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Saturday, 8 November 2014

Not leaving today to chance...

8th November 2014
“Your smile is your logo, your personality is your business card, how you leave others feeling after an experience with you becomes your trademark.” Jay Danzie
So yesterday I turned into a Fitbit failure!  I didn’t even hit 4,000 steps, I did attempt to go for a walk but the heavens opened and I’m sorry but no, I’m not walking in that kind of weather, then I got absolutely engrossed in putting together a display board for a colleague and ended up spending 3 hours on that, before I knew it, it was the middle of the afternoon on my day off and I’d worked all day.  So today is going to be completely Weight Watcher free, well it will be from now as I’ve just checked my emails, plus I’ll still stay connected via Facebook, yes Hazel was right when I was chatting to her yesterday, as a leader you are never completely work free, there’s always something!

The good news is my steps total this week is at 67% of the 70,000 steps target I’ve set myself for the week, my daily average is 9,315 steps (up 55%), I may have slipped back to position 29 again on the league table but that’s ok, the top 20 gives me something to aim for, I need to stop adding people who walk more than me as friends really don’t I, and those at number 1 and 2 need to sit down!  I have a new lady at number one who I don’t actually know; she’s a friend of a friend so she might have to go ;) because she walks too far!

We did enjoy a chip butty for our lunch yesterday though as we had an abundance of bread, it was delicious, I do love the Actifry, it really does make good chips.  I need to make sure I do what I did last Saturday and prepare for teatime, so that I’m not tempted to nip to the shops and buy rubbish, although as all my cards have been cancelled I can’t go spend money anywhere!  If it’s dry I will walk again to my massage, but I’m not walking in the rain, I don’t need to hit my 70,000 steps that much. 

Steak and chips today I think, then mom can have egg and chips which is her favourite, ooo I’ll do her a couple of sausage too, will get them out the freezer, that was on her food request list, actually I’ll give her a choice, sausage and mash or sausage and chips, I’ll have my steak with either, I do love a bit of mash I have to say, it would be one of my favourite foods, defo in the top ten. 

I love a free day, with no plans other than my massage, if I get the urge I can do something, otherwise I can just sit around and chill.  The garden looks good still, can’t believe how things are still flowering or have actually started flowering again.  The hanging baskets I did in spring which weren’t very successful at all look great at the moment, the white flower in a few of them has regenerated and is cascading down the sides, looks lovely. 

Anyway, I’m wittering on now, think I’ll go give the kitchen a good tidy and peel my spuds ready for whichever tea we end up having.  If it’s dry when it gets light I might go for a walk out of the way – eat that frog!

Enjoy your day you way, healthy and happy BeYOUtiful.

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