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Sunday, 14 June 2020

Rebuilding my healthy lifestyle

Sunday 14th June 2020 
Throw out the excess, clean up the mess, say no to stress and live with less.

I'm contemplating housework today!  At the minimum the living room and the kitchen.  I'm saving my office for Friday when the lady comes to sit with mom for 4 hours, I thought if I stay here the first time just to make sure she's okay, I can get a lot done in my office in that time.  

It's quite nice out this morning, just back from walking Alfie, he wasn't really in the mood but I've done my bit there now.  Quite the thunderstorm last night, mom wanted an early night and I wasn't tired, so took my glass of wine to bed with me, and sat up listening to my audio book.  Apparently though, I was tireder than I realised because yes I dropped off and drowned myself and my bed in red wine!  You'd be amazed at how much damage an inch of wine can do.  I had to completely strip the bed, so they're soaking in the bath waiting to be put in the machine this morning - yes I'm a numpty, I know. 

I know I keep saying it but yesterday's workshop was brilliant, I love that I get to spend the morning working with Elle and Kate, we laughed and we also as a group came up with lots of ideas to help us all get through the week.  I'll be hard boiling some eggs this morning, adding some wafer thin cooked chicken rather than ham to my shopping basket and grating and portioning my cheese to avoid the temptation to eat too much at any one time.  I've taken a cottage pie out of the freezer, it's a portion I cooked last time I made some, that's the bonus of cooking for too many, gonna have it with peas, beans and gravy nom nom.  But first I'm going to have bacon, egg and mushrooms for breakfast, might have a crumpet with it too or a muffin.  Oh ain't food great.  

I've started to sort through my cook books, turns out there's only one shelf not two as I remember having done it before.  I will be keeping some I think but not all.

This weeks workshops are all about FATS, the kind we eat not wear on our bodies, I'm looking forward to this one, I like information and as I'm going back to the start and clearing the slate, rebuilding a healthy lifestyle, it's good to be reminded of all the facts. 

I'm looking forward to support Amy this morning, I get that little Sunday morning motivation that helps me stay on track today before I weigh in tomorrow, I'll be happy with a maintain, I'm a work in progress, lots going on in my world at the moment, things I can't talk about, so if I can stop it affecting my weight, it's a bonus. 

Here's to a great day, I'm off to have my breakfast, hungry this morning I am, even after eating my 2 little apples - yes still on the fruit, rebuilding my healthy lifestyle from the bottom up, one habit at a time! 

Mwah, luv ya 

Love me xx 

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