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Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Good food, it's just amazing

17th January 2018
Be who you want to be, not what other people want to see.

Early one for me this morning, woke up at 4, wasn’t tired and started thinking about all the things I could get done this morning, I plan to give the downstairs floor a good hoover and mop whilst moms in bed as a bit of glass escaped my first clear up when mom smashed the glass jar, so hopefully another going through will get any pieces that might still be lurking.

Yesterday was a delicious surprise!  I went basic for breakfast, egg sandwich as hard boiled eggs are portable.  I had the cottage pie I’d made Sunday for lunch, it was amazing if I do say so myself, I’d added a glug of port to the mince and I have to say it was worth the extra points for the richness it added to the meal. 

For tea I’d taken a piece of trout out of the freezer, however that trout turned out to be cod (I didn’t read the label obviously), anyway I through a bit of chorizo on it, 100g of tinned potatoes, some spring onions and broccoli and baked it in foil for about half hour whilst I got my paperwork done, oh it was amazing, definitely a cook again type of meal.

I’m going to make Japanese style salmon stir fry today I think, the recipe is on page 70 of January’s Weight Watchers magazine and was recommended to me by a member who’d made it last week.

I’ve also got some turkey mince in the fridge that I think I’ll be making turkey and chorizo burgers with, although I do like the idea of turkey meatballs, here’s some recipe suggestions I’ve found online;

Or maybe I’ll mix the mince and chorizo together add a few herbs and make a meatloaf shape then pop it in the slow cooker to cook slowly, then I can slice it and have it on those last couple of taco wraps with a bit of salad, mmm yeah that’s the one.

Oh I do love good food, don’t you?

There’s been a lot of talk of houmous on my Facebook group, here’s an easy recipe taken from February’s WW mag;

Coriander and Lime Houmous

Draing and rinse a 400g tin chickpeas, then put them in a food processor with 1 large garlic clove.  2tbsp 0% fat natural greek yogurt, 1tbsp tahini, 1/2tbsp olive oil, the jouice of 1 lime, a handful of fresh coriander and 2tbsp water.  Blitz until you have a chunk textured houmous.  Add more water if you prefer it smoother.  Serves 4 – 1sp per serving.  

There’s some great dips and other recipes in the mag this month.

Anyway, I’ve got a floor to clean, I’m not impressed to see the white stuff outside, I’m relieved it’s just a sprinkling for us at the moment, those poor folk stuck on the Scottish motorway so I won’t moan too much about it.

Here’s to making it through the midweek slump – we can make it to the weekend BeYOUtiful, stay strong.

Tuesday, 16 January 2018

What do you need right now?

16th January 2018
Once you need less you will have more.

What do you need right now?

Now there’s a question, take a few minutes or longer if you have time to answer that question.  It’s a good question to ask yourself often, I’ll bet the answer isn’t food, even when you think it is.  Usually when we’re craving food, it’s masking another need.

When I asked myself that question at the start of my typing the first answer that came to me after sitting here for a few moments was ‘calm’, that’s my focus for everything these days.  When I’m calm everything is easier to handle.  To get to that place of calm, I need balance in my life which is why I’ve been working on finding it so much. 

Alzheimer’s is easier to handle when I’m calm.

Another thing that’s helping with the calm is being clear of clutter, we’ll leave my office to one side for a moment, but the “stuff” in the rest of my house is slowing disappearing and more stuff isn’t coming back in.  I actually have empty drawers in my kitchen and I’m in no rush to fill them.  The less there is in my house, the less messy it gets so the easier it is to tidy up.

Another way I’m working on the calm is with my decorating, I’ve got very calm with that too, thinking calm surroundings help with calmness overall.  I plan to do the same with my garden this year too, calm it right down.  Paint the purple shed brown, fence panels the same.  If I feel calm, mom hopefully feels calmer too, making for a lot less stress for both of us.

Are you struggling to answer the question yourself?  Okay maybe answering these questions will help you with the first one;
  • What is going well for you?
  • What areas seem to be a struggle for you?
  • What is something you have learned lately?
It is a tough question to answer, especially as sometimes we don’t stop for long enough to figure it out, we think we know which is why we buy stuff, but the buzz of that stuff lasts moments.  I realised at Christmas I didn’t need anything when I was asked what I wanted.  It’s the same for my birthday, all I want is my friends company.
Stuff / Food, none of it usually gives you what you really need, so what do you really need right now?
Once you realise what that answer is, maybe as yourself “How much time and energy are you willing to put into achieving those needs” and maybe acknowledge how much time and energy you are wasting at the minute pursuing things you don’t actually need and don’t actually matter?
I’d already been working on finding the ‘calm’ in my life, last year was hectic in preparation, I know that sounds ridiculous, but there had to be upheaval to get the wetroom, the new kitchen, the decorating, the floor but now that’s done, it’s helped to bring that long term calm to my surroundings.
Since I found that quote ‘We don’t buy things with money – we buy them with hours from our lives’ on January 1st it’s really had an impact on me.  I’m thinking before spending, not buying just for the sake of it.  Looking at what I spend my money on and keeping a track of it.  The less I spend the less I need or the more I can save to do the things that I do want/need and then there’s the future, as much as I try not to think about it, it’s a reality that needs some consideration.
Anyway, let’s change the subject, we haven’t talked about food for at least a day, yesterday I had a mushroom omelette because I wanted to use the mushrooms before they went beyond help, then I nipped for a loaf and bought this because it was on offer and I’ve been fancying wraps, plus I had chicken that needed using. 

It wasn’t mild at all, I wasn’t impressed, I just managed to eat mine smothered it with natural yogurt, mom couldn’t manage her it was too hot for her.  Since when had BBQ been spicy hot? 

I’ve got my cottage pie to look forward to today, plus the slow cooker beef curry which is alright but I wouldn’t buy again.  I will use up all the stuff in my kitchen bit by bit, the old stuff in the food cupboard is being used a bit at a time.  I haven’t spent half as much on food over the last few weeks as I usually do.

Right I better get ready for work, here’s to adding to the weight loss total. 

What do I need right now? 

Happy losers on my scales J

Have a terrific Tuesday BeYOUtiful.

Monday, 15 January 2018

Make it the Monday you want!

15th January 2018
The best project you will ever work on is yourself.

I had a productive morning yesterday, cleared up my kitchen then made cottage pie and slow cooker beef curry, that’s means for a few days now, I can freeze the other portions for another week too.  For my dinner I had a delicious steak salad, can’t beat a bit of rump steak and I sound like a broken record but the Penn Road butchers is good, we should be supporting our local businesses anyway.  Saturday I nipped to the greengrocers on my way to my meeting and bought a bag full of fresh stuff.

Once I’d got all the housework done I was willing to do mom and I chilled, Alfie did get two walks though as it was his birthday, 8 years old, he’s the first dog I’ve had as an adult from puppy and I can’t believe how quickly those years have gone by.

We also had a visit from my big brother, he said my cottage pie was good, so I’ll look forward to that myself, might have that today and curry tomorrow.  I’ll need some fish and/or chicken to balance out all that red meat, or maybe some vegetarian food.  I put a tin of lentils in with the beef mince to bulk out the cottage pie.

It’s my day off today but I’ve got things to do, however I do intend to keep with taking time out, so it’s all about the balance, chilling out is making it easier to cope with the grey winter days, it’s raining out there this morning, that’ll make walking Alfie fun – NOT!  Could be worse, could be my bestie delivering her post in it.  I’ve already spent an hour listening to my audiobook, loving it, simple story, easy to read called the undomestic goddess by Sophie Kinsella, it’s reminding me on the unimportance of being rushed and busy and how good it is to find pleasure in doing the simple things in life.  I’ve already got my next book lined up ‘the keeper of lost things’ Ruth Hogan, it comes highly recommended, one member gave me the book, another has posted about it on instagram.

I spent all weekend trying to find a recipe for my stew beef and couldn’t find one I fancied, then yesterday I found a pack of Berberi spice that I remember ordering for a recipe so this morning I did a search on my pc and found this recipe for

The recipe has ½ cup of butter in it which is a ridiculous amount, but it does serve 8, apparently 1 stick or 1/2 cup butter is equal to 4 ounces, or 113 grams.  That’s 42SP!  The stew beef would only add 8SP, so that’s still only 6sp per serving, I’m going to make it at the weekend I think, it’s good to have a bit of what you fancy and I’ve bought the spice – it’s a big bag too, if you’re one of my members and fancy a try, let me know and I’ll bring the spice to meeting, bring yr own tub.  Maybe wait till I’ve tried it first in case it’s yak.

Anyway, I also fancy the fakeaway donor recipe made with turkey mince after seeing Jane’s post in my group, looks fab,

Donor Kebab
Serves 4, No Count or 3 Smart Points per serving with beef zero with chicken / turkey breast or quorn

1 teaspoon dried oregano
1/2 teaspoon dried Italian herbs
1/2 teaspoon garlic powder
1/2 teaspoon onion powder
1/4 teaspoon cayenne pepper
1 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon black pepper
500g extra lean mince beef / turkey / chicken / quorn

Preheat oven to gas mark 4/180C. In a large bowl, combine the dried oregano, dried Italian herbs, garlic powder, onion powder, cayenne pepper, salt and black pepper. Add the beef mince and mix thoroughly for 2-3 minutes. Take out all of your beef mince and mix thoroughly for 2-3 minutes. Take out all of your aggression on the kebab mixture, punching and kneading until no air pockets remain and the kebab meat is extremely smooth. Shape the seasoned mince into a loaf and place on a baking tray. Bake in the middle shelf of the oven for 1 hour 20 minutes, turning the loaf half way through the cooking time to ensure even browning. Once cooked, remove from the oven and cover with foil. Allow to rest for 10 minutes. Slice the donor kebab as thinly as possible and serve with pitta and salad. NOTE: On No Count you can have WW pitta bread, if doing Smart Points you will need to add extra sp's for the pitta bread. 

Right it’s 7.43am and still black as night out there, apparently today is miserable Monday, that day of the year when we’re all low because of the after effects of Christmas, the bills, being skint, pay days still a way away.  I’m having none of it, I shall find pleasure in the little things, I’m keeping a note of money I’ve spent and things I didn’t buy to prove I don’t need all this stuff we keep buying.  I’m smiling every time I see someone has bought another gadget for their kitchen, I’ve been there done that, I’m downsizing, decluttering and it feels great.

Have a Happy Monday BeYOUtiful, prove the media wrong, let’s fill Facebook with happy thoughts and positivity.  Did I mention my members have lost 823lb already this year!