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Sunday, 4 April 2021

short & sweet

Sunday 4th April 2021
Recharge yourself as much as you charge your phones. 

I'm sat in my living room shivering!  How bloody cold is it this morning and I could get up and put the heating on but I can't be bothered and it's also a novelty to be cold in this house still.   I was also a little delicate when I first woke up, late night, too much wine, I'm okay now though a couple of painkillers in my vitamin c drink and all is good again in my world.  Off for a walk with my bro this morning and looking forward to a roast lamb dinnner cooked by my mate, me and Alfie are both looking forward to that for sure. 

I went to the Range yesterday, first time in a big store for a very, very long time, Alfie barked all the time I was gone my sis told me as I dropped him round hers, he's not liking me leaving, bless him, mom's gone and he obviously wants to make sure I'm not going anywhere.

I had a lovely zoom yesterday morning, lots of amazing ladies ready to enjoy the Easter weekend and then get on track again, that's real life!  We don't have to be golden all the time, we're allowed to have the good stuff too, we're allowed to enjoy the garlic bread - well I did yesterday and it was lush.

I had a call too from Nikki's son, I was his good deed of the day bless him.  

Yeah my brains not engaged yet, it needs fresh air and my brother has just messaged to say he's on his way, so I gotta go - have a great day.

Mwah, luv ya 

Love me xx

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