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Sunday, 16 November 2014

About to be a busy Bev!

16th November 2014
Almost every successful person begins with two beliefs: the future can be better than the present, and they have the power to make it so.

I’m all refreshed this morning, almost 12 hours in bed, you just can’t beat an early night, and my supermarket delivery has already arrived and been put away, although after last weeks mix up with the substitutions, I said I didn’t want any so our beef dinner today is off the menu and Alfie still has no liver because they didn’t have either, there’s a long list of “not available” items and I think it means I’ve missed out on a few 2 for ones offers, that was their last time, twice with Sainsbury’s and twice I’m not impressed with the service, the delivery man was lovely though.

Sunday, I do love them, yet today I will be spending a good few hours working first thing, I will hopefully get a walk in later, I managed an hour yesterday did about 5k, was a nice break to my day, I put my earphones in and listened to the new Pink Floyd album, very relaxing instrumental music.

So today’s lunch is no longer a Sunday beef roast, we have decided to share an Aunt Bessies toad in the whole and have it with potatoes, veggies and gravy, that’ll be just as good and so much cheaper! 

ProPoint day today so I need to pre-plan it all before I start, rather than hope there’s enough to last the day after lunch!  Planning’s key isn’t it for sure with ProPoints especially when you only have 26 of them and all your weeklies have gone!

I’m thinking a late breakfast because I’m not hungry yet, the lots of zero ProPointed mushrooms with bacon sliced up and fried with it, I’m into bacon at the minute!  Then I’m going to put them in a toastie I think, not 100% sure yet because that will be about 7 or 8 pp, but I might do it.  Lunch is then going to be loads of veggies to bulk out the plate, a bit of mash (4pp), toad in hole (5pp) gravy (2pp), I’ll probably not need tea then but if I do I’ll look for something really low, maybe I should make some soup, mmm maybe.  I do fancy jacket potato though; I could have that for tea.  I need to get my smart meal ideas head on again, think I’ll have half hour in the kitchen looking through our cupboards and making up low ProPoint meal ideas with food I enjoy, jacket spuds might wait till tomorrow.  I need to get back to basics, I’ve done F&H for so long, I’ve forgotten how to stay within my allowance, so that’s the plan for the week, managing my ProPoints and Portions, I’ve spent the last week or two building up my activity so now to move my focus because this time of year can be dangerous with the ‘comfort eating’ kicking in for sure.

I can see me working a long time today as I feel refreshed so I want to get it done out of the way, the tonight me and mom can chill out and catch up on the junk tv.  I’ve just watched the entire first series of Nashville (loved it) and now want series two, trying to decide whether to wait for it to come on box sets or just buy it from Amazon! 

Right I’m off, boring blog but I’m about to be a busy Bev this morning and I need to get started, here’s to a great day of being productive and staying in ProPoints!

Have a great day BeYOUtiful.

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