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Tuesday, 30 June 2020

Walking on eggshells!

Tuesday 30th June 2020 
Keep your head up, keep your heart strong.

Yeah walking on eggshells was the theme of the day yesterday, happy nice mom has been replaced with borderline demon and so far this morning it looks like we're in for a similar kind of day - yay NOT!  

In other news, check these out, 

I'm easily pleased, I've just enjoyed them for my breakfast, poached eggs are not my forte but I did it and they egg was so runny and delicious, it made me smile.

Well the dogs just thrown up, third time this week, I've just lost my temper with the world because the heatings on full blast, the gas fires on, I'm menopausal and melting so I think we can safely say today could be a crap one too from an atmosphere point of view, but right now I've come upstairs, which will pee her off also, but hey I'm already the horrible one so who cares.

I'm online for a virtual workshop at 8, so I need to get stuff done, (find link in Wolverhampton Connect group on the WW app), it's not all bad lol.

Good stuff, because there is always positives, 

1) Went walking with Vicky and we put the world to rights.
2) Bumped into my sister whilst walking this morning and she's making me dinner for me ;) 
3) I'm getting goat and mutton at the weekend, thanks to the lovely Amanda Smith who's taken to cooking her deliciousness and selling it, she won Come Dine with Me once and I've been to a dinner party at her house which was so good.  I've shared her post on my facebook timeline if you're interested. 

4) and this is a good one, today I'm going to do a risk assessment at the church in Bloxwich so we can get my workshops back up and running in the second half of July, express workshops but still one step closer to some kind of normal.

I'm also doing a crochet course - there's number 5, I got it at a reduced rate and yes I know I can already crochet but I'm interested in the design side and that's included in the course so I've sped through modules 1-5 which were actually still interesting and taught me a few things, and now I'm at the design module which I'm really looking forward too and will take my time.

See always good stuff.  I do need to knuckle down though and lose a few pounds before going back to work or I'm not getting in my trousers, I'm roughly the same weight as when we went into lockdown but my shapes changed because I've not been so active loading and unloading my car burns calories and tones muscles and I've not been doing that have I! 

Here's to a day on track, ending June on a high and looking forward to a July filled with zero heroes!

Mwah, luv ya 

love me x 

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