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Friday, 5 June 2020

Friday YAY!

Friday 5th June 2020
Encourage one another and build each other up.

Well I managed to walk Alfie in-between the rain, ain't it cold this morning though in temperature and atmosphere in our house anyways lol!  My backs playing up too, so my yoga was very cautious and gentle this morning, but I still did it because I want that habit of doing yoga in the morning to continue, it'll be 7 weeks tomorrow.   I'm sat here eating a bowl of cold fruit too, so still working on that habit, might have to take the fruit an hour before in future so it's not so cold.  

I've enjoyed these Mango Fingers so much, I remember thinking ouch £3.75 that's so expensive when I saw them but I opted for this size because it worked out cheaper per kg than the smaller packs, I know it's probably cheaper to buy whole ones but I was trying to make it as easy as possible.  They've done 3 or 4 breakfasts though and then yesterday I realised they aren't much more than a Macdonald's big mac and I wouldn't think twice about buying one of them!  Need to change the way I look at the price of fruit for sure. 

I also ate this yesterday, it was only 5SP from M&S, 6SP if you're on Green, I really enjoyed it, I was surprised because it'll didn't look all that and I'm not the biggest fan of ready meals, but it was good. 

Another lovely morning of virtual workshops yesterday, loving that I'm getting virtual members from all round the country now, it's one positive thing coming from lockdown the getting to meet new people I'd never have met in any other circumstances, I do still miss seeing people face to face though and having those conversations at the scales!

The good news is though WW are planning to start re-opening workshops, this is what the email said; 

Workshops are coming back
They’ll look a little different at first, as we will reopen them as Express Workshops from early July in line with government guidance. We couldn’t be more excited to get you all connecting in person - at a safe distance, of course. More information on the specifics of these Express Workshops will be shared with you over the next few weeks - please keep a look out for the emails.
And the email also says virtual workshops will be continuing for the foreseeable future too, which is brilliant news for WW members.  

I plan to have a really quiet day of tv and crochet, my back is hurting so I'm not going to try and do any housework or anything, just gonna be lazy.  I don't envy anyone who needs to queue outside shops today, it's pouring down out there!  

I think I fancy Shepherds Pie today but it does depend on the use by dates on whatever's in the fridge lol, my life is being controlled by use by dates ;) 

Here's to enjoying Friday folks, let's make the best of the day. xx

Mwah, luv ya 

Love me xx

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