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Saturday, 2 July 2016

On the road to recovery - lurgy do one!

2nd July 2016
In a gentle way, you can shake the world. Ghandi

I had stew for tea last night, I didn't think stew could taste any better than it does, but I realised it can when someone else has made it for you and you don't have to cook.  I was very grateful to my lovely member Kerry for bringing me a portion to the meeting last night.  I've also got my lurgy on the run so that's fab news, just one more meeting this morning and I plan to chill out with mom and recuperate all weekend, I will get back up to full strength.

Yeah that sounds good, sit round, drink tea, read my new Weight Watcher magazine, maybe cook one of the lovely recipes that's in there, we shall see. 

Yesterday I had a workout trying to put together my new Cross Trainer, what a lot of hard work, bless my brother he came and finished doing it for me whilst I went to work, we all need help and support sometimes don't we.

Despite feeling a bit rough, I'm still managing to focus on those smile moments, and the highlight of my morning is the sparrows on my bird feeder outside my office window, I love to watch them.  It really is the little things that make life wonderful.  Ooo and I've just looked at the weather forecast and there's no sign of rain this weekend, now that does make me smile, maybe I'll get to sit out in the garden with a good book!

I'm looking forward to getting rid of this lurgy and doing my last after meeting tally's this weekend, then from next week I can start using my cross trainer, build up slowly and hopefully get some calories burned, get my fitness levels back up and help give those scales a nudge in the right direction.

I have also realised that there are still certain foods I just can't have in the house?  How about you?  When I went shopping Monday, I bought low fat cheese square slices, the idea was they'd be great for mom to have a snack on!  I don't think she's eaten on yet, whereas I'm eating one every time I open the fridge!  They won't be being replaced...

Snacky food, it's dangerous isn't it, I haven't bought them for years because I've always had that issue where they're just too easy to eat.  I might use one for breakfast on a toasty this morning, at least that way it's part of my meal, bacon toastie, mmm now there's an idea!

I'm waffling this morning ain't I, my brain doesn't really want to think yet, it's come out in sympathy for my body, turns out my brother has had the same lurgy, so I think we both picked something up when we were at the hospital with mom. 

Right let's enjoy this weekend ahead of us, whether you're lazing around like me, or have something wonderful planned.  Take care of yourself, focus on the healthy and happy and make yourself proud BeYOUtiful. 

I mentioned my lovely member who went to her prom yesterday, this is how fantastic she looked;

I have the best job in the world and it's Facebook posts like the one I received last night from my lovely member Cindy that make it all worthwhile, she thanked me for my help, encouragement and support, it was a very lovely post the night before her wedding day, it just feels fantastic to be told that I've helped in even a tiny way to make her wedding day something special.   

I can't wait to see the photos!  Right I'm off now, honest...

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