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Saturday, 16 July 2016

Meetings are where the magic happens!

16th July 2016
Good friends are like stars... you don't always see them but you know they are always there.  Anonymous

I had a lovely day yesterday, started my day slowly and did my paperwork, then mom and I took Alfie on a good walk, he was in the mood!  He's really helping up my steps on my Fitbit, I've reached my 10,000 steps every day this week, which is great. I've just looked and I'm us to ranking 26 from down in the 60s on my friends list, chuffed with that. I'll never reach the ridiculous steps of the border collies at the top of the chart but I'm happy with mine.

After our walk mom came to my meeting with me and we enjoyed sitting in the talk and getting involved as members, I'm going to give No Count a go this week as it'll help simplify getting back on track for me.  I've been finding it so difficult to stick to the plan that I need easy and there isn't anything easier than being give a food list and told you can eat anything as long as it's on this list!  And the only thing that makes that idea better, is the fact I get give some Smart Points to spend on wine ;) plus I can earn Fit Points for more wine with my fitbit. 

After the meeting we went for lunch with my bestie, then came home and I went to work, it was a cracking meeting, great chat and lots of success topped off with my first member at that venue getting to goal since we opened there 9 weeks ago.  Great way to finish off the week, my Essington meeting!  My Old Fallings meeting this morning is a great way to start my weekend too, I know I'm guaranteed a lot of giggles.  Ain't I got the best job in the world, how lucky am I.  Best job, best friend, best members and most importantly best mom!  Blessed!

Oh I almost forgot, I lost 1/2lb too!  I was gobsmacked, I've not been great the last month but I have been managing to maintain at least. Actually I gained in June (I'm just looking at my record card!) it was a whooping 4.5lb too - ouch!  However, on a positive in Just I've now lost 2lb of that, so at least I'm going back in the right direction.  It has after all been quite a month, now to do No Count.

Just looking through my Eat book, I've noticed there's a Tandoori chicken No Count recipe, that'd be tasty.  I'll manage today with what I have in the house, eggs are a winner and I have plenty!  I'm sure I also have a Weight Watchers No Count ready meal in the fridge that I could have.  Then I'll make a list of what meals I fancy and what I need to buy tonight whilst watching tele with mom and either order online or go shopping.

But first to get ready for my meeting, then to have my massage afterwards, first in a month as I got the times mixed up last week, then I haven't got one for a couple of weeks as she's on holiday. 

I'm feeling positive, got me a couple of weight loss buddies from my meeting and we're all doing No Count this week so can share our meal ideas and keep each other on track. 

Here's to a weekend on track!  You in BeYOUtiful?

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