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Thursday, 27 November 2014

Off to make soup...

27th November 2014
The only time you run out of chances is when you stop trying.

I realised yesterday I need to get those five a day back into my life, and not just the odd day but every day because the last few weeks that’s not been happening.  So yesterday my day started with mushrooms and tomatoes on my breakfast, that was two done.  I had baked beans with my lunch, that counts as one too, then for my tea I had curry which had onions and butternut squash in it, that’s only just hitting the 5!  I was going to have a banana but they weren’t ripe, so today I will do that again but try to hit it better than yesterday, I need some healthy in my life!

This week in meetings we’re talking about battling the supermarkets at Christmas and last night Aimee shared with us her plan for Christmas, she’s having the day off!  Her excitement and enthusiasm was lovely, it’s the first year she’s cooking for both families, they’re all coming to her new house and she’s cooking dinner.  Her daughter is three and a half so now understands totally what Christmas is all about and Aimee is so excited, she even has a Christmas cupboard (see photo above) in the kitchen full of the goodies for the day, including a rocky road house that they will build together, chocolates, crackers, chocolates, Christmas pudding, chocolates, biscuits, chocolates and brandy snaps, did I mention chocolates!  The plan is to have Christmas day completely of plan and eat / drink whatever she wishes.  When I asked what she plans to do with the leftover chocolates on Boxing Day, her plan apparently is to send all her visitors’ home with goodie bags full of the leftovers….. I look forward to hearing if that happens!

Do you have a plan, are you prepared to survive and cope with the supermarkets at this time of year?  I find it extremely difficult so I plan to stay out of them as much as possible!  And Christmas week my shopping with be delivered to save me from myself!  Yesterday I booked my slot, I couldn’t get 23/24th so I’ve got with 22nd which is fine as everything I’m ordering will keep and the shops are open again on boxing day let’s not forget.

Yep I’ve done my Christmas food shop online already and it looks like any other shop to be honest, I’m just not doing it this year, I did struggle not to go into the Christmas section and go a little crazy even now a month before which is why I know I couldn’t be trusted in a supermarket a few days beforehand, I’d just do what I do every year and cave to temptation, hence I’m staying away.  The only thing in that order so far that would give it away is a packet of twiglets, and I mean 1 packet, not a pack of 6 because they were cheaper! Oh and a tiger loaf because we never have white bread but just once it’ll be nice to have a bacon sarnie on white!  Easily pleased or what….

Today though, today it’s all about the 5 a day, I need some goodness in my life, because I’m going to carb hell otherwise, tomorrow I shall go all out and make a roast chicken dinner with lots off veggies but I won’t have time for that today, I’m thinking beansprouts with something for lunch, maybe chicken stir fry, that will be quick and easy, yeah that’ll do, then tomatos and mushrooms again for breakfast.  I’m definitely going to make that broccoli soup today, actually I’m going to go do it as soon as I’ve finished this blog and posted it.

Right I’m off to do just that, here’s to a healthy & happy day, you too!

Today BE GOOD or I will text Santa! ;)

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