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Friday, 21 November 2014

Being a killjoy maybe?!

21st November 2014
Believe in yourself and all that you are.  Know that there is something inside you that is greater than any obstacle.  Christian D Larson

YAY it’s Friday and it’s one of those great Fridays where I get to spend the day with my bestie, we’re hoping our boxset arrives because then we get to chill and do nothing all day (from lunchtime anyway once all the works done!), no kids, no work, no shopping! WOO HOO!

Healthy and Happy is my philosophy as you know and we need to remember there’s more to life than food (sometimes it doesn’t seem that way I know!) yesterday I was driving to my meeting at half 7 in the morning with mom, she comes with me on a Thursday morning and I managed to set my phone up to record her singing along to the radio as we do every week here’s the video to make you smile.

I can’t believe I nearly lost her last year because of overindulgence triggering her stomach to rupture, all that junk really ain’t worth it, we won’t be allowing it in the house this week, not that quantity anyway.  It’s why I’m so passionate about people not buying food gifts this year, just think how many people end up with if everyone buys them, the kid who gets a selection box from both nans, all 4 aunties, all her parents friends, before you know it they have a dozen selection boxes, their own little introduction to a future of diabetes!  Then there’s all those poor teachers who get a little box of chocolate off every pupil and end up with a car boot full of junk – ouch, nightmare if you’re trying to lose weight, same goes for the medical profession. 

Yes I know, everything in moderation, but that isn’t moderation and we don’t eat it spaced out, we overindulge because that’s what that food makes us want to do!  If you can do the putting it away and having a little here and there, I applaud you but most of us with a weight problem can’t, we’d rather have a fiver in a card (or a £1) towards our next Weight Watcher meeting than a box of ‘celebrations’ to ensure we need our next meeting!

I will be buying mom and myself enough treats to last us the holiday season and they’ll be manageable like all the goodies that have come into this house this year and that’s why my BeYOUtiful mom is still sitting singing in my car because we realised it does matter what you eat more than just from a visible point of view.

I know I sound like a killjoy but I don’t mean too honest, I just want everyone to enjoy Christmas before, during and after not to wake up half stone heavier new years day thinking “I wished I’d not overdone it that much”, we get carried away in the moment don’t we, or again maybe that’s just me and mom!

So today I will have my chill out day, there will be alcohol and nice food involved but it won’t be to the point of illness, we had giggles last Friday without the booze, the booze just guarantees we both fall asleep sooner ‘-)

Anyway this mood hoover is going to go and get on with her paperwork so she can enjoy her day as soon as possible!

It’s almost the weekend, make it a great one.

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