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Friday, 14 November 2014


14th November 2014
You cannot change the people around you but you can change the people you choose to be around. People inspire you or drain you. Pick them wisely.
When mom woke up yesterday she said “ooo if it’d been tomorrow it would be Friday the 13th” I do love her logic at times, instead it was Thursday the 13th which turned out to be a fantastic day!  I’d just started my meeting talk when the door opened and in walked my manager, well I won’t lie my heart went in my mouth a little because I knew I’d got my appraisal today so I thought she’d come to ‘sit and appraise me’ but I carried on with my meeting regardless.  Then just as I was finishing up she walked over to me at the front and started talking to my members, it turns out I got myself a role model award, which according to the certificate is in recognition of my extraordinary display of our values!  It’s a companywide award and you have to be nominated by your colleagues, before all the nominations are reviewed and the winners chosen.  I was absolutely thrilled, I cried lots of happy tears yesterday, and I’ve started crying again, it’s just a lovely thing to receive and I smiled all day, still am smiley!  I’ve been lucky enough to receive it twice, the first time was two years ago almost to the day, I was told about that one over the phone because mom was in the hospital having tests and I couldn’t be out the area meeting to receive it, so being awarded this one in the meeting made it all the more fabulous.

I’m so lucky to do a job a really enjoy, and I really do have amazing members who I just love.  I couldn’t do any of it without my amazing helpers, two of them keep me sane and listen to me rant about everything and nothing in a morning when we’re setting the meeting room, I find it therapeutic to get stuff out of my system and poor Sharon particularly just listens and nods ;-) I love her, she fabulous and she’s good at paperwork too, double whammy.   

In true Weight Watcher style I’m off to celebrate at lunchtime with my mates, there will only be food involved, as I’ve got my appraisal later so I don’t really want alcohol in my system do I!  I will finally be able to go and do some food shopping too, got my cards back, I might sit tomorrow and do any online order or I may make a list and go to the supermarket this week, I’ll think about it!

I anticipate another day or randomly smiling for no reason at all, I’ve put the awards on my windowsill in my office so when I’m having a rough day they will hopefully remind me that not only do I have the best job but my colleagues actually appreciate all I do as well, really means a lot to me that does.

Now I need to pull my neck in because I could easily go off track this weekend, I wanted to eat anything and everything yesterday, I wasn’t too bad but I wanted to be!  I did partake of some chocolate, that damn display bar from my meeting the other week, I found it in the drawer, but check this out, I only ate 1/5th of it, I actually wrapped it back up and put it back in the drawer, now I know if it’s left in there, that’s likely to be too much temptation over the weekend so I could cook with it may be out of the way, may make some muffins!  It needs to go anyways, I’m not that strong.   When I shop, I’ll only buy healthy stuff then we’ll find staying on track easier, I fancy a beef dinner this weekend I think, we’ve been having chicken for the last few weeks but someone mentioned beef the other day and it was mmm nice. 
I’m into bacon at the minute and using my scales I realised I could have 2 slices of the pack I bought this week for only 3pp (that included the fat mmm) yesterday because I was ProPointing I opted for two slices of bacon, 1 egg, 1 bread, mushrooms and tomatoes for 6pp, breakfast is a delicious meal when it includes that kind of food!

Anyway I need to get my paperwork done so I can prepare for my meeting later and enjoy my lunch with my mates.

Here’s to another wonderful day BeYOUtiful, focus on the healthy and happy.

I was just about to post this when I started looking for an image to post which it and I found this one,

It made me think and realise why the Role Model award really is so important to me, and why all the lovely things my members said to me yesterday and the things that people have commented on my facebook post mean so much.  It’s because before I became a leader I wasn’t ME, not completely, I spent my earlier years constantly aware of my behaviour, worried about what people were thinking about me, I was very self-conscious and concerned by how I looked and how I was seen by others.  I never felt quite good enough, especially at work, but actually in most situations.  Being a Weight Watcher leader over this last ten years I’ve grown and changed, I’m always ME now, completely, no sides, what you see is what you get, I don’t try to impress, I’ve accepted who I am and I like ME, I don’t worry about what people think or whether they’ll like or be impressed by me, I let everyone see the real me and they seem to like ME too. I’ve learned to not change who I am because if you’re always trying to change eventually you’re going to run out of new things to become, I decided a few years ago to BeYOUtiful and it works.

Have a good day, I know I will. xx


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