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Friday, 12 June 2020

Here's to another good day x

Friday 12th June 2020
Be an encourager, the world has plenty of critics.

Yesterday was a good mom day, no major wobblies or meltdowns thankfully and to make things even better I got a call from my social worker to check on me.  After bringing her up to date on mom, she asked how the 4 hours a week respite was going, to which I said, we haven't had any yet, I assumed it was because of lockdown.  No, it wasn't and she wasn't impressed at all, as it was back in February it was agreed, so she said leave it with her and she'd sort.  I had a call yesterday afternoon, we've got a lovely lady named Julie coming next Friday from 12-4 and she'll come every week to sit with mom.  Now obviously, I don't know how moms going to react to this idea, but if we don't try, we don't know.  I'll probably stay in the house the first time, go and potter about, if she seems okay with it, I could walk Alfie, then hopefully over time, I'll be able to go and do something for that time, even if it's walking through the fields at the moment, cos no one can go anywhere much anyway.  I really hope mom enjoys having a visitor, I really do.

Despite eating a finger of KitKat that mom kept offering me, I had a pretty healthy day, mango and apple for breakfast, then scrambled eggs and mushrooms on a cheesy muffin.  For tea I had tandoori skewers on a bed of egg fried rice with roasted peppers.  Alfie enjoyed most of my chicken, to be honest it was a little dry.  

Mom woke me at 4.15 this morning to ask where her trousers were, Alfie came into my room and jumped up the side of my bed. I got up and found all her clothes and said I'm just gonna have five more minutes (I didn't! I can rarely go back to sleep at that time), in which time she got back on her bed and went back to sleep - where she still is, Alfie's fast asleep on my bed where I lifted him and I've been wide awake ever since and done my yoga.   It is lovely and peaceful though, I haven't even turned my radio on, I'm enjoying the silence. 

We're talking planning this week, I know I've already mentioned that but yesterday I suggested people start writing down meals they enjoy in a notebook, maybe add recipes they enjoy.  This got me thinking as I want to sort my office, I could start with my recipe books, I have 2 shelves that I rarely look at, I'm going to work my way through them, find the recipes I do like and copy them then put them in a folder, then find a new home for the books.  Make more space for things I do use now.

I'm all about making changes at the minute, not big grand gestures but small tweaks each week, I've lost and gained weight so much over the years but now I want to focus on changing my behaviours, my routines, my habits so that they'll hopefully stick and I'll make lasting changes rather than short term fixes.  Not diet related but one thing I've done that's saving me hours is putting the dogs lead, my keys and my earphones in the drawer as soon as I enter the house, this has saved me hours of endless searching for them because I can't remember where I left them the last time I used them.  The fruit being put by the kettle is working too, I am eating a piece each day and starting to actually enjoy it.  If I can build up with little habits and new routines over time, hopefully I'll end up a happier, healthier version of myself.  

Today though, I'm going to hope mom has another good day, try and finish a lemon baby blanket I've been working on that's taking a lot of concentration, oh and I've got some work to do, actually I've just realised I've got a lot of work to do, so the blanket may not get finished till the weekend, but that's okay because I'm in no rush to finish it.

Oh and proving you can still be successful in Lockdown, another of my lovely members hit her goal yesterday, well done Emma, you've done amazingly well. 

Right I'm off, mwah, luv ya 

Love me xx

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