware I sing in a flat C my brother kept telling me when he stayed the other week, I don’t care, it’s making me feel good. A quiet day ahead I think, I’m going to try and see if I can get mom to play a game of scrabble with me, I doubt she will but I can but try. I’ll cook me something nice for my dinner, she’s nil by mouth apart from fluids for the foreseeable, so I’ll eat it in the garden.

Anyway I’m out of conversation after this morning’s start, so I’ll just say enjoy your day, be thankful for what you have and for those you love. Life is precious and we’re blessed to have one.

Actually I was asked for a simple white sauce recipe last night so I may as well share it with all of you,

Simple white sauce
Total recipe 15SP, Serves 4 at 4SP or 3 at 5SP each

40g low fat spread (5SP)
40g plain flour (4SP)
450ml skimmed milk (6SP)
1 Bay leaf
Put all ingredients into a non-stick saucepan.  The mixture won’t look great with lumps of flour and low fat spread but it’ll be okay.

Place over a medium high heat and cook, stirring all the time.  As the sauce heats the flour and low fat spread will blend to give a smooth sauce.

Continue stirring until the sauce thickens and comes to the boil then reduce the heat and simmer for 2 minutes.  Remove the bay leaf before using in your chosen recipe.

Great in a fish pie, or for lasagne sauce, add a bit of cheese for a cheese sauce.  You could add ½ teaspoon Dijon mustard, 25g grated parmesan (4SP) and 40g of half fat mature cheese (3SP) for a delicious indulgent sauce. (total sauce 22SP)

Thursday, 19 July 2018

Apparently it's like childbirth - painful, but worth it!

19th July 2018
It’s the friends we meet along the way that help us appreciate the journey.

When I wake up in a morning I have loads of notifications waiting for me on Facebook, occasionally one will stick with me and this was the one this week, it was Sunday morning, Lucy had commented on my blog, saying how fantastic she was feeling after surviving a Saturday on 23SP, having no booze and rolling over 2SP!   She was planning ahead for her holiday this Saturday because she wanted to feel the best she could and that meant taking care of herself 100% and tracking, her words were, “I tell loads of people to 100% track and do WW for 2 weeks you will feel great and get the bug to carry on, don’t get me wrong it’s one of the hardest things I go through day in day ou,t I love food – eat, sleep and breath it, but the results are so good you wanna carry on. I’m now the lightest I’ve been for 16 years how good is that!  Today’s the day I go for my holiday clothes I reckon there will be happy tears trying clothes on not fatty tears I’m a little excited who would of thought ay, catch u laters  👋🏻👋🏻 xxxx”

Trudi who she was chatting with caught on straight away and replied “You’ve inspired me again, going to 100% track from today 😉”, I’ve taken a little longer for her words to sink in.  and it wasn’t the above words of wisdom that did it for me it was this last comment;

“Do it Trudi, I’m about to whack a chicken in the oven for later, you might need a few deep breaths and a little self-control, it’s like giving birth once you get through it, you forget the pain you was just in, lmaooo, god I made myself laugh then.”

I’ve known Lucy for almost as long as I’ve been a coach so about 13 years, I’ve never seen her looking and feeling so good in herself, she’s always been BeYOUtiful and funny but now she’s a little bit different, I see it, I think she does too, it’s been over a year now since she got on track with a vengeance, she’s not been 100% over that time, she had a stonking 16lb Christmas gain, which took her 5 weeks to shift but shift it she did!  Holiday’s usually cost her 4 or 5lbs and she likes her holidays, but she’s now 60lb lighter and keeping it real.     

Yep, Lucy flicked a switch with her comments Sunday, a text message conversation I had with her also kicked me into touch, made me realise there’s plenty of us got stuff going on in our worlds that make it difficult to concentrate on losing weight, so yesterday was the first day I tracked 100% and that’s because it ain’t as hard as we make out, it takes minutes to jot it down but it makes you think before you eat.  No I wasn’t within my daily allowance but I was much improved and a heck of a lot lower than I would’ve been had I not been writing it down.

I’m making no promises but I do at least plan to write it down, what do you intend to do for the foreseeable?

He’s to aiming for a very, great day BeYOUtiful.