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Tuesday, 2 June 2020

Getting better ay I!

Tuesday 2nd June 2020 
What you do today can improve all your tomorrows.

Focus on what you're doing well, not what you're struggling with.  I'm known for going at things like a bull at a gate and it's a behaviour I'd like to change, so after my initial panic over my mate bringing cake yesterday, I accepted that I'm not going to be a 'perfect' WWer overnight, if ever to be honest.  

This is why I started my day with zero scrambled eggs and some fruit, then amended my basket for my online shop to include healthy fruit.  I knew my two other meals wouldn't be low as they were the last of the "10 meal deal offers I'd had the week before from Waitrose, no room left in freezer and mom didn't want any.  I just can't bring myself to waste food when I'm trying to get my finances under control.  Stupid I know, but hey that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!

Now this Char Siu Pork was absolutely delicious!  It said it served 2, but I obviously need to work on my portions and again that's not happening overnight because I ate it all.  Having said that, it was 16SP and worth it, I had it with roasted cauliflower rice to keep the rest of the meal zero and I thoroughly enjoyed it. 
Now if these chips hadn't been use by June 1st, I wouldn't have had them if I'm honest, the good news is I wouldn't buy these ones again either but there's 13SP on that plate with the beans.  Unfortunately mom didn't want the others so I ended up picking at some of the rest too!

I didn't snack in-between meals so that's a bonus, plus I walked for 2 hours (5 miles) with Vicky, plus my yoga which together earned me 12 FitPoints and tracked 100% honestly and I really enjoyed some wine, not drank it because I was stressed by mom.

See the thing is it depends how you look at things, on a negative you could choose to say bloody hell Bev you used 47SP on Day 1, that's a bit rubbish when you're daily allowance is 23, but I choose to see it as, well done Bev, you were accountable to yourself, under no illusion that you'd not eat that food and you're now prepared with lots of healthy food to lower those points today.  Oh and hell yeah you're eating Fruit and have done daily for over a week now, that's awesome - GO YOU! 

Yeah this week, I'm focusing on all the positives like mom being asleep sat next to me right now, rather than the negatives (we won't even write them).  

Dog walk and Yoga already done this morning, I'm ready for my Virtual workshop at 8.30 (Wolverhampton group), then I plan to go and spend some time in my kitchen.   oooo ooo I forgot to say I cooked these too.   4SP in all of them, I made them to use up the leftover cauliflower rice, just mixed them with eggs, dijon mustard and topped with 4SP low fat cathedral city cheese.  

I love those muffin moulds, find em on the www.weightwatchersshop.co.uk wesbite, there's a sale on this week too, don't forget to use my code I7IA5I (capital I's not 1's) if you're ordering .

Right I'm off, need to get ready for work!  Keep doing the best you can xx

Mwah, luv ya 

Love me x

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