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Monday, 8 June 2020

What are you planning?

Monday 8th June
Breathe, this is just a chapter not the whole story

This is your Monday morning reminder that you can draw a line as often as you need too!

I've thankfully lost 1/2lb, I'll take that right now with how the world is, people say this is 'the new norm', erm there's nothing normal about how we're having to live right now is there.  I've driven my car twice since lockdown, that's not normal!  I'm doing workshops from my office and only leaving the house to walk my dog, oh and the last few weeks to walk with my bestie.  But no, there's nothing normal about this, and those that are leaving the house to go to work seem even more stressed than those of us stuck at home.  

Hopefully we will get back to some kind of normality sooner rather than later but until then, this is what we have and we must continue to ...

No there is no more to that sentence, actually it needs the 'to' removed, until then, this is what we have and we must continue. 

The one thing that hasn't changed for a lot of us is our inability to stay on track 24/7 and lose weight continually.  There are also still those out there that are flying, one of my members yesterday had lost another 1lb which brings her lockdown total to 20lb and she's in the next stone down, well done my lovely, you know who you are.  

My bestie did so well last week, she lost despite a very stressful week, that's when you know you've made changes that have become habits, when you can keep those habits going despite changes going on in your life. 

Water, yoga, fruit, they're 3 habits I'm working on building, the water I have nailed I reckon, the yoga I've managed 7 weeks, the real test will be what happens when I go back to leaving the house for work, I'm feeling optimistic about including fruit in my diet, even if it's one piece a day.  

The next behaviour I want to start working on is sensible shopping!  For me this means not buying more than I need, not buying stuff when I have stuff.  I need to start by using what I have, a bit of planning would help, I'm glad for this weeks workshop technique as it's all about planning and not just meal planning which was what got my attention.  I'll pick up ideas throughout the week I'm sure and it'll help things stick.  What is going to help with the sensible shopping is the fact I now order online and have a weekly Tuesday slot, it seems to let me book another as soon as my shop has been delivered.  I pick Tuesday because initially it was the only one I could get but now I realise it's a less busy day for the supermarket and I have a green slot too.  I can keep my eye on my spend doing it this way and there's no slipping to the shop for a few bits, I haven't done that since lockdown so I can obviously behave that way going forward. 

Anyways, it's a bit chilly sitting up here this morning, so I'm going to get moving, need to convince Alfie to go on his walk, I am going to have a look at what's in my freezer, decide what to eat today and maybe do a little meal planning for the week, I also need to sort my online shop for tomorrow. 

Monday's has been my day off for a long time, I like it, I enjoy it even more now I work both Saturday and Sunday morning online.  If you only plan one thing this morning, make it when you will attend a virtual workshop!  Here's all mine, links in the WW app Connect groups. 

For Sunday when I'm support on the 10am workshop, use this link in the Stafford Connect Group   

For Tuesday 8.30am, Wednesday 5.30pm & Saturday 9.45am use this link in the Wolverhampton Connect Group   

For Thursday 8.30am (& I'm supporting Hayley at 10.30am) use this link in the Dudley & Walsall Connect Group   

On that note, I'll say have a great day, remember to keep noticing the positives and the smile moments xx

Mwah, luv ya 

Love me xx

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