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Friday, 19 June 2020

Food glorious food, gotta love a fakeaway

Friday 19th June 2020
Make yourself a priority, if not at the top, at least put yourself on your to-do list!

Stop waiting for tomorrow if your weight is bothering you today!  If you're not happy with how you look or feel, start to do something about it, if your weight doesn't bother you then stop worrying about it and just focus on being the healthiest version of yourself.  

I know as a coach I should want to lose weight but the numbers aren't my priority, being happy and healthy is, don't get me wrong if I lose weight as a side effect - happy days, but I don't look in the mirror in a morning and hate my reflection, I love who I am and my body doesn't define me. 

I've had lots of messages over the last week from people who are struggling, they want to get back to the weighing workshops of Pre-Covid but until we can, we can't just put everything on pause.  The email that went out to members from WW was that workshops would start to re-open from July 4th, it's all dependent on venues and government etc.  This is why it's so important to stay in touch with your coach through the virtual workshops and yesterday's proved that to those that joined and were struggling and left feeling more focused and positive. 

After talking Takeaways/Fakeaways in the workshops, I spent yesterday updating the Fakeaway document on my website so it has the points for all 3 plans, I hope to add some more recipes to the document as I find them.  Lisa mentioned a Fanta Sweet & Sour chicken, I've never made it myself but sounds worth a dabble; 

Fanta sweet and sour chicken (zero blue / purple or 5SP green)

3 chicken breasts – cut into strips
330ml can of Fanta zero
4 tbsp on passata
1 chopped onion
1 Veg or chicken stock cube
1-2 Tsp vinegar
sweetener to taste (optional)
Shake of dried chilli 
Chopped red pepper (add any stir fry veggies you fancy – mushrooms / beansprouts)
Drained tinned Pineapple chunks – add as many as you like – they’re zero points!

1.   Fry onions until they are soft, then added the chicken pieces and brown.

2.   Add ALL the other ingredients, except pineapple and simmer for approx. 20 minutes, remove lit half way to start to let the liquid reduce. 

3.   Once cooked, add pineapple and serve.

One of my favourite fakeaways which I guess you wouldn't consider to be one but if I'm having a day out or going to Ikea or the Garden Centre I'm always tempted by them is hotdogs, I bloomin look hotdogs with ketchup and mustard , mmm.  I'm going to add them to my to eat list for next week; 

4SP per roll
1SP per roll

and don't forget to point the ketchup too!

Be careful with canned onions, these ones are 9SP a can.

I like to cook my onions in the brine water from the hot dog can, absolutely delicious and definitely going on my to eat list now, that's Tuesday's shop day meal sorted, nom nom.  Cheap meal too. 

Don't ya just love food and eating!   I'm hungry now, better go find me a bit of fruit, got me some strawberries in the fridge, will take them out and let them get to room temperature, not a fan of really cold fruit. 

Well we've got a respite carer coming in today for 4 hours, not sure how it's going to go, two ladies came yesterday to fill in forms and mom was okay with them until they'd gone!  Every time they mention the word 'carer' she gets stroppy, companies need to think about that and use different language, carer makes mom feel old and helpless.  I keep telling her the lady is coming to give her a bit of company, a different face to talk too, I really hope she enjoys it.  I'll be staying here, will go up to my office and start sorting that.

Roast chicken dinner on my menu today, I fancy some gravy deliciousness, sprouts and cauliflower will be the veggies and I'm hoping to make a chow mein tomorrow with some of the leftover chicken, then use the rest for the risotto, if there's any left after Alfie helps me out.  

Here's to a delicious day, 

mwah, luv ya 

Love me 

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