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Saturday, 23 February 2019

Loving the sunshine

Saturday 23rd February 2019
There are so many BeYOUtiful reasons to be happy.
I've just had almost 8 1/2 hours solid sleep - bliss, the alarm woke me up with a startle I can tell you!  Friday night is always my best sleep of the week, I'm sure it's thanks to the massage I have in the morning, we were in bed just after 8.

Yet another glorious day weather wise, Alfie and I had two walks, slow walks but still moving I guess.  Foodwise I had the other Sainsbury's vegan pizza for 13SP forgot the photo but it was tasty, 
Then I made this chicken tonight for 6SP a portion, 

Thought I'd had a carton of butter beans to it for zero points 
 All this for 12SP 
 but I'm not going to lie, the butterbeans weren't a success and most got left on the plate. 

They weren't the best, I can eat them when their mashed up or I've had them in a salad before but these ones weren't great, it's the texture plus there ain't a lot of taste, they need disguising better!  Actually they'd be great in a soup instead of potatoes whizzed up to make it creamy, that would work and they're zero. 

That's mom awake, so I'll be off to sort her out, looking forward to my workshop this morning 
Then it's a weekend of relaxation and a good walk Sunday morning, not sure where yet, so if you have any suggestions let me know.

Keep on track, stay BeYOUtiful!   



Friday, 22 February 2019

Do you want to regret not starting?

Friday 22nd February 2018
Slow progress is better than no progress

30 Days from now you can either be blown away by how much you've improved in how you look, feel and behave or you can regret not having done your best - the choice is yours!  If you're really serious about losing weight you need to be completely honest with yourself about what you're eating! 
And drinking of course!

Make today the day you decide to make it through the weekend, not to use Friday as a sod it day, make this 7 days of February count, then decide to step up in March.  It was such a sunny, lovely day here yesterday, it really was, 15.5 degrees when I got in the car, in February. that's not the norm.  It was a good reminder that I wanna do this, I may have only lost a few pounds this year but I've lost them and I'm ready to lose a few more.  Will it be easy - NO, worth it - MOST DEFINITELY!

I've been looking through the WW mag and Freestyle cookbook for recipes and have chosen a few, I fancy the chicken cacciatore from the cook book, never cooked on of those so just need to order the ingredients.  I fancy the pizza and lemon turkey from the magazine, have already added those recipes to my shopping basket, need to pick a delivery day.  I have enough food in fridge for today so I may have them delivered tomorrow or even Sunday depending on availability.  Ooo check me out, planning meals, see it's not so difficult, you've just got to want to do it and that might involve battling with a few inner demons and having a few internal arguments but it can be done.

I've got me some 0% Greek yogurt, the Total one is more expensive but it is nicer I think, it was on offer in the shop, I'm going to have it for breakfast with fruit to ensure I get some fruit each day. 

There was a bit of a theme to my meals yesterday, I had lentils for breakfast with a Sainsbury's flat bread. 

mild chicken curry for lunch 

Then Harj's chick pea curry for tea 

They were all delicious, they all used Harj's base and they all filled me up and took my mind off food for the in-between hours. 

Add to that a busy day of workshops where members were wonderful as always and the day flew by, I did have to waste an hour trying to sort mom's prescription but I've realised not discussing the not so good stuff at home is helping, why live through it twice, I'd rather focus on other stuff.  I'm loving my time to reflect book that Tina bought me, filling it in every day with 3 things I'm thankful for or enjoyed, memories worth remembers or it says which I like just gentle reminders to yourself.  It really helps to focus on the positives.

Well I better get moving, I know I don't have to go to work today, but I have work to do, a dog to walk and not forgetting a massage to enjoy, that'll go on my 3 things for sure. 

Right I'm off, I'm just having an online chat with my bro, he started his chemo yesterday, another reminder to enjoy every day peeps.

Have a very, great day, 

Stay BeYOUtiful!   



Thursday, 21 February 2019

Best recipes ever!

Thursday 21st February 2019
Not there yet? Have a great day & you'll be closer tomorrow!

Lovely day yesterday spent doing things I love, cooking, walking, working, in that order too!  I also had my annual review with my manager and I think that went pretty well, of course there's always room for improvement but what I did appreciate was the recognition for all the hard work I put in and the results I get especially with the responsibilities that I have.  I felt good after the call, I really did. 

Then I sat and had me ten minutes looking through the new magazine, there are so many good recipes in their, I'm super excited for the new cookbook arriving next month now, it's all about 5 ingredients which is brilliant, I love an easy recipe.  Anyway turns out I need to eat the food in the fridge cos I want to cook some recipes the weekend from the mag, including pizza, there's on recipe just like the pizza I ate yesterday, how fabs that.

I finally got round to try to make Harj's curry and lentils, both dishes took over an hour, if you follow her instructions properly, there's a lot of standing around and patience, I even nipped to the shop at one point whilst the onions were doing their thing. 

 I can't explain how good these two pans of food made me feel, I've always wanted to master an Indian dish so I can just come in and throw it all in the pan.  I know feel like with a bit of practice I'm going to be able too. 

It wasn't bad for a first attempt, I even had the thumbs up off Suman and Harjit themselves, next time more chilli (check me out getting brave).  I had the lentils for my breakfast, they worked out at 1SP per 100g cooked weight because I used 3 tablespoons of oil in the recipe, I guess I could use less but they were lush.  For my lunch I had sister food, chicken and orzo with veg, forgot how good a cold orzo salad was.  

Then for my tea I had friend food, a Harj special, courgette, potato and peas, perfect again of course, she's given me a pot of chick pea yumminess too and I'm guilty already because I plan to have them for my breakfast, foods food in my house, I can eat it any time, there are no rules! 
it might not look like a pretty bowl of food, but this is what proves beauty is only skin deep, this dish was so full of flavours, just divine.

                   This is the recipe and photos I followed to make Harj's curry lentil soup, now you could try using less oil, Harj doesn't measure her oil, she's a bit like Jamie Oliver and does the 'glue' thing (I used 3 tablespoons this time) if you wanted but I have to say, for me it was worth the points, I weighed the pot into portions at the end and had 1.6kg total which works out at 1SP per 100g of soup, lush. Seriously lush!  I could honestly eat that for breakfast every day, I guess normal folk would eat it for lunch.  I did however only use the 1 tablespoon on the chicken curry and that was sound so I'd probably try it with 1 tablespoon next time and save some points.  I forgot to wash my lentils too :) 

Harj's Lentil curry soup 
4SP for the whole pan with these ingredients

1 small cup red lentils, mung yellow lentils & chana dal (pulses). 
2 tsp turmeric 
Boiling water - I used 2 kettle fulls
Base - 2-3 onions 
Garlic - I used 1 frozen block - you get these from Asda or other supermarkets 
Ginger - 1-2 blocks 
3 x green chilli’s add more if you like it spicier
1tbs olive oil - 4SP 
1-2tsp cumin seeds 
Tomatoes - either tinned which need to be purée or passata. 
1tsp garam masala 
Coriander (optional)

Wash all lentils in saucepan with warm water - drain water and add boiling water. 
Add salt & turmeric, bring to the boil be careful not to let it boil over, then turn gas down and simmer, cover saucepan but didn’t cover completely otherwise dhal will boil over - leave to simmer stirring occasionally until it start to thicken and looks like soup consistency. This can take up to 30-45mins to get right consistency. 

chop onions add to separate saucepan and add olive oil.  

Cook for 5 mins and add garlic, ginger and chopped chili, if onions start sticking to saucepan keep adding water. 

You need to cook onions until they are more or less purée, then add tomatoes. 

Cook onions/tomatoes until they look like a paste then add to the lentils which should now have cooked and look like soup. Also add 1tsp of garam masala and coriander if required.

Here's the photos she sent me to work with;

285g / 10oz 

add 2 level teaspoons salt to the lentils

2 teaspoons of turmeric added to lentils

add boiling water (1 x kettle) 

For the base 
chop 3 onions

garlic, ginger and green chillis

 boil the lentils then simmer 

add olive oil to onions, add garlic, then ginger
Then cut chilli and add 
optional you can add cumin seeds - 1 tsp
lentils will thicken when simmering

add water if onions start sticking 
 once onions are cooked and this consistency add tomatoes (I use pasata)

about a quarter on a 500g carton
add garam masala to lentils, half to one teaspoon
onions should start to look like this

Now they are cooked, add to lentils

Finished product
 Total cooking time 50 minutes to cook lentils, by the time the onion (thurka) had cooked it was an hour.  I did add another half kettle of water to lentils as well.  

And that is the magic of Harjit, the 'THURKA' is the onion base, if you can master that to your tastebuds it's the base for any curry you want to make, add any ingredients to it and you have it sussed.  I'll never make one as good as hers but if I can be a good copy, I'll take that. 

I need to get gone, I've a day job to get to ;) Here's to a very great day, let's make ourselves a priority!

Stay BeYOUtiful!   



Wednesday, 20 February 2019

Nothing happens overnight!

Wednesday 20th February 2019
Results come over time not over night.

I've added a few more things to the food find albums 

Pinterest Album

Facebook Album

I tried and loved both of these finds; 

This was surprising good, I expected the base to be soggy but it wasn't it was crisp and crunchy and like any other pizza base.  I would definitely buy it again as I'm a pizza freak. 

 Oh and this is lush!  If you use chicken breasts I reckon you'd easy cover 6 breasts which would make them 2SP each, but if you use the 4 breasts then it'll be 3SP each. 


Portions are what makes for successful weight loss, just because the foods on the zero list don't have to be pointed, common sense should tell you you shouldn't be trying to eat 2 or 3 chicken breasts in a sitting.  Yes eggs are zero but does your scrambled eggs need more than 2 or 3, if you were having a dry fried egg would you use 3?  Do everything have to go on your plate and then in your mouth in 2's, you're not The Ark! 

We all know it's recommended we eat five portions of fruit and vegetable every day, it should make up just over a third of the food you eat each day.  

Fresh, frozen, dried (pointed) and tinned (in juice (drain the juice for it to be zero) or water) all count, as well as unsweetened fruit juices and smoothies (maximum 150ml, once a day and it would need to be pointed). Try to have a variety. 

For fresh, frozen or canned fruit and vegetables, a portion is 80g, but a portion of dried fruit is around 30g and only counts once a day. Limit fruit juice and smoothies to 150ml a day because of the sugars in them.

I'm curious to weigh the mushrooms I have when I cook them for breakfast, I wonder if it's more than the 80g.  Yesterday I had a yellow pepper, mushrooms, some pea shoots and leaves, banana and there was a spinach and vegetable base on the pizza.  Yep I've lost the basics and I know quite a few of my members have which we looked at yesterday when we covered portion sizes. 

Today I will ensure I have at least my five a day, it might mean I have to buy some from the shop this morning, but it's those foods that help with filling us up.  

The other tweak I'll make today is to drink more water, I had a cup of hot water yesterday and I enjoyed it as much as I would a mug of tea, so I'll have a couple of them, I've already had my pint of cold water to start the day.  

Yep that's two tweaks to work on, I will get fit for summer, I want to easily walk up the Wrekin in a couple of months in under half hour, that's my new goal - yay I have a goal, a specific goal which is positive and I can break down into smaller goals so I could say under 35 minutes next month and to help me do that, I'll start walking every Sunday morning with my brother and improve my food intake hopefully losing a few pounds along the way.

Here's to a positive day, making positive choices! 

Stay BeYOUtiful!   


Tuesday, 19 February 2019

I do love strolling round a supermarket

Tuesday 19th February 2019
beautiful things happen when you distance yourself from negativity

Yesterday was National Drink Wine day so I didn't, I'm not being told what to do ;)  

I did have half hour in Sainsbury's though after I'd dropped my brother at the hospital and bought a few things I haven't had before or for a long time.  Forgot how good seafood sticks were

3 sticks = 1SP, the 200g packet = 6SP
120g packet = 3SP

 mom and I preferred the Youngs ones, the Vici were a much stronger flavour.

Then you've got the Heinz Big soup Chicken and Veg, good and filling for 5SP if you haven't got the time or inclination to make your own chicken stew, although I might have a go at making my own, I'd only have to point the potatoes. 

There were more and I've just sat and put the points on them and I'll upload to Pinterest and Facebook asap, oh one last find; 

I've bought a couple so will let you know what I think.

Right that's me for this morning, need to get ready for work and don't forget if you have any food finds send me photos of item and another of nutritional info so I can check it before posting (not that I don't trust you ;) ) 

Have a very, great day. 

Stay BeYOUtiful!