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Thursday, 25 June 2020

In a rush!

Thursday 25th June 2020
Work on you for you 

Well I managed to convince her to go to the doctors, I said it was to see if any of her medication was causing side effects, that seemed to work.  If you'd been there you'd never have believed there was anything wrong with her!  However the doctor has prescribed some new drugs for her memory which the chemist have had to order in so hopefully we'll have them today.  Memantine I think it's called but as the piece of paper with all the side effects is downstairs I can't be 100%.

We had mostly a good day yesterday, she got herself worked up over going to the doctors, but she's always been like that, okay once she's there.  The heat is bothering both of us, so I'm surprised she wasn't a lot worse yesterday and thankful. 

I did celebrate getting her to the doctors by enjoying these crispy duck pancakes!  Aldi £4, thanks to the member who mentioned them, you were right, a great alternative to a takeaway.  3SP per pancake or roughly 19 for half the pack, I however did cleverness and let Alfie have all the skin which would be where the majority of the fat was, I also cooked it on a rack as suggested so loads of fat was left in the baking tray underneath.  I really enjoyed it, I love hoisin sauce.  

Now I'd like this make with chicken to save loads of points!  I've just looked and I can get the Chinese pancakes for £1.10 in Sainsbury's and 1SP each, Hoisin sauce is 2SP tablespoon and the chicken would be zero as would the cucumber and spring onions, sorted, I'll be doing that one day next week when my delivery comes. 

Yep yesterday was a good day, enjoyed the virtual workshop on the night too, they constantly help to remind me that I may not be being 100% but I am focusing on something and this week it's those zero heroes, I've jstu had my apple, got a couple of Satsumas here too, a big salad today with chicken I think as I have a chicken which came in my delivery but it's use by today so no saving it for the weekend.  

Anyway, I've just clocked the time, Alfie had me out walking for a good hour this morning so we're behind and I go on virtual at 8 and it's twenty to now, so here's to a great day, enjoy the sunshine.

Please don't be one of those mugs on the beach within inches of each other, I don't want any of the people I know catching this dreadful disease for the sake of a bit of sun.  Stay safe, stay out of this crazy hot sun, sit in the shade in your garden or somewhere where you can keep that distance. 

Mwah, luv ya 

Love me xx

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