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Saturday, 19 January 2019

It's my birthday - there will be cake!

Saturday 19th January 2019
You don't have to be perfect to be amazing!

Well today I will not be on track, it's my birthday and I plan to have me a nice steak with mash and garlic bread which will blow the budget but hey it's only once a year, can't say I feel much like celebrating so a good meal will suffice. 

Yesterday went a little tits up after dinner time, I did have a healthy breakfast and lunch though, 

All the zero hero's to limit the damage

 This was lush, 11SP sweet tomato and mozzarella salad

Then I opened a bottle of wine and my niece came round and we ate a few Ferrero Rocher each, to be fair I think I only had 4, there are still some in the box and I followed it up with a packet of walkers but I was in bed before 9.  Trying to process all the information the hospital has given my brother, it's not making fun reading that's for sure and I don't feel like I want to be celebrating my birthday today at all.  However I can't change things that are out of my control but I can be in control of my behaviour, I will not use this as an excuse to go out of control with my eating.  I will enjoy eating today because it's my birthday and that's the law but from tomorrow straight back on it, I've lost half stone this year, I want that doubled and then doubled again by the end of 2019. 

Anyway I'm gonna get off because I'm chatting via Facebook to my big bro and I need to sort mom and get ready for work, don't get the day off because its your birthday!   Although I like the idea of spending my birthday morning with the crazies that are my Saturday gang.

Here's to battling through anything life throws at us, be brave, be strong, be bold.

Have a very, great day, live life your way. 

Stay BeYOUtiful!


Friday, 18 January 2019

Last day of being 48...

Friday 18th January 2019
Decide to be happy because it's good for your health.

Another very busy Thursday, brilliant workshops, lots of weight loss, just fabulous, I know there was over 11 stone lost on the morning because I took a photo, haven't done last nights paperwork yet.  I really do have the best people around me, so supportive of me and each other, it's a pleasure to go to work.
I'm making myself cook and eat good meals no matter what's going on around me, yesterday looked like this; 
all the zeros for breakfast

This was amazing, 9SP salmon and orzo with courgettes, olives, sweetcorn & tomatoes in Uncle Ben’s sweet Thai chilli flavour burst. Took about 15 minutes to make. I will stay on track. 

This is the day before's Pataks saag masala curry and I didn't fancy rice again and had these spuds that needed using so weighed out 5SP and boiled them then added them to the curry, delicious.  Definitely going to be a regular curry sauce in our house. 
don't you get a lot of spuds for 5SP!  You gotta love some carbs.

I did end up snacking on a bag of Walkers and a couple of crackers with cheese so wasted 10SP there, need to stop that, can't use my birthday or my brother as an excuse, my birthday isn't until tomorrow!

This blog just came up in my timeline, Kung Pao Chicken recipe on it, looks lush!

Anyway, I've just realised I've made a major boob on my work from last night which is going to take some sorting so I better get gone, wish me luck, I'm not going to be popular with Head Office when I have to call them at 9am! 

One foot in front of the other.

Let's do this BeYOUtiful!  


Thursday, 17 January 2019

One foot in front of the other...

Thursday, 17th January 2019
Give without remembering, take without forgetting. 

Knowing I'd got a busy day, I made myself have a decent breakfast, only cost me 2SP for the Penn Road Chicken Sausages, 

Here's the recipe again for those that have asked:

WW Zero baked beans
1 can haricot beans not drained
Passata to cover beans
1 sachet of Weightwatchers BBQ sauce (available in meetings)
Salt and pepper and sweetener to your taste (remember you can add more but you can't remove it!)

Put 1 tin of haricot beans, not drained into saucepan 
Cover the beans with passata
Add the sachet of BBQ sauce, salt, pepper and sweetener to taste
Bring to the boil, then simmer, stirring occasionally for 20/30 mins until thickened and the beans have softened.

I then got my car sorted, needed a new battery and took a trip to visit my brother, parking at that hospital is crazy, it took me nearly as long to park as I was in there visiting.  It was good to see him though, he had more tests yesterday and needs more.  They've started hormone treatment, are talking about radiotherapy, then we'll just wait and see. 

I wanted to spend some time with mom, hate leaving her on her own all day whilst I'm doing stuff, so I made this five minute fish flatbread, thankful for a microwave, fish 2 minutes in there whilst grilling the flat bread, salad, mint yogurt = 3SP lunch done.  

Whilst that was cooking I started this, left it cooking and kept popping back to give the onions and red pepper a stir, then threw chicken and a jar of Pataks Saag masala sauce (11SP) and then a bit of spinach at the end.

That was tea ready for when I got back after 8, it was delicious with this Thai Jasmine rice for an extra 6SP, so 9SP in total meaning I had enough points for a bag of Walkers Cheese and Onion crisps. 

On my FitPoints I managed, 11 points, only a 16 minute walk though, even though I had over 12k steps, Alfie really wasn't in the walking mood and I was too distracted to do the workout.  I think that walk was at the hospital! 

I'm definitely going to be using too many points this week but I'm going to track them all.  It's my birthday Saturday and I've already used most of my weeklies.  I was going out with my mates but I don't really feel like it with all that's going on and I'm not sure leaving mom is a good idea, she knows her sons poorly and when she gets something in her head, she is a worrier so needs distracting as much as possible.

Anyway to survive today, there was lots of love and laughter, not forgetting success in last nights Workshops at Ashmore Park, now for a full day at Bloxwich, 

and staying on track, I can have another portion of that curry maybe for tea, but I will get the fridge/cupboards for what else.  I've done my online shop for delivery tomorrow, my birthday meal treat will be steak and garlic bread.

Here's to a day of distractions, making it a a very, positive day!  I was given some very good advice from a very lovely lady yesterday which I will be taking onboard, "Bev just one foot in front of the other!"

Let's do this BeYOUtiful!  


Wednesday, 16 January 2019

Well life sucks sometimes!

Wednesday, 16th January 2019
Starve your distractions, feed your focus

And yesterday, I didn't feel like doing it, my brother's in hospital and he's had the results we didn't want, so yes it's all a big pile of poo.  If you have persistent pain, don't ignore it, always, always get it checked!  More than once if necessary!

I quickly realised me overeating wasn't going to help the situation but that's not how emotional eating works is it, we use it as a distraction, a way to make us feel better for a short while, it doesn't last.  Last night I opened a bottle of red, fully intent on drinking the lot but sadly drink wasn't doing what it should and I didn't even drink half the bottle.  I opened a packet of Walkers, ate 2 crisps, realised what I was doing, that they weren't helping and threw them in the bin.  I did finish moms box of Maltesers of those, about a third of a box so that's 8SP blown. Could've been a lot worse, damage limitation this week, with my bro in hospital and my birthday on Saturday, although I can't see much celebrating being done.

I did however make sure I ate 3 good meals,

 Can't beat an omelette to use up veg in the fridge, this one had mushrooms and red pepper in - they're my new favourite veg, they're good for you too.  Red peppers have notable levels of pyridoxine (vitamin B6), which plays an important role in brain function, plus antioxidant vitamins C and A.

Lunch was the 3SP Dhal from this weeks Weekly available in WW workshops. 

For tea I had steamed mackerel from a tin, John Wests, they are nice, I'll buy them again.  Only 4SP on this plate and thats 3 for the flat bread and 1 for the black olives. 

I'm going to prepare a couple of meals today so that I'm covered for the next couple of days to keep me on track and help limit that damage, not sure what yet, but I'll go check what I have and work from there.   Maybe a chicken dinner as I have some cabbage that needs using or maybe I'll go play with ingredients and experiment, keep my mind occupied.

Can you believe I did my good deed for the day yesterday, I was driving back to work and there was a little dog running around the street, he had obviously got out and so I stopped and rescued him.  locked my car up and knocked a few houses, ended up taking him back to my house, then when I got back to my car, the damn thing wouldn't start! I had to be rescued, I did find the dogs owners though, so yeah today I need to go to the garage, that'll take a couple hours no doubt.  Hey ho, it's all gonna keep me busy, so I better get my day started. 

Yesterdays workshops were amazing, well over 200lb lost on my scales and everyone buzzing.  A few people wanted to lose more than they did, but this is for a long time not a quick fix solution, it don't go on overnight and it ain't coming off overnight either.  

Here's to a very, positive day!  

Let's do this BeYOUtiful!  


Tuesday, 15 January 2019

Staying positive

15th January 2019
Happiness is the thing we want most for the people we love most.  Put yourself on that list.

Well yesterday went tits up!  I can't even remember the morning really as it all changed when I got a text from my brother saying "Bev, I've been to Cannock to see a uthologist specialist. My PSA is 110 should be about 5 wants me to go to new cross say for bone scan and mri, he's talking bone cancer wants me to get checked ASAP'

As you can imagine the rest is a bit of a blur, he messaged again saying they've kept him in so they can scan him today, they were worried about his spine collapsing! WTAF, and on Facebook he's commented they're going to start hormone treatment to suppress the prostate and depending on scan results will depend on other treatment.  It's the first thing I've told mom in a long time and she remembered over half hour later, saying he was her first born. 

His daughters came to see me before they went to see him at visiting time, they were a good distraction, such lovely girls.  Now to wait because worrying isn't going to help, it's about as useful as a wooden rocking horse, gives you something to do but gets you nowhere.  

I tried my hardest not to emotionally eat but will admit to caving and having a bag of Walkers cheese and onion and a bit of Boursin on a couple of crackers, but it was my tea so not to bad. 

I'd already had my lunch before the text, I had

 and breakfast was
I finished on minus 20 after using all my FitPoints this week but this morning I've lost that all important 1/2lb to give me my 7lb milestone, that's made me smile for sure, I wasn't expecting it. 

My weekly review in my journal;

Best bits - the walking, I'm enjoying, the delicious food.  Realising it's okay to lose 1/2lb a week and enjoy my food and wine more.  Sneaking a half pound loss.  Fastening my walking coat.

The hardest bits - remembering my why and staying on track!  Walking when I was truly tired. 

I've learned - we it reminded more than learned, but this ain't ever going to be easy, some weeks will be easier than others and I'll do my best.

I've loved eating - everything!  Eating really tasty food and getting my cooking mojo back is brilliant. 

Next week my goal is - aiming for a maintain at least as it's my birthday on Saturday. 

Achievements / successes this week: Cooking Thursday afternoon on my busy long day.  getting back into my rain coat.  my 7lb milestone.

Right I'm off, moms just woke and I need to sort her, I'm distracted too, but it's all good. 

Here's to a very, positive day!  

Let's do this BeYOUtiful!  


Monday, 14 January 2019

Just another manic Monday

Monday, 14th January 2019
#Monslay I'm alive, motivated, determined and ready to slay the day.

My Alfie is nine today and he's still the same nightmare he was when we had him!

He was full of energy yesterday, took me for a hour long walk, we both really enjoyed it, I let him walk up a cul-de-sac knowing we'd have to turn round and he spent a good ten minutes just sniffing but it was all good because I was walking on the spot and earning FitPoints, 14 to be exact for a 67 minutes walk, I also earned another 3 for the 9640 steps I did throughout the day, WOW, if only we both had the time, energy and desire to do that kind of walk every day, all would be good in the world.

Food wise, I had a bowl of stew for my breakfast about tennish, not the norm I know but who cares, then I did a cooking demo in my group for the Butternut squash dhal recipe which is on this weeks Weekly handout in the workshop, so don't forget to pick your copy up.  3SP a portion, I think the same or similar recipe is also in the WW Comfort cook book, still one of the best books they've produced. 

I didn't have this for my dinner though, instead we had fish fingers because mom fancied them and also we'd talked about crusty bread in one of my workshops and when I spotted this tiger bread I couldn't resist.  The fishfingers were  also part of a £5 meal deal in the Co-oop so I couldn't resist and I think mom will hopefully eat the chicken that was in the deal because it's easier to eat being processed, more appealing to her.

Anyway the tiger bread weighed 16SP as crusty white bread roll on the scales, but I removed the soft bread from the middle, it's the crusty bits I like, that saved me 6SP which covered the 4 fishfingers.  I've made my own in the past which would save even more points as you only have to count the breadcrumbs as the fish is a zero hero.

Homemade Fish Fingers  Prep: 10 mins Cook: 20 mins 

Feeds 3, 3SP per serving

85g white breadcrumbs, made from day-old bread (5sp)  
zest of 1 lemon
1 tsp dried oregano
1 tbsp olive oil (4sp)
400g skinless white fish, sliced into 12 strips 

Heat oven to 200C/180C fan/gas 6. Pour the beaten egg into a shallow dish. Tip the breadcrumbs onto a plate. Mix the lemon zest into the breadcrumbs along with the oregano and some salt and pepper.

Brush a non-stick baking sheet with half the oil. Dip the fish strips into the egg, then roll them in the breadcrumbs. Transfer to the baking sheet and bake for 20 mins until golden.

I'd be tempted to try this with fry light and an oven liner and save those Smart Points, it'd also be nice using salmon as the fish, mmmm I do love eating. 

Butternut squash chips are a new winner for zero, just used a bit of fry light, I peel my squash with a potato peeler but to be honest sometimes I don't peel them at all as you can eat the skin and it's full of fibre.

Now I managed to almost have a work free day yesterday, it's impossible in January to be honest and today I've got loads to do so I won't be having my Monday off.  It's all good though, it's keeping me focused on WW which is helping me stay on track.  It's getting that balance that I have to be careful of.  Mom and I watched a couple of Die Hard movies together yesterday, she laughed like a drain through the action scenes in the first one, but the second one was a little complicated so it started to lose her.  If you can think of any easy to follow action films let me know, she does like the violence!  I love a good comedy but think I've seen most of the good ones.

I'm ending my week in minus figures having used all my FitPoints and I think that's going to show on the scales but it's all good because I knew I wouldn't have that full on in the zone perfection I had last week.  I'm still focused and wanting to lose weight, I'm more active than I have been in months and yesterday I managed to fasten up my coat for the first time in a long time, that was my non scale goal - BOOM! 

If I have the butternut squash dhal for one meal today that's only 3SP, I'll have a zero breakfast with eggs, I want to freeze my last bit of stew but not sure I can get it in my freezer, here's to moving stuff about.  I could eat it but 10SP is a lot when I don't have the points, or do I just have it! Nah I don't actually want it, I want those butternut squash chips again, they were good, ooo with minted garden chicken, that was lush too and maybe a seeded flatbread although I could save 3SP if I don't have that!  Lots of salad.  Here's to salvaging the weekends whoops ;) Let's hope Alfie fancies a good birthday walk.

Let's do this BeYOUtiful!  


No workshops for me today, but you can find me at any of these workshops this week and remember by posting the 'share the love' link on your WW app you can get yourself and your friends a free month if they use it to sign up.  If you're just not sure what it's all about this workshop lark and you'd like to check us out, just come and sit in a workshop then decide or 

Try WW FREE for two weeks including two FREE WW Workshops

t's & c's apply

Sunday, 13 January 2019

All out of weeklies!

13th January 2018
Ask yourself if what you're doing today is getting you closer to where you want to be tomorrow. 

Well I made it onto You've Been Framed last night, it was only a few seconds from the original video which you can see via this link.  https://www.facebook.com/bevww/videos/10154647257860862/ apparently I'm a Brummie according to Harry Hill!  I'm not I'm from Wolverhampton and that's a good 18 miles away but I'll forgive him as they gave me £250 which the food bank was very grateful for. 

The rest of my day was chilled, well after my workshop it was anyways, another busy, busy morning, loving the buzz of the groups this week, we're all in it together, my tribe rock! 

Ooo and Tina bless her heart bought me a packet of Flava-it Garden mint marinade, you can usually pick them up in B&M's or Home Bargains and the entire packet is 6SP. 
 I used half of the packet and added to diced chicken, then after the ten minutes popped it on a baking tray with a chopped up red pepper and a corn on the cob and popped it in the oven for about 20 minutes.  Whilst that was cooking I made a coleslaw type dish using natural yogurt, grated carrot, sliced cabbage and diced spring onion, then added a WW garlic and chive salad dressing.   

I'm going to try that with mint sauce next time I think.

When it was all cooked and ready I stuffed a seeded flatbread (3SP) had mine from Ocado but Sainsbury's also sell their own brand for the same Smart Points. 
I think these are my favourite way to waste points on a bread product, they're well worth the 3SP.  And this was the final plate of food.

Absolutely delicious, so good, I might have the same again today!   I do post pics of my food as I eat it on Instagram @bev_ww, my Facebook business page www.facebook.com/WWBev/ and the WW connect Blongsden, when I can I will write in the post what it is that I'm eating, but if it needs more photos like this did or a recipe, then it waits till my blog as I have other stuff to be doing and food to be eating.   The hashtags that I post are copied and pasted so take seconds, writing all this takes longer so it has to wait and I always answer any questions I'm asked just not always immediately. Definitely go get yourself some of that Flava-it though, it's lush and they do different flavours too. 

My breakfast was of course eggs but I didn't make any tea and that's where it all when tits up!  I got the munchies didn't I, I'd enjoyed my wine, I remembered I had still got Irish Coffee's in the cupboard and I'd seen mom eat cheese and onion crisps, so I had 1/2 bag, yeah I did, I ate half the bag and gave her the other half, it worked, I couldn't get them out of my head - 30 years ago that would've been a boy I was obsessing over, now it's Walkers cheese and onion, oh how time change ;) 

Add to that a bit of St Agur cheese I had when I opened the fridge and my total consumed points yesterday were 54!  I'm now minus 14 on my weeklies but thankfully they've come off my FitPoints and I still have 18 of them remaining.  Looks like I'll be using my FitPoints this week.  I want to lose two stone, but I said this year, it's not a race, I know this is forever and I'm not willing to be super strict every day, 1/2lb a week will do me, I'm already 6.5lb towards that total so happy days.  

Here's to almost being at the bottom of my first pint of water this morning.  I need to get out there and do my walk with Alfie as soon as it's light.  I'm hoping for another good day with mom, we had a singing session yesterday, turned the tv off and Alexa played her playlist and we sang along, yesterday was a very great day.

Here's to a very, great day for all of us.

Let's do this BeYOUtiful!  


Oh and I won't be anywhere today, but you can find me at any of these workshops next week and remember by posting the 'share the love' link on your WW app you can get yourself and your friends a free month if they use it to sign up. 

Saturday, 12 January 2019

I wasn't prepared was I!

Saturday 12th January 2018
3 months from now - you will thank yourself

Up, showered and dressed before 5am this morning, today won't beat me like yesterday tried to!  I've got my supermarket shop being delivered between 5 & 6.30 and I'll have food once again.  When I came to make my brunch yesterday which was half twelve, I'd ate a slice of chicken to tide me over all morning, I had no eggs, no tomatoes, no mushrooms and the home made beans were far too sweet for me, so I couldn't make a cooked breakfast with just chicken sausages and bread, I had a sarnie, boring hell!  

I did stand there and make my stew though, but because it was already afternoon that meant it wouldn't be ready for a good 4 or 5 hours or more, it'll be epic today because it was good last night.  

For the lady who asked how do I get it so thick, this is what I do, 

potatoes, carrots and onions, yesterday I used 800g potato (19SP) because that was how many I had left, 3 or 4 onions and probably 3 carrots when you added up all the little bits - using up what I have in the kitchen.  I added a 600g bag of stewing beef (11SP) and 5 or 6 beef oxo cubes dissolved in enough boiling water to almost but not quite cover the contents of the pan.  The secret is to cube your spuds, don't make them too big chunks, then patience.  bring to the boil and cook on as low as you can for as long as you can, keep popping back into the kitchen now and again and give it a stir when it looks like this;
then you will have the tastiest beef stew nom nom, that's what I'm eating today.  It tastes even better the day after if that's even possible. 

Now yesterday tried to sway me, but I wasn't having any of it.  My day probably didn't go as I'd have liked it too, I ended on 43SP but I had the weeklies to cover the wine and bread, that's the first time I've eaten a lot of bread this year, it was involved in every meal. 

I was just busy and unprepared yesterday, what would normally take an hour max in my office took 3 or 4 hours and I'm still not done, but it'll have to wait till Monday because I need to recharge my batteries.  I only got 6,577 steps on my Fitbit, partly down to time, partly to effort, I was pooped after such a busy week.  The highlight of my day was my massage, that chilled me out for sure, so we'll blame her for me not getting any more steps afterwards ;) 

My hormones are trying to distract me from my goal too, but they won't, I'm not having any of it.  I'm on track and I'm staying on track, even if the scales don't agree with the hard work I'm putting in at any point, I will continue to stay focussed on eating healthy.  

I've resisted every biscuit moms offered me since New Years day and that's a lot of biscuits.  There's 3 multipacks of Walkers Cheese and Onion crisps I'm ignoring too. I did succumb to an Irish coffee last night but it was tracked and thoroughly enjoyed.  

We were in bed by 8, I could tell moms mood was shifting, her attention fading so I suggested an early night, I slept too, woke up just after 4am.

Right today, I'm thinking stew, obviously, as my main meal but I might freeze a few portions and have something like a big salad for tea, trying to remember what I've got coming in my shop.  Ooo sweetcorn, yeah I want some of that today.  Might have trout with it, treated myself to some frozen, that'll be tasty, hopefully it will come earlier rather than later and deliver my eggs so I can make me breakfast. 

Here's to surviving the weekend, the fight is real :) 

Here's to a very, great day for all of us.

Let's do this BeYOUtiful!  

I'll be here this morning if you want to come join me and share in the success.  If you're already my member, share that link on your app with your friends, share the love!  

Friday, 11 January 2019

I made it through Thursday!

Friday, 11th January 2019
Just enjoy & appreciate where you are now.

I am super proud of myself this morning because I survived yesterday on track and with my sense of humour intact, it is that sense of humour and 'it'll all get done in the end' attitude that helps me get through those crazy, busy days like yesterday was.  I rolled out of bed at 5am and I really didn't stop till I sat down at half eight on the night. Even the half hour I sat with mom on the afternoon I was working on my phone at the same time! 

Breakfast wasn't my usual lovely plate of delicious, it was 3 eggs whacked in a mug in the microwave and scrambled.  I have to say I did notice the difference a couple of hours later when my stomach started rumbling for the first time this year.  

Because I was hungry on the drive home and I knew I hadn't got time to cook yet, I bought a pack of cooked chicken breast from the Tesco garage and removed the skin (oh yeah I did, in the zone ain't I) then ate one, sadly I wasn't impressed with the texture of this one, wouldn't buy them again, big grainy in an odd way.  Asda's are good and there's range by Delamere that you can get in Home Bargains, they're tasty too.

Someone had mentioned WW tomato soup in the meeting and when I did catch a minute I quickly made this in the microwave. 

Realising there was no way I could get all my work done until tomorrow, I decided to stop trying to.  I did what absolutely had to be done and then went down to make something ready for my tea as I knew if I didn't I would come home hungry and tempted to go off track.  I knocked this up in under ten minutes and there's video proof in my members group as I did a Facebook live video at the same time to prove you don't have to be all fancy in the kitchen, just throw it together. 

It was tasty, St Agur cheese and spring onion in chicken breasts with Panko Breadcrumbs, I got two of them for 7SP total.  

Of course after 5 fantastic workshops and a very, great day I blew the rest of my Smart Points on red wine, who needs potato on their dinner, not me! 

Believe it or not though, I left some in the glass before going to bed, I'd started to fall asleep in the chair and looked at it and thought why bother drinking that bit, I'm gonna be asleep in seconds when I get upstairs.

Heading towards my second weekend on track and I'm feeling really good and able to handle it.  I've got a good few hours work this morning, I'm hoping I get it all done before my massage because I really don't want to have to work afterwards.  I'm going to make a stew today I think, then I'm going to sort out my cupboards and see what I have in there, need to get a shopping list together.  I've still got to make that red pepper and pasta recipe from the magazine so plenty to keep me satisfied.  Might have egg and beans with sausages for breakfast.  I was just going to type it's all down to time, but no, I have to eat and the work will have to wait.

Here's to a very, great day for all of us.

Let's do this BeYOUtiful!  

I'll be here tomorrow if you want to come join me and share in the success.  If you're already my member, share that link on your app with your friends, share the love!  One of my members earned herself 4 months free yesterday by doing that!