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Thursday, 4 June 2020

Another day, another chance

Thursday 4th June 2020 
No chance, no growth.

I'm now running late this morning!   Online for my virtual in exactly an hour, Alfie wanted a good walk and I've done the last day of the 30 day Home with Adrienne which was a good 40 minutes,  You wouldn't believe I've been awake since 4, I did lie in bed reading for half hour or so though, no regrets though, I'll be ready in time, just get through this blog fast and without to much though.

I've just smiled at the weather lady on Good Morning Britain, she used the word  'dramastically' which isn't a word, but she obviously couldn't decide between dramatically and drastically, I quite like it and may use it.  It sort of sums up some of the conversations we had in my virtual workshop last night, we're talking about taking charge of unhelpful thoughts.  One of the techniques discussed is known as Reality Check, last night we decided to add one and named it Drama Queen syndrome!  When we have quite dramatic thoughts surrounding our weight loss journey and behaviour and then behave in drastic ways to try and rectify the problem or to completely throw us of track so we behave DRAMASTICALLY lol. 

If you want to know more about that join me at 8.30am today or 9.45am Saturday when I'm on my virtual workshops, I'm in Dudley & Walsall connect group today and Wolverhampton group Saturday.

It's just so difficult to control our thoughts but I do think just acknowledging them is a great place to start and what's helped me the last few days is talking about them and writing them down to get them out of my head, it's helping me process the situation that I find myself in. 

Walking with Vicky yesterday was 2 hours of fabulous, we talked about everything that was going on for both of us, then we talked about what's happening in America which completely took us away from our own issues.  Then we stood and watched two coots, one sat on the nest, the other fetching and collecting twigs and lily leaves to help build their nest, it was beautiful to watch and realise nature goes on despite everything. 

According to the news now, we had more deaths in this country from Covid yesterday than the whole of Europe combined!  This is ridiculous, when will we get back to normal, when will we be able to get out and about hug one another again.  

That puts other things into perspective doesn't it, the only thing that matters is we LIVE!  Everything else can be sorted over time.  If the worse problem we have right now is excess weight, ain't we lucky!  

Let's work at staying healthy and alive, hopefully weight loss will be the side effect.  

Here's to an awesome day in any way, focus on the positives and be gentle on yourself. 

Mwah, luv ya 

Love me x

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