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Saturday, 23 July 2016

Too warm to think!

23rd July 2016
Change brings opportunity.  Nido Qubein

I only went and gained 1/2lb, boo, I'm good with that though as I'd not had a great few weeks running up to last week and so I think it was catch up, although I drank a can of pop on the way to the meeting so that would've weighed right ;-)

Mom however has lost 7.5lb in 3 weeks, she's now under her goal and only 1.5lb off her 100lb certificate!  I'm not too concerned about her losing a bit of weight, she'll soon put a few back on when she can eat again and it's helped her lose those few pounds she had started to gain beforehand.  11 1/2 years at goal, we don't want her gaining do we, she's done too well, over 7 stone, just brilliant.

I'm back on No Count today, we ate out yesterday, I had burger and chips at the Old Irish Harp, it wasn't all that at all and I've just worked out the Smart Points from their website nutritional info and it was 34sp - ouch!   Wasn't worth it at all, not to worry, 80/20 rule and all that, weigh day treat!

Need a few things from the shop so I'm thinking Lidls on my way home from meeting this morning as I pass it and I've no massage, nice chilled day today I reckon, might get some gammon and have it with pineapple, peas, and I'll make potato wedges perhaps, nom nom, they'll be a dry fried egg on top of all that of course.  I want to try and make mushroom soup too, we were talking about Heinz and how nice and white it is in one of my meetings, but when I make it, it goes black, I've been advised to use baby mushrooms, so they're white all the way through.  Did you know mushrooms contain vitamin D, I know we don't need it with this glorious weather but as it's been all over the news this week, in the winter months we do.

Yeah a little bit of time in the kitchen, followed by a lot of time in the garden this weekend I think.  I want some lupins for my garden, so could do with a drive, but don't think that's happening today unless mom fancies an afternoon drive and we go over Bridgnorth Road to get some countryside scenery in too.

First glass of water drunk, I realised yesterday I'm not drinking enough, especially in this heat, so that's my aim today, to keep topped up on fluids, I'll try not to make those fluids alcoholic too early in the day ;)

I really enjoyed my tea last night, I had a packet of Gourmet Merchants mixed grains with a bit of feta cheese crumbled on it.  I really like grains, I need to use those packets I bought and make them myself, experiment with them I think, I'll fit that in at some point too.   They're a great addition to salads in this weather, all the rage on pub menus I've noticed.  

Anyway, I need to shower and get dressed, I'll see some of you in a short while, if you've missed your meeting this week, pop in, even if only to get weighed, I'm there from 8-10.30 as we like to take our time, meeting talk starts at 9.30 but my lovely members like to sit and have a natter and a catch up well before then!

Here's to staying focused over the weekend, remember memories aren't made on the plate in front of you, spend time with loved ones and go have fun BeYOUtiful.

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