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Wednesday, 17 June 2020

Wednesday ain't it!

Wednesday 17th June 2020 
When life gives you LIMES rearrange the letters and SMILE

I loved my dinner yesterday, not only was it delicious, but cheap too, oh and only 4 ingredients, quick, easy & veggie.  Not forgetting healthy! 

Put a packet of gnocchi (Tesco 75p, Aldi £1.19, Asda £1.35 Morrisons £1.50, Sainsburys £1.70, - I've just checked those online, so it shows prices do vary store to store, but the days of wandering round to get the bargains are gone for now aren't they) into an ovenproof dish, add a couple of handfuls of any frozen veg and top with a can of condensed soup, refill can almost to top with hot water to swill out rest of soup, stir it all together and top with 45g mature cheese. Whack in oven for 25 mins on gas mark 6, 200c or fan 180c. I split it 3 ways (& a little portion for my mom) total points 40SP (so between 10-13SP per portion depending on size) and cost around £3 to make.

You can use up fresh or canned  veggies in this and any can of soup too, it doesn't have to be condensed, you just wouldn't add the water.  If you're unsure of gnocchi you could use a bag of fresh pasta.  It'd be delicious with some tortelloni just adjust the points accordingly.  

I've frozen the other two portions and will defrost, then reheat in oven, nom nom. 

I've started sorting through my cookbooks, got a few recipes to try, typed a few up to share.  I really need to get on top of my website, it needs updating for points for blue/green/purple, it's one of those jobs I keep putting off.   At the minute I'm looking for cheap, easy and delicious recipes and I'm finding a few or having ideas of my own, I'm working my way through what I've got first though before I buy any special ingredients for recipes.  I enjoyed a jacket potato last night, forgot how good they are, so much so I might have the same today for lunch but with a WW chilli pot on the top.  I do quite like that and on blue it's only 2SP.  I know I have one in the cupboard. Don't forget if you order anything from the www.weightwatchersshop.co.uk website to use my code I7IA5I, they're capital I's not ones. 
I'm really surprised that Tesco was so much cheaper, I wonder if that's just an odd product that's cheaper or if they're all much of a muchness. At the moment I'm just grateful that I can get a delivery once a week that's for sure. 

I cleaned the kitchen yesterday so will hopefully get to have a potter in there today, moms had a cracking night sleep which is always a good thing, no walking today as Vicky's got flooding problems so has enough on her place so I'm gonna be productive.  Although I can't cook too much as still not room in freezer to store it quite yet.  Oh I have curry for lunch I forgot, I defrosted it yesterday gonna make cauliflower rice to go with it.  

Meal planning is definitely the future, it's got to save money hasn't it when you think about it because you only buy what you're going to eat, you don't have to necessarily eat it in a set plan but have the healthy stuff in.   It starts with the shop, if you only buy healthy stuff you can only eat healthy stuff.  One of my member commented yesterday on the price of eating healthy and she's right fruit came be expensive, so you have to think differently and use ways to bring those prices down.  I've found that I like tinned pineapple, a small can from Sainsburys that does me one portion was about 30p, I've just gone to look and they've only got the 50p ones now!  Not being able to get supplies isn't helping at all.  But even at 50p, that's £3.60kg, the mango I bought works out at £8.33kg because I bought a big pack, smaller packs work out at £10kg, I can get frozen mango for £4kg.  Buying frozen or tinned can cut the cost a lot, or buy what's in season to save even more.  

I think cheap, basic food can be absolutely delicious if some thought goes into it.  I've got diced beef in the freezer so I'm going to make a nice stew, the beef was bought when reduced so saved money there too.  Can't beat a Whoopsie as long as it's something you'll use.  Actually I'll get that out and make a stew for tomorrow, that'll keep me satisfied and as I work tomorrow morning, I'll have my dinner ready afterwards.   

I've missed the offers that I usually get because of this lockdown, I was chuffed to see the dog food reduced yesterday so I doubled up on Alfie's stash.

All this talk of food has made me hungry!  I'm off to do something with eggs and a courgette!  Watch this space lol. 

I'll be online later in the WW Wolverhampton connect group, 5-6, workshop officially starts at half past. Hope to see lots on. 

Here's to a delicious day.

Mwah, luv ya 

Love me 

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