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Friday, 26 June 2020

Friday Feeling?

Friday 26th June 2020
Be there for others but never leave yourself behind. 

Well that was a warm one wasn't it!   

That more or less summed up my day yesterday, it all revolved around us trying to stay cool. 

The workshops on the morning were enjoyed, lovely to catch up with everyone each week, setting our goals for the summer.  My focus for just is Zero Hero's, I may not be being a brilliant WW member right now but I can eat my zero's, I've had hard boiled eggs for breakfast.  We've already done our walk although he didn't want to go far and I'm sat next to mom, she's just reading the paper to me.  

Will we be having a second wave just as we're all supposed to 'officially' be coming out of lockdown?  All these people on beaches more or less touching, then those celebrating last night with the football.  It's all a bit scary for sure.

Lot's of water being drunk too, it's so important to keep hydrated whilst it's this hot, even too hot for me to crochet yesterday, I'll do a bit more of updating my recipes on my happyowls.co.uk website today I reckon. 

Mom's coping with it better than I expected, plenty confusion obviously but no aggression for a few days thankfully, big of frustration but nothing I can't handle.  The carers due at 12 again today, not sure how she's going to react to her, but I'm going to let it happen and see.

This is week 26, which mean's we are officially halfway through the year, are you happy with what you've achieved this year? I reckon everyone will make this Christmas the best ever and I don't mean with lots of gifts, I mean with get-togethers. It's family and friends people have missed most this last 12 weeks.  How's your WW journey going? Do you need to refocus? What's worked for you this Spring? What do you need to focus on this Summer?

I'm trying to decide whether to take up an offer to do a couple of courses for a bargain price or if a bargain price is a waste of money if I pay and don't do them!  Decisions, Decisions.....

Just like everything, paying for something is pointless if you don't use it!

Here's to using that WW app you're paying for, exploring everything it does, check out the Connect groups, there are so many different ones, but one worth looking at is the WW virtual academy which has zooms to help you get to grips with the app and the different plans. There's also experiences at home which has things like cooking zoom demo's or there's WW healthy body, healthy mind where you can find zoom exercise and dance classes.

Yeah get using the app you're paying for.

Right I'm off, I'm ready for my mug of tea, moms snoozing so I might get a little work done sat here, let's have a good day.

Mwah, luv ya 

Love me x

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