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Tuesday, 16 June 2020

Getting cheaper by the day ;)

Tuesday 16th June 2020 
A good day starts with a positive attitude and a great cuppa

Good morning, are you ready for your day?  I am, the rain woke me up around 4, so I've already done my yoga, had my cuppa and now I'm eating my apple - check me out!  

Even better, my healthy shop is being delivered today, fruit and veggies all the way and I'm going to have a cheap, healthy week.  I've just took a homemade curry out the freezer and I'll be having it with cauliflower rice.  I also have a bag of gnocchi in the fridge which I've just decided I'm going to bake with a can of condensed soup and frozen peas and sweetcorn, that'll be proper comfort food on a day when it's needed.  I'm guessing it'll freeze too, so I can pop some in the freezer for another day.  Taking this budgeting very seriously as becoming very aware of the current climate and the losses of jobs that are happening nationally, it has a knock on effect to all of us! 

I'm fancying a cooking day, I've made some room in the freezer so I can cook up some deliciousness and freeze it for the days I don't feel like cooking.  I found a couple of recipes in a Jamie Oliver book I fancy having a go at too.  Hopefully mom will behave and I'll be able to get in there. I hoovered yesterday, ma'an I do not like that job, but my stair carpet was starting to look a different colour so it was much needed!

I didn't crochet at all yesterday, that's a first I think for a good while, to be honest other than hoover, I'm not quite sure what I did do!  DOH! I went walking with Vicky didn't I - dozy ain't I, as ever it was great, not just the exercise of the body that is much needed right now but also the mind, firstly as daft as it sounds we did our route backwards, erm that's stranger than you think you know.  We all have our ways and I've never ever walked that route counter clockwise and over the years, I've walked it a lot.  Then we shared our issues, the things in our lives that are going on that we want to talk about and get feedback on, a problem shared and all that. 

Then I just chilled with mom and gave her attention for the rest of the day, that in itself is a full time job I tell ya!

Anyways, I'm off for another cuppa cos I can hear mom moving about downstairs and she'll start to get antsy if  I stay up here much longer, hope to see you all this morning, on virtual 8-9, workshop starts at 8.30, in the Wolverhampton Connect group.  

Let's have a delicious day shall we?

Mwah, luv ya

Love me xx 

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