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Saturday, 20 June 2020

If only weight loss came in a bottle!

Saturday 20th June 2020
Self care is how you take your power back.

That first mug of tea in a morning is like a liquid hug and I've just had mine.   

You know that feeling when someone buys you a gift in a big box and it's wrapped lovely with a pretty bow on and you are so excited and can't wait to see what's inside it.  Then you open it and it's a rubbish gift, your entire body deflates and you go from buzzing to flat.  Yep we've all had that moment ain't we, well the carer coming for respite yesterday was a little like that.  It sounded like it was going absolutely brilliantly, I managed to walk the dog and do a conference call (which didn't help the mood) then the minute the lady had gone, mom turned, she doesn't want her coming again, she wished I'd asked her first.  If I'm fed up of her, then she'll leave and I can get on with my life!  Stuff like that, the rest of the day was like sitting in a very awkward, miserable hell as her mood couldn't be turned so 4 hours of freedom was followed by almost 6 hours of misery because she wouldn't go to bed either.  YAY, that gift  had a turd in it!  

Then I foolishly commented on a post selling 'lose weight' products, I should've kept out of it, not my circus - not my monkeys.  I just hate to see people being manipulated, both the customer and the seller to be fair, she's just trying to earn a living right now when times are truly tough and they're desperate to lose some weight.   

The truth is there is no quick fix, up to 2lb a week is what you'll lose following the WW plan - but that's only if you actually follow the plan. There are no short cuts, magic formulas, lotions or potions. Yeah you can cheat the system, take what feels like the easy way - it's not healthy though and you won't keep the weight off. To be successful at weight loss you have to make changes that are permanent, changes that you'll keep in place. 

Success isn't in the grand gestures, it's in the to your routine and changes to your eating habits. 

How do I know?  Because I've lost weight so many times if I'd kept off every pound I ever lost I'd be a key charm by now!  

Most people have lost weight before, myself included. Then life happens and you put it back on, for me it was my mom being diagnosed with Alzheimer's and my world being turned upside down as I became a full-time carer. Right now it's people who's lives have been changed by lockdown and everything that is COVID-19, we are reacting to a situation we have no control over and some of us have been looking for the cure in the kitchen or at least looking for something to cheer our life up a little. 

Anyone can lose weight by changing how they eat and adding some exercise into the equation. However if you feel you could do with some support and a plan that makes the eating side of it all less complicated, then WW is an option, it's the one I chose and I will continue too.  They believe in themselves so much that this week they've been offering 30 days completely free, that offer ends tonight so if you know anyone who needs a little help and encouragement, share the link www.ww.com/uk, maybe you've had to cancel due to finances, here's your chance to re-engage. WW really does work and the group support helps more than you can imagine.  I'll be online on my virtual workshop at 9.45 this morning with support from Elle and Kate, we're always on from 9.15am to have those 1-1 conversations and check-ins.  I'm also always there via the phone whilst we're in lockdown as support too.  

I know members can't wait to get back to in person workshops and WW are doing everything they can to make that happen, it's all government dependent, July 6ish onwards is the hope for weigh only workshops, let's hope that happens! 

If you are struggling right now with losing weight, don't give yourself a hard time, start today and just start with trying to improve your eating habits, don't stress about losing weight.  Downsize the portion a bit maybe or re-evaluate the plate, more veggies to fill you up.  Swap the odd bag of crisps or chocolate bar for a smaller one or better still a bit of fruit.  Go for a walk round the block.  Little tweaks each week, that's the answer, realistic changes you will find easy enough to do.  The one thing I can promise you about a WW workshop and the coach is they passionately care about their members, yes it's their job and they're paid to do it but that's not why they choose to role (there's much easier ways to earn a living) they choose it because they empathise and want to help.  

Right I'm off to try and get Alfie to walk, to attempt to practice what I preach and to hope that mom's in a better mood today.  I had tears from her Thursday morning which just broke my heart and made me think I should give everything up and just be her carer so I can be there all the time for her.  I HATE ALZHEIMERS! 

Anyway, moving on, let's make today delicious, 

Mwah, luv ya 

Love me xx

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