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Thursday, 13 November 2014

Staying on track on a Thursday, mmmm

13th November 2014
The difference between who you are and who you want to be is what you do!

So yesterday I caught myself taking life too seriously for a whole and being very dramatic, but as we all agreed in my morning meeting, you can’t beat a good moan, but only as long as you do the moaning and move on, none of that dwelling lark!  What was cause for my drama, well the delivery man for whatever reason decided to leave all my stock by the back gate when I was actually in the house instead of getting my attention and letting me bring it in out of the rain so there was quite a big of damaged stock that’s had to be binned, it could’ve been worse luckily I went out half hour earlier than normal for work so I caught it before more damage was done.   I’m over my dramatics now, once you start talking to people with real problems you realise its best not to take life seriously at all!

I did end up eating a box of bars though, something I haven’t done in absolutely ages, it took me so long to sort all the mess out when I came back at lunchtime, I ate them and skipped lunch.  I’ve got to say though, they are proper tasty, can recommend the double chocolate cereal and the cookie bars!  So my eating wasn’t the best yesterday but back to healthy and balanced today, I’m even going to try a ProPoints day rather than Filling & Healthy to get my portions back under control!

On a positive I did my half hour walk before work, for anyone who lives local, it’s 3km all round Ashmore Park estate on the outside path, and 2km from the bottom to the top of Kitchen Lane, what a big estate!

For anyone who’s bought a Fitbit over the last few week’s be sure to add me https://www.fitbit.com/user/2WY99L or invite me via the Fitbit dashboard (https://www.fitbit.com/friends), by email, mine is bev_ww@yahoo.co.uk

I need to plan my eating today as I know what will happen if I don’t, it’ll all go bottoms up as its my busiest day, mmm what can I have, may egg on toast with mushrooms and tomatoes for 5pp, that can be breakfast. 

Just looked in the freezer, not really spoilt for choice as still haven’t shopped, waiting on cards and passwords, so there’s fish fingers / pizza / salmon / tuna steaks in the freezer, there are some F&H ready meals I’ve made myself but I’d have to guestimate the ProPoints of them.  Ooo need to leave my purse at home so I can go spend my bit of cash on something I don’t need to be eating!

If I can stay on track today, I’ll be chuffed because I’m already seeing the frogs stack up on my desk and I have no desire to eat any of them!  I will walk my half hour though, even if it kills me ;) which I know it won’t, oh did you spot my drama queen coming out in me then, she’s a darling she is, gets proper stroppy when tired or not in the mood, but I’ll drag me out and I’ll ensure I eat well today because that’ll calm my drama, it’s one of the reasons my drama is so high because I didn’t eat very well yesterday and bad nutrition always shows in my moods. 

So here’s to a healthy day, it may be a bit repetitive but it’ll be on track.

Have a great day BeYOUtiful, I will now I’ve acknowledged my drama queen & shut her up!

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