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Friday, 29 July 2016

Had me a lie in, ain't I!

29th July 2016
Turn your face toward the sun and the shadows will fall behind you.  Maori proverb
Well check me out, I've only slept to almost 9am, BOOM!  I did take night nurse to help with that though, it's annoying me that the cold and throat I had the other week is just lurking so I thought a guaranteed sleep might help and it's not gone, I'm still a bit snotty, I've still got a bit of a cough, but at least I've slept!

If I hadn't got to be somewhere, I actually think I'd go back to bed and stay there till lunchtime, I never do that!  However I've got some paperwork to do, a car to stock ready for tonight and a Weight Watcher meeting to go get weighed at - it better be good news or I'll wish I'd stayed in bed ;)

I'm trying to remember what I ate yesterday, my brains not woke up yet, I know I had, ahhh I can check my Weight Watcher app and find out - doh!  Breakfast was a cooked salmon fillet leftover from the night before on a flat bread (9sp), lunch was left over meatballs and rice from the day before (12sp) and tea was I'm going to confess, chips and gravy from the chippy, I'd been thinking about them all day.  I asked for a cone of chips and a small gravy, I threw half the chips away, they gave me a bag not a cone what's that all about, normally I'd have shared them with mom but she can't chew, so I put them in the wastebin rather than in my waistbin!  I'd say they cost me 20sp, but the y were worth it.  Well if I manage a loss this morning they were worth it, if I don't I'll wish I'd have had a glass of wine with them to wash them down instead of a cup of tea!

So I just turned my radio on and they were asking an author about her book, I was interested so went on Amazon and typed in what I thought it was called and a book came up that actually sounded good, but I thought I'd check for sure so went onto Radio 2 website to check and it turns out it was a different book that also sounded good, so now I have two books about Nina on their way to me, I WILL read these books, I haven't read a book for months all the way through so when they arrive that's my summer challenge, I may not be going on holiday but I will have my holiday read in the garden.

Until they arrive I'll sit in garden (Hopefully) this weekend if the sun shines and read the new Weight Watcher magazine, it's the naked issue, I'm looking forward to reading about body confidence, in my youth I was extremely lacking body confidence, now I just don't care, I love every inch of me. 

Right I'm gonna keep this short, I've a meeting to get too and everyone keeps talking to me on Facebook ;) so I'll never get anywhere if I don't get on.  YAY it's Friday folks, here's to an awesome weekend, staying on track, I've just seen one of my members post it's her birthday and I absolutely love what she's wrote;

"So it's my birthday today, a big old 31 years old, and as is tradition in our work the birthday girl has to buy the cakes for everyone else.... I have an Apple lol.... My birthday will not be about food today! It will be about the fact I look and feel better than last year!

No that's inspirational!  Life doesn't have to be about food, memories are not made on the plate in front of you - never forget that BeYOUtiful.

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