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Sunday, 9 November 2014

walking in the dark!

9th November 2014

Are the thoughts in your head helping or hindering you, if they're not helping you, don't listen to them!

Walking the streets in the dark!  What's that all about?  It's 6am and I've been walking twenty minutes so far, I woke up and thought ‘go walk now, get it done out the way’. That's what I used to do when I walked Alfie a few years ago, we'd get up and go straight out every morning, I can do the same without the lazy dog!

I went for a walk yesterday morning after I had wrote my blog and I got to watch the sun rise, it was beautiful. I managed 13,000 steps yesterday as I also went with mom and Alfie later on too, I couldn’t do that regularly, walking slowly hurts my back.  If I do 10000 steps today I will have hit my 70k steps target for the week I was aiming for, feels good. Been a while since I felt I wanted to move more I won't lie.  I honestly have to give my Fitbit complete credit for this change, I'm not sure if it's actually seeing a report each week of how active I am so I can't ignore it or that I get to see how active or inactive I am compared to others. I didn't think I was particularly competitive but maybe I'm fooling myself and I do compare myself to others.  3 joggers just past me, mmm I have no desire to do that again, I proved to myself I could a few years ago and that put that idea to bed.  I'd rather walk my 5k and stay pain free; my body never really liked all that pounding of the pavements when I ran.

Getting my activity out the way works for me, I'm at my best in the early hours of the day and if I can get used to writing my blog at the same time as I walk, I'm making double use of the hour.


I decided against the blogging and walking, I actually enjoyed the rest of my walk just walking, no distractions and it was lovely.  I’ve been home long enough to have a filling & healthy, bacon, egg, beans, mushrooms, tomatoes and bread breakfast and it was delicious, even more so knowing I’d just walked 7.5km and done my 10,000 steps, and that’s my weekly challenge complete, done and dusted so I can relax and enjoy my Sunday! I’m thinking a bit of baking, I have a recipe for white chocolate brownies I bought the ingredients for a couple of weeks ago and didn’t make so I might make those, and I fancy doing my banana cake and adding some ginger to see what it’s like because moms a fan.  Mmm yeah I feel like spending the day in the kitchen, might defrost some beef mince and make a cottage pie for in the week.

Yeah that sounds like a lovely way to spend my morning, then later we can chill out and find a movie to watch, I might buy Mrs Browns Boys off Sky, we shall see, but first another cup of tea….

Enjoy your Sunday BeYOUtiful, here’s to the sun shining, it’s looking promising.

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