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Monday, 3 November 2014

YAY I can lose weight....

3rd November 2014
You can’t make everybody happy – you’re not a jar of nutella!

We to say I’m relieved is an understatement, I’m pleased too!  Last week when I got on the scales it showed a number I hadn’t seen in over ten years, today those scales say I’m 4.5lb lighter, and I now feel motivated to keep going, I know I can do this, it just takes making realistic changes and tweaks to my already mostly healthy way of eating and living. 

Changes I’ve made this week include not buying the junk, can’t eat what isn’t there.  I’ve also planned my meals which I think helped enormously because I knew what I was coming home to eat and also Saturday I changed my usual routine to get a different outcome.  Here’s to more of the same this week, I’ve done my shopping online, it was delivered yesterday so I more or less know what meals I shall be eating this week.

All the meals I’ve got planned are filling and healthy meals, the majority of my shopping list is made up of F&H foods, I’ve just looked to check and apart from moms teacakes, my wine (it was on offer, stocked up for Christmas!), and Alfies dog treats, everything else on that list is a filling and healthy food so I will be having a great week. 

This week sees the start of the #WWXmasChallenge online and in meetings, the idea is to lose 7lb in time for the party season, if I could lose another 7lb before Christmas I would be absolutely made up because it would take me back into the stone bracket that my goal weight is!  7 weeks – 7 pounds, it’s very doable and I’m taking on that challenge, I haven’t been perfect this week, so if I can continue to improve, that’ll be great.  

I was told my my massage lady that I was dehydrated, I think we forget when the weather turns cool to drink those fluids, so I’m sat here with a pint of water on my desk, and I’ll try to remember to drink water more regularly, I’m not a squash fan, I like tea, coffee, milk and wine but I don’t think that’s what she was suggesting I drink more of to be fair, so water it is.

Yesterday, I sat down to watch Doctor Who, I’d put the dinner on so that was all doing it’s thing, I’d put my phone down and I gave the tv my undivided attention, it’s very rarely I completely give my full attention to one thing!  In this day of phones, computers etc it’s so easy to multitask and get distracted and I’ve started to remember the benefit of doing just that – one thing at a time!  I’d done it Saturday when I walked to my appointment, at first I was reading on my phone whilst walking then I realised I was missing out on the scenery, the birds, the trees all of which I enjoy looking at and watching, so I put my phone away.  Doctor Who was awesome by the way and I can’t wait for the final episode next week, I do love the new Doctor; it happens every time the more I don’t think he’ll fit, the better he is.  I really didn’t want Tennant to be the Doctor and yet up to now he’s been my favourite although I think Capaldi may take his place, he’s just…. I digress; I went into full on fan mode then!

So yes, I felt a real shift in my mood the last few days and I’m hoping it stays, I’m calm and relaxed, I’ve done the summer to autumn transition, I’m now happy to slow down for the rest of the year because that’s what this time of year is about for me.  It’s about recharging the batteries and enjoying my home life.  I’m really looking forward to my Christmas break as it will be my first holiday this year and the first time  I’ve spent Christmas in this house, can’t wait.

So to ensure my 1lb weight loss next week I will stick to my 3 meals a day, go for a walk today to earn some extra ProPoints, if it’s dry I will also walk to my appointment on Saturday.  I’m also going to write my meal plan in a moment when I go to make a cuppa, it’s in my head, it just needs putting on paper so I don’t forget, the foods in the fridge so I know more or less what we’re having.  I had a baked bean toastie for brekkie yesterday done on my George Foreman, it was lush.  I’ve got a spare Chicken Dinner from yesterday which I can have today, I’ve also treated us to tuna steaks and a big piece of salmon, mmm very healthy this week, lots of fish to counteract all that red meat from last week, although I have bought some steak. Mom has put her meal requests in for this week, she’s a lady of simple tastes, she wants egg and chips, egg & beans on toast, mince and onions (I made that Saturday for her) , cooked dinner (which we had yesterday) and the last one was sausage and mash.  All of those can be made on F&H, the only thing that isn’t is the sausages but I have some in the freezer she can have, I’ll have steak which she doesn’t like. 

There we go meal plan sorted really, I will just write the meals out and then we can choose what to have on each day depending on our mood.

A morning of work I think, followed by a nice walk whether it’s raining or dry I shall go out because I want a weight loss next week!

Here’s to that next pound…..

Get prepared, make a plan, still to it otherwise your goals are nothing more than wishes.  Let’s do this!

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