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Monday, 22 June 2020

You can always ask for help x

Monday 22nd June 2020
Find a way or fade away.

Well my day started emotional yesterday and not because of my mom for a change.  One of my BeYOUtiful members logged into the virtual workshop for a wellness check-in, there was only the three of us on there so we could talk openly and honestly.  I ended up crying because of what was being said, as I know so many of my members are struggling with the situation right now and here I was speaking to one I hadn't seen for 12 weeks, who didn't think virtual workshops would help them when we first went into lockdown but now realised they needed something because the situation wasn't improving.  I felt like I'd let them down a little, but hopefully now I've got them back on the workshops we can improve the situation.  I've seen a lot of faces over the last week, I haven't seen for a while, I think initially a lot of people didn't think it would last this long so were planning on waiting until we went back to 'normal'.  That's not happening even when we get back next month, it'll be weigh only with talks continuing to be virtual and I'm loving this one, it's Springing into Summer and it's helped me again.  

Time to stop making excuses, 30 minutes a week to sit and join a virtual workshop, you don't have to travel anywhere to do it, if you need somewhere quitet go sit in your car on the drive or hide in the loo, have your earphones in so only you can hear if privacy is a problem and if you're concerned about how you look don't have your camera on - but remember I know what you look like, I've seen you in real life and you are BeYOUtiful. xx

Oh and if it makes you feel any better, I've gained 3lb this week and I'm once again back to my start weight, actually I'm 1lb heavier than I have been but I'm okay with that, my mental health is coping with this situation and my mom extremely well, all things considered.  I'm gonna blame my sister for buying me chocolate eclairs from Iceland yesterday lol, obviously she can't be blamed for all 3lb, but hey passing the buck helps ;) 

Joking aside, it's been an extremely emotional week all round, I've got mom and her problems, I have other personal stuff going on I can't talk about, then there's the hormones - oh the hormones.  But I'd like to thank another member (you know who you are) for giving me a giggle yesterday morning as we privately chatted during the virtual workshop for giving me proof I'm not the only hormonal wreck who has meltdowns over the most stupid things, it is worth a complete meltdown when your wok won't fit in your cupboard, sister I can't even find my wok, it's either in the shed or I got rid of it when I had my kitchen done and there's no way I'm climbing about in that shed until the rain well and truly does one! 

The good news is, it isn't all bad, that same hormonal sister has been losing weight week in, week out during lockdown proving we can handle those hormones, problems and lockdown if we try.   She's inspired me to continue making those tweaks each week and sorting myself out.  I've got the water / fruit / yoga / walking in place now, so now I need to sort the eating/drinking out.  This week I intend to track properly and track everything so I can see what's causing the most damage, then work on cutting back and making changes. I'm okay with my gain from an emotional point of view but I don't want to continue that trend, I'd like it to start coming down now please and to make that happen I need to make more changes.  

Zero heroes - yeah that's going to be my focus this week, including more of them!  I proved to myself yesterday I can be beaten lol, I cooked a mushroom chow mein and I couldn't finish the plate.  Now the truth is, I should've only used one portion of noodles not too, this worked out at 16SP but would've only been 10SP if I'd used one portion of noodles.  My excuse was I'd put too much soy sauce in so needed to dilute the taste - yeah whatever! 

The recipe for this is on my Happy Owls website, I've started updating the points on the recipes so they have all 3 plans, I've done A through C, will do some more each day.  I'm going to start cooking more of those recipes from my site too because I know they're all good as I've cooked most of them. 

There's lots of other things on this site too, so when you're bored, give it a look.

I've got 2 corn on the cob in the fridge that should've been eaten by 20th but I'm going to see if they're okay to eat today, plus they're zero and when I do my shopping today I shall be ordering zero heroes, get some salad I think.

Here's to making Monday matter, looking forward to my walk with V, I need to offload so hope her ears are ready! 

Mwah, luv ya 

Love me xx 

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