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Thursday, 21 September 2017

We got this!

21st September 2017
Your life does not get better by change, it gets better by change.

It’s time to be stronger than our strongest excuses!  Time to surround ourselves with those who challenge us, push us and motivate us, we need to be stubborn about our goals and flexible about our methods.  Thank the universe for Smart Points, one great plan, two fantastic approaches, let’s make the rest of this month count.  You in?  If I can survive the last two weeks the we can survive anything and stay on track)

My wet room is complete and amazing it is too, I will be partaking in a shower this morning and going to work clean as a button after my super doper power shower. I can’t find a before photo but trust me the room hadn’t been touched in 20 years, there were tiles half way down the wall as it used to be a kitchen, we’d used it as a utility room, it wasn’t pretty, this was it just after they started;

And this is it now they’ve finished; 

We now officially have a downstairs bathroom!  They too the window out and made it smaller, they built a cupboard round the boiler (I can put my mop bucket in there when I get one), all new doors except the white back door.  They even told me to go fetch my bathroom mirror, towel rail and other accessories and fitted them.   Cannot fault F&M builders in any way, they haven't missed a thing. 

If that wasn’t good enough, my lovely member Nicki bought me and mom a cooked chicken dinner, it was so good, no seriously SO GOOD, I’ve missed my vegetables a lot and I can’t wait to get back to cooking and eating properly.

The sink was plumbed in yesterday but realistically I need to not use it until the worktop has had one more coat of oil and that’s not happening till tomorrow because I haven’t got time today and my man ain’t coming to do anything till tomorrow.  It’s all coming along though, we’ll get there - he’s doing a great job.  The kitchen will look so much better once the plasterer has been on Sunday and sorted my walls.

Oh I almost forgot, if finishing my wetroom wasn’t good enough, they also fixed my front window so it’s all good again now, that doesn’t need replacing.

There will be no workmen in my house today, mom will be pleased, she’ll get a visit from Angie instead who’s much better company.

My house needs a real good clean but again that’s going to have to wait till the weekend because I’ve got a 12 hour day today.

Right I’m sorry but I’m off, I want a good, long shower this morning, test that beast out!  Here’s to a cracking good day, remember we’re in charge of our own outcome!

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Focus on what you can do...

20th September 2017
Don’t ignore truths for temporary happiness.

Yesterday was an good day but last night was truly dreadful, dementia sucks, say no more apart from sometimes people amaze you in wonderful ways and I just want to say tomorrow is World Alzheimer’s day, an opportunity to raise awareness, for me I want people to realise it’s great to donate but if you can all be as understanding and brilliant as the two chaps at my house were, then it can be slightly less painful for all concerned.  Everything that has gone wrong in my life / house etc over the last few weeks, none of it matters compared to how I felt last night when my kitchen man called me.  The only thing that matters in my world are the people that I love, the rest is just stuff that can be sorted with money or gone without usually!

Another good night’s sleep, I need to sort my phone the alarm is going off when my phone is on silent but no sound is coming out and that shouldn’t be happening, I’ve always had my phone on silent but the alarm still sounds and wakes me up.  That’s why I overslept yesterday, I wasn’t late for anything of course because I get up a good hour earlier to do my blog and not rush. 

My wet room is looking amazing, they’re finishing it off today and then we will be able to officially christen the downstairs toilet!  Oh, and have an amazing shower of course don’t forget, I can’t wait if I’m honest, is it really sad that I’m a little excited that they’ve boxed my boiler in and made a little cupboard so I now have somewhere to store my mop / broom, yeah that is a little sad isn’t it!

I will also be able to use my old pantry to store my wash basket and towels, even tea towels, maybe my hoover, I think it would be okay in there as there’s a wooden door between it and the wet room – I will ask the question.

That means the hoover cupboards under my stairs can store shows then!  Oh what has become of me, I’m all about tidying up and putting things out of sight, who is this person and what has she done with Beverley, although to look at the house right now you wouldn’t think I was all about everything to do with cleanliness!  It’s a mess but it’s a productive mess and it’s all going to be so worth it when it’s done.  I can see my kitchen coming together, they cut and put the sink worktop in last night, it’s had its first coat of oil on it and he’s coming this morning before work to do the second coat, then the plumber is turning up this afternoon to plumb the sink in, but it’ll want a third coat before I use the sink and you know what, that’s sound because I’ve got quite attached to washing up in my bowl in the bath J

Monday night (because I’ve just realised you’ve missed a day due to no blog yesterday) was fun, the work men had gone and the wet room floor was wet because they’d put some latex stuff or something down so I couldn’t go in there.  Then the heating wouldn’t come on and I couldn’t go in the wet room where the boiler was to check, by now I’m like oh ma’an I need a drink, no sink to wash up in, no heating, where my wine.  Guess?  It was in the shed and to get to the shed you have to go through the wet room because our alley is locked off each end with strong bolted doors!  Well I also knew my kitchen man was bring worktops to go down there so I had to work this out!  I was like a ninja, you’d have been so impressed, I rolled my PJ’s up above my knees and took my crocs off, then  I held onto the door frame and swung myself round into the pantry where I stood on tip toes whilst twisting my body round 90 degrees to open the back door and swung myself outside – mission impossible (we mission awkward) accomplished!  I even managed to come back the same way with a bottle of red in my hand.  I did enjoy that glass of Pinotage, I can tell ya.

I’ve ate Salmon, eggs and edamame beans mostly over the last couple of days, access to cooking is limited to microwave and George again because there’s a couple of unit doors leaning up the cooker, it’s all gonna be so worth it when he’s done and let’s not forget he’s fitting it in as and when he can around his work so it’ll be done, when it’s done.

Meetings were great yesterday, we were all celebrating success and predicting the future by setting ourselves goals, mine is half stone by December, any more is a bonus.  I had a lovely bouquet of flowers from 3 of my beYOUtiful members who are off to the wedding, flying today, how exciting, those wedding photos are going to look amazing because those ladies have lost so well, then Liam is part of the same family, roughly 175lb between the four of them, amazing results.

Right I better get a wriggle on, I’ve got a man coming to wax my wood at breakfast time!  Then my wetroom men will follow and they’re going to even put up my toilet roll holder, towel rack and bathroom mirror – how fab is that!

Here’s to remembering what’s important in life BeYOUtiful, focus on what you can do not what makes it difficult. xx

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Oh ma'an...

19th September 2017
 Action triumphs hoping.


I must have been dreaming that all food had.....
 I ain't got time for blogging, so have a great day & I'll catch ya tomorrow BeYOUtiful.