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Thursday, 27 February 2020

You matter

Thursday 27th February 2020
Not everyone will like you - not everyone matters!

Yesterday tested my strength of mind, mom had a really difficult day which manifested in her being horrible, moaning about everything, me being unable to make her happy.  It's the first day I didn't get to do my dancing in the kitchen, I started and about 7 minutes in she struggled to the kitchen to tell me her drink was crap and she didn't even know what it was, well after that interaction, which was just her way of saying I don't like being in there on my own, I'd lost my love for continuing so gave up for the first time in 11 days.  But as she says about all of the website, practice, its not about perfect and there is no right or wrong so I will try again today.

I had a great night at my workshops which was a lovely bit of respite for me, then walked back in and she was still the same, yet suddenly an hour later she switched and became nice again, we ended up staying up till ten because she was now in a good mood, enjoying a programme on the tele with me and I wanted to enjoy her company, I could've stayed up till midnight with her like that but I couldn't because of my alarm at 5am this morning and the long day ahead, I'd have been dead on my feet.  I do hope she feel better today, it must be awful in her head.

I don't have anything in my head to talk about today, not much going on in there this morning, oh and as if by magic, moms just got up, but she's going to try and go back to sleep thankfully.

Right if I have nothing to go over about yesterday, let's think about today, I'm loving my workshops this week so I have 5 of them to look forward too today.  Mmm food wise I've just had weetabix for breakfast, see you didn't realise since I started this paragraph, I've been and let Alfie up the garden, fed him because he told me he was hungry, they may not be worse but I understand the different noises he makes most of the time, done me a cup of tea, made mom a fresh hot water bottle and decided on weetabix for breakfast.  There's 6SP gone, 4 for the weetabix, 1 for 100ml of milk, I add a bit of hot water too so they're not cold and 1 teaspoon of sugar - it's probably the only time I use sugar in this house, we're still working our way through the bag I bought when I had the kitchen done, which is over 2 years ago.

For dinner I've got M&S Coquille St Jacques to look forward too, one of my favourite foods, they're 6SP each and scrumptious, I might be a devil and have both (who am I kidding 'might') I will have both, with a salad then for tea, I've got the chips from my meal deal that need using.  Those meals could be switched round if I can convince mom to have a few chips, I need a loaf though as the half of one in the kitchen is turning into it's own science experiment I realised last night when I went to have a chicken sandwich for my tea, I just cut the white bits off - it was fine.

See I don't wanna stop typing because I love this hour on my pc, it's the calm before the storm, it's usually uninterrupted (not this morning) and especially on a Thursday when I know once I leave the house at half 7, I'm not gonna get to relax again till 8 tonight really - I love it though.

Right, time to get on, I just looked up to see if it was snowing (it's not thankfully) but I smiled at my windowsill, on it are gifts that members gave me, there's a framed photo of mom and me with ice cream, a Pooh bear and a framed page from the Charlie Mackesy book, it says "Always remember you matter, you're important and you are loved, and you bring to this world things no one else can".  That goes for all of us, so as we turn today into a great day let's remember how much we matter!

Mwah, luv ya

Love me x

Wednesday, 26 February 2020

What would you spend a wellness allowance on?

Wednesday 26th February 2020
It's not just about losing weight, it's about losing the mindset and lifestyle that got you there.

Alfie woke mom and me up at half six this morning, little devil, I assumed he wanted to go up the garden so got up but he went back on moms bed!  Grrr!  Good job I love him that's all I'll say, I can never go back to sleep at that time of day and I was having a not so nice dream, so I'm not too bothered.

Yesterday was a great day (even if mom played up when it was time for me to go to work, I'm getting more relaxed about her behaviour, instead of worrying and stressing about what might happen, I'm more hey ho, what will be, will be.  I can't control everything that happens in this world so I'm no longer going to try, as she keeps telling me she's quite capable of.... and finishes that sentence with whatever suits her at the time!

I ate a few more snacks than I'd planned last night, but at least the salted almonds have gone!  I did have melon and yogurt which was delicious, for my dinner I had this;

Salmon with frozen peas and gnocchi in a white sauce with some Arla protein cheese (3SP per 100g) and I am thrilled (easily pleased me) to find out the ingredients are 100% milk, no additives so sticking with the idea of one of the first rules of this 'Food Rules' book I'm reading, DON'T EAT ANYTHING YOUR GREAT-GRANDMOTHER WOULDN'T RECOGNISE AS FOOD.  This makes perfect sense to me, try and steer clear of all those additives and things that are so processed their probably a molecule away from being plasticine or plastic!  I've always had a problem with these syrups, foods, sauces that have zero calories in them, I'm like if there's no calories in them, there can't be any food in them?  So what is in them!  Don't get me wrong if that floats your boat and you're okay with it, crack on.  I've just sat and drunk my mug of tea that I enjoy every morning and I'm guilty of double standards because I have a sweetex in it, which is Sodium Saccharin (at least I can pronounce it) but I do know people have opinions about such things and there's been research but I choose to take the chance, if a couple of sweetex a day since I was a teenager is to be my downfall, then so be it, I'm not giving up my cuppa and it doesn't taste as good without or with real sugar.

Anyways moving on cos I forgot what I was talking about to start with!  Oh yeah it was the protein cheese, the Arla one is the only one I think has any taste and it's great in a white sauce, trust me.

White sauce 

40g low fat spread (5SP)
40g flour (4SP) 
450ml skimmed milk (6SP)

plonk in a pan and stir continuously as you bring to the boil, then add a bit of mustard if you like, some grated cheese, lush.  

I put pieces of salmon, a bag of gnocchi, a few handfuls of frozen peas in a dish and covered with this sauce, mmmm nom nom, it's one of my new favourite meals and will be a regular in the house.

Today I'm having chicken I think with plenty veggies, I might have scrambled eggs for breakfast as I bought a box last night half price, love a food bargain, can't help myself, even when I have eggs in the house.  I also had a whole salmon from Morrisons, it's on offer and when someone fetches it for ya it's even better.  The rest has gone in the freezer, oh and some for my sis cos she's awesome.

Alfie is now whining behind me because he obviously wants a walk but I'm not ready, I'm still in my pyjamas, it's difficult to ignore that noise though I won't lie.

It was pay day yesterday, thinking about a pay day treat, but I'm trying to be a grown up and not just dive in and buy something that I want today but might not use because I know what I'm like, so I'm going to think about it for a few days lol.  WW are good to work for, this months wage includes an annual Wellness Allowance of £75 because they want us to focus on our own Wellbeing, aimed to maintain or improve our physical, financial and emotional wellbeing and I want to spend it on something that will do exactly that!  I initially thought yeah I'll use it to pay for the BodyGroove subscription for the year, but I was gonna buy that anyway if I stuck the month out, so now I'm thinking mmm, maybe my emotional wellbeing.  What would you spend it on, if you got £75 in an envelope?  See being a WW coach is already a pretty, freaking, awesome job, now it comes with perks like this too!  Fancy becoming a coach?  Check out the website for info and if you do decide to apply, put my name down as the one who referred you (yeah I'd get a bonus for that too! Beverley Longsden just incase you didn't know my full name, 012545 is my coach number.  https://www.weightwatchers.com/uk/become-a-ww-coach

Right the noise is doing my head in now, I'm off to get dressed, walk the mutt, start my great day with some fresh air.

Mwah, luv ya

Love me

Tuesday, 25 February 2020

Why move and eat well?

Tuesday 25th February 2020
Today I will focus on what matters and let go of what clearly doesn't.

Not gonna lie, I wasn't ready to get out of bed this morning but I gotta go to work soI did, moms had a dreadful night, she was still wide awake, sitting up doing crosswords at 2am!  I've slept but its been disturbed because I'm aware of her going to and from the bathroom, talking to Alfie, sorting through her cupboard drawers, doing the things she does when she can't sleep.  She's asleep now though lol. 

Yesterday was quite a calm day though, although she's getting worse on her legs, she almost tripped over, her right leg keeps seizing, this getting old lark sucks for sure.

I'm trying to work on myself to ensure I don't end up quite as bad, I think it's just this minute hit me that this is why I want to lose weight but also get my mobility as good as it can be.  Seeing mom, writing about her, but also listening to the things being said in the Body Groove videos, in Sunday's video she'd got us on the floor, rocking side to side on our sit bone and getting us to massage our butt cheeks, then in one dance yesterday she was taking about moving those hips and how important it is to keep the range of movement in hip bones because they are so important to our movement and as we age we don't want to lose that.  SO TRUE! 

Now as I told a friend when we were having a conversation yesterday, I just don't enjoy exercise usually it's too formal and boring and I'm always waiting for it to finish. Plus it hurts! The difference with this body groove is there are no rules, it's short too, 20-30 minutes and she tells you to stop if it hurts. Not going to lie, I am still keeping my eye on the time but more because of mom. What I realised afterwards when I was thinking about why I like this as opposed to other stuff I've tried, I realised it's because I can be a perfectionist, when I'm learning to do something I want to do it well, to be good at it, to get it 'right' but with this you can't get it wrong, I'm not trying to copy the instructor, I'm actually not looking at her half the time because she tells you not too, also because I'm not being watched by anyone, I'm letting go 100% and really getting lost in my own head (and body) and I'm really enjoying it.

I've also just started reading a book called Food rules by Michael Pollan, I'm only at the start but I sort of know the gist before I start, he sums it up in one sentence 'Eat food, not too much, mainly plants'. Obviously he's had to add more pages to sell! 

I always say to my members that nutrition science is a very young science in comparison to others, so the 'expert's are still learning (which is why WW change it's plans over time), well according to the book it got started less than 200 years ago, so is approximately where surgery was in the year 1650 - WOW, look how far surgery's come since then, just goes to show there's so much to learn.  

I love the one chapter (I've flicked through the book already), again it's simple, just a title and a couple of sentences but I agree totally, this is it.

Avoid food ingredients containing ingredients that a third-grader cannot pronounce.
Basically the same idea, different mnemonic.  Keep it simple.

Do you read the ingredients on things you buy? 

What do you think this is from?
Noodles (Water, Wheat Flour (with added Calcium, Iron, Niacin, Thiamin), Palm Oil, Antioxidants (Butylated Hydroxyanisole, Citric Acid, Propyl Gallate)), Glucose Syrup, Salt, Flavour Enhancers (Monosodium Glutamate, Disodium 5'-Ribonucleotides), Flavouring, Onion, Garlic, Potassium Chloride, Yeast Extract, Maltodextrin, Ground Turmeric, Acid (Malic Acid), Parsley, Black Pepper Extract
Straight away looking at that I'm thinking what is Butylated Hydroxyanisole and Ribonucleotides!  When I googled them and one said Butylated Hydroxyanisole is a synthetic antioxidant used to preserve fats and oils in foods, medicinal drugs, and cosmetics and Ribonucleotides is is a nucleotide containing ribose as its pentose component. It is considered a molecular precursor of nucleic acids. Nucleotides are the basic building blocks of DNA and RNA. The monomer itself from ribonucleotides forms the basic building blocks for RNA.
Course it is!  I'm none the wiser! 
Now my breakfast yesterday was 
100% melon
100% Organic Agave Nectar
but I'm surprised to find out that the yogurt had things I can't pronounce!  
Pasteurised Skimmed Milk, Live Active Yoghurt Cultures (L. Bulgaricus, S. Thermophilus, L. Acidophilus, Bifidus, L. Casei)

Now that argues his rule but I think we both get where he's coming from, eat natural stuff, not the chemical things, I checked my spread when I bought some Sunday, I usually buy the lowest in calories but I went for the one that had ingredients I knew what they were. 

Oh the first set of ingredients were to a packet of super noodles if you were interested, I don't buy stuff like that anymore, I'll buy noodles and add my own flavourings but I do try to steer clear of Processed food as much as possible, I am still guilty of occasionally indulging though, I'm not gonna lie, it's convenient and tasty.  At least I'm making some changes. 

Now this gem I had for my dinner, it wasn't low in points, 14SP in half, but if you served it with cauliflower rice, thats a decent amount for a main meal, it was super filling too and absolutely delicious, 

oh and the ingredients, all foods you'd recognise and be able to pronounce!  I will definitely be checking out their Plant Kitchen range, this was in the meal deal for £12, main, side, desert and wine, gotta be done, you can choose the healthier option, I had this, chunky chips as my side but will have them as a meal on their own with egg, maybe a few beans, then desert they have grapes and wine - well it doesn't go off! I'll save the white of for the first sunny day I can sit in the garden.

That's your challenge today, start looking at your food choices, check the ingredients, if you have Pancakes today, the recipe is simple, https://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/easy-pancakes I've worked these out at 2SP each if I use skimmed milk (it's the only milk I buy) but them ready made they'll include things like Stabiliser Guar Gum then there's the plastic it comes in.  It ain't hard to make pancakes and it's fun, actually I think I might make mom some today, need lemon juice, not sure I have any, but we can live without it, I'm sure she'll be happy with syrup! 

Right I need to move my ass and get ready for work, I'm okay about having to get out of bed now, I've had my cuppa, I've got me some water and I'm ready for a very great day - are you?

Mwah, luv ya

Love me xx

Monday, 24 February 2020

Why aren’t you skinny!

Monday 24th February 2010
Every morning, you have a new opportunity to become a happier version of yourself.

Well let me start my day with a photo of the Big Mac Grande, and yes it was worth waiting for, yes I am a Maccy D fan, even if I do manage to stay away but I would be a Big Mac Junkie if I could eat them daily and not gain weight.  It was enjoyed even more because I got to sit with my mom and my bestie whilst eating it, had a catch up with my bestie and my mom was good, so a good day all round.  Oh it gets better.....

 I lost a pound this morning, that's 3 weeks on the trot I've lost weight, that's half a stone in February whoo hoo, I'm not gonna lie, I'm very pleased.  I'm now back to what I was at the end of November, still got 4lb to get to the lightest I was last year, but I'm feeling good and positive about it.  I'm sure adding half hour of being active each day is going to help too, Day 9 today, yesterday's was more yoga style moving with stretches, but I was glad after 7 days of moving, I was glad of the rest.  My ankles still a little swollen and painful but not unbearable and as it hurts whether I do it or not and had for months now, I may as well move.

V did get me a pot of McDonalds special sauce for 5SP but it wasn't needed on yesterday's meal, I have some steak in the fridge and chips which I'm thinking it'll go very well with.  It'd even be delicious with steak and salad without the chips.  Not today though, today I have coconut dhal with roasted tofu, check me out, it was part of the M&S meal deal, 14SP in a portion, so quite high, but there's red lentils in it too so should be quite filling, mmm how can I bulk it out for zero, I've got salad, if I had butternut squash it would complement it really well roasted.  But I haven't, I do have some corn on the cobs in the freezer, maybe I'll roast them. When I've got my freezer a little less full, I'm going to buy frozen squash and other veg, keep contemplating buying a upright freezer for the shed, times like this it does seem a good idea.  decisions, decisions!

Anyway, it's raining (AGAIN), which doesn't really bother me on my day off other than walking Alfie, oh yesterday he walked like a little soldier behind Vicky as we went out with him, almost tripping her up yea but hey, he was walking.  He was his old self yesterday after she visited, it was like he had new life pumped into him.  For the first time in a long time, he bought his toy to mom to play.  He seems to love our new rug too, much more relaxed and chilled on it so all was happy in our house.

Mom's already up this morning, so comical in our house in a morning,
"Bev, have you gone to work",
"no mom, I'm still in bed"
"Oh, sorry"
"It's ok"
"Alfie, get back in her, you'll wake her up, Alfie, Alfie, Alfie, come here, Alfie, Alfie, you little shit"

And so she continues telling him how him lying on the landing somehow is going to disturb me when she's making enough noise to wake the dead, I lie there smiling, because I wasn't asleep anyway and now I have no chance of going back to sleep but I have to wait a few minutes before getting up or she'll blame Alfie for it.  And so begins another great day.

Oh, did I mention I ate a burger and lost a pound!  Course I did, I didn't have any breakfast though and I only had a bag of hula hoops and a slice of bread with luncheon meat on for my tea.  There was obviously wine too but hey, I'm losing weight, not obsessing about food and feeling really good in my head.  Despite the rain, I can see Springs not far away and that really lifts my spirits, my favourite time of year, all the pretty bulbs flowering, the light nights, hopefully dry days so I can sit outside.  I was just thinking mom was off about sitting out last year because she was cold but my brother is going to do me some decking and Dan is going to put lighting out there, I think I might buy one of those heaters that are easy to turn on, I don't know what they're fuelled by but that would be great if she went out and I just flicked a switch.   I'm going off on a tangent now ain't I, I need to get my day started.  A few work things to do before I get to enjoy my day off and do some more of my latest lap blanket, I'm loving it and hopefully have a home for it, but if not, I'll find one, can always raffle it for charity.

OKAY Monday, let's have ya, let's make you great.  I'm off to make melon balls with my gifted melon baller (thank you Alison for that and for making me smile every Saturday, you truly are a star for so many reasons, so many don't see x)

Oh I can't go yet, I need to get on one about a post I saw on Facebook yesterday, another example of people not thinking before they open their big mouths!  One of my WW Coach friends who's an absolutely lovely lady, I remember the first time I met her thinking how elegant and attractive she was, she had that vibe exuding from her that made you want to be around her, in a nutshell she's lovely inside and out, anyway she posted this;

‘If you’ve been working for weight watchers for 13 years why aren’t you skinny?’
Is a question I was asked this morning. It’s taken me 7 gruelling weeks to begin to rebuild my shattered confidence and battered self esteem. My heart is breaking right now. 
One comment by one thoughtless, stupid individual is all it takes. I’m posting this not as a pity post, but simply to try and make more people aware of the impact that words can have. #bekind

Of course she had lots of lovely comments but seriously what is wrong with people, think before you open your mouth, I've been almost as low as 8 stone, I've been 13 1/2 stone, all in my 15 years of being a WW coach, I was skinny and still not happy inside, emotionally I still didn't feel 'enough', now I'm okay for everyone to know my weight, it's 12st 11lb today (lost a pound if I hadn't mentioned it lol) and I'm more than 'ENOUGH' for this world, I'm a one off as is every one of my marvellous members.  I've always said, it's called Weight WATCHERS not Weight losers, but these day's it's just called WW so meh, can't use that line anymore.  Yeah when I was in my 20s I wanted to be THIN, I've never used the word skinny, but then as I hit my 30s I wanted to be lean and fit, oh them my 40s attacked me and I just wanted to stop sweating like a bitch, having mood swings and wishing I'd stop with all the peri-menopausal symptoms whilst watching my body change to a shape it'd never been before!  Now I'm 50 and I want to be healthy and as happy with my world as is possible, I want to survive each day being glad to be alive, I want to eat burgers with my besties, drink wine (well with anyone who wants to drink wine 😝 ) I want to laugh lots, eat food as if it was my friend not my enemy, enjoy the every day moments that people take for granted. I don't wanna be skinny, what are the benefit's of that?  Mmm, let me think?  Being able to buy really small clothes, nah you're already, I'm happy to buy a size that fits me, that doesn't stress me, that makes me glad to be me.  

Think before you post / comment / think nasty thoughts, your idea of 'fat' might be someone else target weight!  We're all different sizes and shapes thankfully, who'd want to live in a world where everyone looks and acts the same, nah you're alright, I'm not a fan of Cyborgs, I love my wrinkles, my round belly (I give it a wobble and a cuddle every day), I even love my back boobs, although I'm waving them goodbye as they're disappearing since I've lost this half stone and starting moving more.  If it's part of me I love it, if it's part of someone I care about I love it too.  

I really am going now, mwah, luv ya 

Love me xx

Sunday, 23 February 2020

Don't ya love Sundays

Sunday 27th February 2020
If you keep going you won't regret it, if you give up you will!

I do love Sunday mornings, no rushing, nowhere to be, nothing I have to do, not had a bad nights sleep either, despite the noise of the wind and rain.

The highlight of my day today is going to be a Big Mac Grand!  Not had one since they were launched and my V is going to bring us one for lunch, just the burger will take my entire daily points at 23SP for the one without bacon (I don't like their bacon so that's all good), then there's the fries, well it's got to be large, that's another 14SP, then the dips 2SP a packet!   WOW, I've just gone on their website and that special sauce they're selling in 50g portions is 5SP.   Thankfully it's a one off, not a regular on my menu and I have had two really good weeks weight loss wise so I can risk not getting a loss tomorrow.

I've had my carb head on this week.  My latest indulgence is grilled cheese toastie but done in a frying pan, it' sooooo good.  Thankfully I'm bringing the points down by using Warburton's Wholemeal bread from a 400g loaf, 2 slices are 3SP and then using Arla protein cheese which is 100g for 3SP and if you have a really good pan you don't even need oil, but you can use spray light or I've also got a spray oil which makes the oil go further for the points.

I made one the other day with the last few baked beans too - off the scale, just scrumptious, stodgy carbs.  I've never really been a fan of baked beans, but I've eaten 2 full cans this week, the WW ones are delicious if you can get your hands on them!  It's the weather ain't it!  It just makes me wanna warm up using food because it's so murky and damp out there.  But I'm keeping it under control, I refuse to regain that 5lb I've lost the last few weeks, that Christmas weight has gone, it took me till August to do it last year!  I'm not having any of that this year.  I'm eating like I love and care for myself.  A little of what you fancy does you good but if you don't feel good on a day to day basis, then something needs to change and that's where my brains going now.

Angie did a bit of shopping for me yesterday which was a huge help and now I have some nice bits of deliciousness to get me through the week.  Everything serves 2 though, so I've already decided I'm going to make sure I only eat the one portion, unless 2 portions works out within my allowance.  It's all in the planning people, could you find 10 minutes or so to do a bit of planning for the week ahead?  I'm sure you can, I'm definitely going to, luckily all the meals have a decent use by date so I can choose the order to eat them.  Of course, I've got my burger today so won't be eating any of it.  I've just seen you can have a side salad from McDonalds, so I might just do that as I haven't got any in my fridge and I really enjoyed the one I had from Tesco the other day, or maybe I'll jump in the car and go get a couple, maybe check Poundstretcher for WW beans.

Moms moving around so I'm going to go give her a cuddle and see how she is this morning, it's been a confusing few days for her.  Carol got me a rug from IKEA which I bought home yesterday, just that small thing really threw her, all morning before I got home she was going on about it to my sister, stressing over it, I can't begin to imagine what's going on in her mind and it breaks my heart if I even try.  My tactics are to try and make her smile and laugh at any given opportunity, not always possible but if you don't try, you don't know.

Right, she wants a cuppa (it's the only time of the day I make a good one apparently, so I make the most of it) ;)

here's to making it a great day,

mwah, luv ya

Love me xx

Saturday, 22 February 2020

Feeling good

Saturday 22nd February 2020
The more you know who you are, and what you want, the less you let things upset you.

Yep it' going to be a great day, I already have a mug of tea in my hands, I've slept well, moms just woke and told me she's slept well too so it's all started well, long may it continue.  She's confused about where we live at the moment, I just want to give her a cuddle and make her laugh which I've managed once already this morning.  And she loves it when I say, when I get back from work today, I haven't got to go again till Tuesday x 

Our tele broken yesterday, it just wouldn't turn on, then when I eventually managed to power it up the screen just kept changing colours, solid green, followed by blue, red etc.  Thankfully my sister had a small one for me to use until I can get us a replacement.  I want one that will work everything including one / off and volume from the Sky remote, because this last one didn't and it confusing the hell out of mom.  I also need to get rid of the broken one, do they have to go to the tip I guess?

OH I cooked a Fray Bentos cheese and onion pie yesterday, I bought it over Christmas, had worked it out to 12SP for half and when it was cooked it looked lovely, that flaky pastry on the top, 
 Then I cut it in half and it was disgusting, gloopy filling, that plastic yellow colour, I didn't see or taste an onion anywhere.  Oh it was horrid and almost walked itself to the bin! 

This however that I finished is beautiful, I'm quite pleased with it, I'm thinking it would make a lovely Christening shawl, or just a baby blanket.  

I've already got my next pattern planned, had my eye on it for a while now and will probably start that today, it helps to keep me out the food cupboards. 

That's all thats going on in my world, I am looking forward to going to my workshop this morning and catching up with my lovely lot.  I will find time to do my dancing in the kitchen too, I'm loving that, it's really helping me to feel good both mentally and physically, takes me out of my own head for 20-30 minutes, it's brill.

And this is one of the basis for one of her meditations this week, this simple question;

What do people thank you for?   

Think about it, what do people appreciate about you?  What are they always saying thank you for.  It come be your smile, or the fact you make them laugh.  Anything you're thanked for, can others rely on you, come to you with their problems.

What do you give away effortlessly to the world and people thank you for.  Don't overthink it, write it down.  You can come back to that list at anytime and add to it.  I get thanked for my food, I like to cook and I like to share it.  

Once again, realise we are so much more than how we look!  How we feel and how we behave, the difference we make, these wonderful gifts you effortlessly share and people thank you for.  These are the things about yourself that you should be grateful for, all those qualities, start to appreciate and really like that you are the way you are.  

Because you are BeYOUtiful xx 

Let's make it a great day, you gorgeous creature you, go out there and be you and work on being the best version of you by taking care of yourself.

Mwah, love ya xx

Love me 

Friday, 21 February 2020

If you were to be really nice to yourself today.....

Friday 21st February 2020
Treat others the way you want to be treated.
A mixed day yesterday but on the whole ig was a great day, as long as I ignore the dementia demon which I'm getting better at!  Mom is really struggling with it all right now, you can even begin to imagine what's going on in her head can you, in a morning when she's confused she's more loving, in the afternoon and evening she's scared and copes with it through anger and aggression.  She can literally turn at the flick of a switch.  It it wasn't such a cruel disease, it'd be absolutely fascinating to study I would think.  The brain is just the most incredible thing and yet here's most of the planet more concerned with the outer case than what's on the inside!  More concerned with how pert their butts are or how plump their lips are than how healthy their brain is!  Bit sad that really ain't it.  I'd rather be clever than have a skinny ass, I'd rather make people laugh and smile than have a wrinkle free face.  I'd rather my brain stayed healthy for as long as I'm lucky enough to be on this planet than be aesthetically pleasing.  Each to their own though, you is what you is.

I didn't eat as healthily as I have been doing yesterday, actually yeah I did, I just succumbed to a packet of mini cheddars, hardly cause to put myself in front of the food firing squad, everything else I ate was healthy, I stopped at the Tesco garage and bought a tray of chopped fruit, some bananas, a salad bowl which I ate for my lunch with a can of tuna.  The for tea I had the WW slow cooked tikka masala (it was okay, I wouldn't rush to eat it again), I had that with microwave rice, ate the whole packet which I wouldn't normally but hey, could've been worse.  Losing 5lb in two weeks was a bit of a surprise and unexpected so I got a bit blasé ain't I thinking well if I can lose that without trying too much. blah blah blah.  

Oh I did make time for me to do my dancing round the kitchen with my bodygroveondemand.com, Sheila got me an ankle support, bless her, so that will hopefully help.  I'm hoping the more I do it the easier my knees, back and ankle will find it and they'll strengthen.  It only being 20 minutes is helping too, not too long but long enough to make a difference.  They say to do 30 minutes a day don't they, well eventually I'll build up to that. 

Thinking about how my mom was with me yesterday, it made me think about how other people can be mean, but also how we can be unkind to ourselves.  There's been a lot of posts on social media this week about being kind to each other after the loss of Caroline Flack but how about being nice to ourselves.  If we don't like ourselves, it's way more difficult to like anyone else.  

So here's today's thought for you to ponder; 

If you were to be really nice to yourself today what would you say to yourself?
If you were to be really nice to yourself today how would you treat yourself?
What would you eat, how would you move?  How would you be kind to yourself?

Let's start on ourselves, then we can spread that love and kindness around like confetti.  

I'm going to make time to do my kitchen dancing like Donna Summer once the blinds are down, I'm going to treat myself to a massage but also I'm going to treat myself to slowing down, there's no need to rush today, it's my day off.  I'm also going to do my best to lift my moms spirits but if she's in one of her bad moods, I will put up my emotional shield to protect myself.  I'll find something on tele to distract her, we watched a programme about monkeys yesterday, she loved that, so maybe more factual stuff is the future. 

Here's to a great day.

Mwah, luv ya 

Love me xx