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Friday, 8 July 2016

Sorting my life out...

8th July 2016
Very little is needed to make a happy life; it is all within yourself, in your way of thinking.  Marcus Aurelius.
Right so it's Friday and after yet another eventful week in the Longsden household, it's time to get back to some kind of normality, Monday was full of mom practicing her stunt work, followed by our trip to the hospital, Wednesday was all about Moms birthday and in-between I've fitted in my lovely members and my meetings.  I even managed to get a few lines of washing done - check me out!

What does normality look like in our house, well today it's going to look like a bit of paperwork and a good chunk of cleaning up and sorting.  It will also include eating well, mom might not being about to chew but I can and I need to make sure I'm eating well.  I'm going to have fresh pineapple for breakfast as it's good for the throat apparently and I have one.  Might have avocado on toast too with an egg, mmm, I've not had an egg for days, withdrawal symptoms will kick in soon.   I've got chicken with lemon and pepper for lunch, might do mash with them, then something light for tea I think, the other half of the avocado on Ryvita or something.  Yeah see, it's easy to get back in the zone with just a bit of thinking.

Tackling the kitchen and utility room won't be some easy, but it's got to be done!  My bedroom windows need a clean too, rock and roll lifestyle or what!  As I'll never be a naturally tidy person, I will accept the challenges when they arise and constantly battle the mess!  Then there's a form to fill in to try and get mom attendance allowance, need to nip to the doctors for a bit of information for that.

After Night Nurse let me down with my throat and cough, I resorted to honey and lemon last night as recommended and I've got to say, it does feel a little better today and I've slept like a brick, so maybe it did help, I won't be Smart Pointing it though, not at 2sp a shot and honey at 1sp per teaspoon.  You can point medicine on the plan, so I'll consider it to be medicine on this occasion!

It has been a good dose of the lurgy, I think it's hit me more because we've had our share of drama this last month in our house including two trips to the hospital.  It has made me realise I have no room for the unexpected in my life as I'm stretched to the limit already, this has helped me come to a decision that some things need to change.  I'm cutting my hours, going to get me an extra day back, luckily I'm getting some time back now we are fully automated in meetings, that will save me a few hours and I'm going to drop my Wednesday morning meeting, I love my meetings so it was a really tough decision to make, but it makes sense and I have done my best to get a brilliant replacement!  I have so much more to do around the house now and mom needs more and more support. Something's got to give, I just can't be everything to everyone and I have to remember I'm important too. 

I'm practicing what I preach and taking care of me!  Hopefully by the end of this month, I'll have much more balance in my life and a lot more order in my house.  Mom and I will be able to spend lots more time together and let's be honest, that's what's most important, much more important than money, we can live on less if we need too, beans on toast all round :)

Right I'm off to make me a big mug of tea, chop me some pineapple and get started on the paperwork! 

Enjoy your day, focus on the healthy, and if you need to BeYOUtiful take a look at your work/life balance!

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