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Sunday, 10 July 2016

How you spending your time?

10th July 2016
Sometimes it's the smallest decisions that can change your life forever.  Keri Russell

Yesterday I talked about getting that work / life balance back, finding the time to do all the things I want to do, now to decide what those things are!  We had a lovely afternoon yesterday, I ended up not having my massage because I turned up an hour early and I couldn't wait and I needed to get back, but that was all good because at least I don't ache anywhere at the moment, which is rare!  The rest of the day was spent drinking and chatting with my mate, we watched a rubbish film, mom even pointed out it felt like it had been on all afternoon, then we all went for a little walk with Alfie over the shops, and we chilled, put the world on hold for a few hours.  I fell asleep on them both as usual, I was shattered after my eventful week!

Back to finding the time to do stuff, if you need to do this too, first of all we need to decide what the 'stuff' it is we want to find time for don't we?  What are all the things you'd do if you had time?  I'm quite boring here I guess as I don't want to do anything super special, I just want time to do the normal things like, spending time with mom, going on drives in the countryside, cooking recipes, reading books, sitting up the garden in the sunshine (if we get any!), going to my WW meeting as a member and then enjoying lunch with my bestie, walking the dog, using my cross trainer, doing a bit of crafting maybe.  I actually want to find the time to do housework too, because I do feel better when my house is tidier, I'm more inclined to cook when my kitchen worktops are clear! 

Once we've decided what we want to do with the time we're going to get back, the we can look at what we're spending our time doing at the moment!  What can you give up that you're doing right now to make time for the things you want to do?  Even if you feel guilty giving them up, don't, it's okay to be a little selfish if it's going to stop you from becoming burned out or stressed.  Can you delegate any of the things you do?  It may sound trivial but I delegated fetching moms medication from the hospital pharmacy to my brother, it saved me an hour and gave me one less thing to do - it really helped. 

I also realised online shopping saved me some time too, I do enjoy a walk round a supermarket I won't lie but I can live without it on a weekly basis if it gives me a clear day to go for a drive with mom now and again.

This week when I've come in my office to do my paperwork and aftercare, I've shut the internet down, this meant I focused on the work I had to do rather than being distracted by emails, Facebook messages and the rest, meaning I focused on the job in hand and got it done quicker.  

Could you do with turning the tv off?  Getting things done at those times when you'd cabbage in front of the tv means you have more hours in the day, time to put those non-negotiable' important things in your diary like "My WW Meeting", "My Exercise Time", the stuff that you know is important to you and you want to do!  Don't let someone take that valuable times from you and replace them with something else. 

A to do list might help?  Feels good to tick the things off as you do them, always put have a cup of tea as the first one and have a glass of wine as the last makes it a nicer list.

Most importantly, remember to relax, to be happy and take time out to chill, slow down and do nothing, it's okay to do nothing sometimes.

I might do a lot of nothing today ;0)

Enjoy your Sunday whatever you choose to do with it BeYOUtiful. xx

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