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Wednesday, 28 July 2021

My wines on offer :)

Wednesday 28th July 2021
This years not over yet!

Well I'm glad to be awake this morning, stupid dreams, mom was in them but she had dementia, I'm mean come on, give me the dream version where she hadn't got that bloody disease!  In the real world though, life is good, yesterday was amazing, especially considering the time of year, it's great to see people joining and prioritizing their health and putting themselves first, we all need to do this!  Over 5 stone lost on our scales yesterday, lots of certificates handed out, it's just brilliant, it really is.

In-between I got some work done on the laptop, had a couple of hours watching tele too, plus I did a live video in our Facebook group whilst cooking my lunch which was cheesy spinach orzo, nice it was but next time I'd use a stronger flavoured orzo, here's what I did.

I cooked 120g orzo according to the packet instructions, whilst this was cooking I heated some oil in a frying pan, added a crushed clove of garlic and 3 chopped spring onions, plus salt and pepper.  Next I stirred in a tablespoon of plain flour and then added 200ml skimmed milk to create a sauce.  I chopped and added 100g of baby spinach and a shredded ball of mozzarella cheese (this is what I'd replace, 306 calories would get you a lot of strong cheddar, parmesan or blue cheese).  Once the orzo was cooked, I drained the water and stirred the orzo into the sauce and voila, you have this lovely dish for 529 calories, it made 2 portions.

For tea I had roasted sweet potato and carrots, it was a white sweet potato and tasted like a regular potato so I wouldn't pay the extra cost, £2 a kg it cost!  Wow, I've just looked and the vivaldi potatoes I like are £1.60kg, I'll learn to like cheap uns again at 46p kg (37.5p in Aldi), that's for sure.  Actually if you can it's definitely worth a trip to a greengrocers.

Oh I maintained on the scales which I was more than happy with after my 4lb loss last week, plus I had my jeans on this week rather than a flimsy dress, I'm happy with my progress and know I'm eating a lot healthier and in portions that are more realistic!  I'm also drinking less which is a double bonus, although my wine is on offer in Sainsbury's so I need any of my members that see it on for £6 (usually £8) to buy it and bring it to the meetings, let me know how much I owe you so I can bring the cash :) 

I've still got a dozen bottles from the last time it was on offer, all I need now is for Sainsbury's to do the 25% wine deal too whilst it's already on offer :) that happens occasionally and makes my year. 

This morning I'm going to really enjoy a scrambled egg sandwich, couldn't have one yesterday didn't have any fresh bread and wasn't buying a loaf for 2 slices, Carol gave me a few slices last night.  My last loaf I bought, last Tuesday and there's still 4 slices left but only good for toast, or I'm going to make some breadcrumbs I think as I have a recipe I want to give a go., yeah I'll do that today maybe, but I have the rest of the orzo to eat too.

Lot's of members yesterday agreed to do Meat Free Monday next week, I'm hoping more will as the week goes on, if you're reading this, you can join in.  Be interesting to see what none vegetarians choose to eat, my meals yesterday were all veggie, unintentionally.

We're at Wimborne Road this morning, then I have the day to myself, I need to hoover and mop (boo) at least it's cooled down though, housework's just about bearable, I'll put some music on or my audio book to encourage me. 

Here's to a very good day, regardless of housework :) 

Mwah, luv ya 

Love me xx

Tuesday, 27 July 2021

Full of Fibre ain't I :)

Tuesday 27th July 2021 
This month's choices are next month's body.

Well I did meat free Monday again yesterday, I'd recommend everyone give it a go, it's not just good for you, it's good for the planet too, oh and don't have fish either if you do it.  This was what I consumed; 


Beans on toast for brekkie and a delicious salad for lunch with guacamole, houmous and potato salad. 

This was my dinner and it was delicious, it was the side from my £10 meal deal and by far the best thing in it, I had all of it as my main, high in calories at 598 but worth it for a little indulgence. I had it on half of a baked butternut squash, turns out Alfie likes both butternut squash and mac & cheese :) 

I finally hit the magical daily fibre figure of 30g, actually I had 32g, beans on toast is definitely an easy way to get a third of them, I had a nectarine too which had 1.3g and my 2 Ryvita had 3g, I love those crunchy crackers, I really do and with houmous on they are epic.  Will make my own Houmous again next time I think, I don't follow a proper recipe but it's still whizzed up chick peas!  

I did a few hours work in the garden, actually got quite into it so the morning just disappeared.  I also had a walk first with Alfie, he was not impressed much at all as I wanted to do Beat the Street and my sis had got me a card, so there's one across the road from the house and then there were another 3 in a loop of about 5,000 steps but he doesn't like going where I want to go, he likes going where he wants to go - I didn't give him a choice for a change!  I think if I want to do more, he'll have to go in the pushchair after he's had his normal walk. 

I also went for my cervical smear test at the hospital, (if you're a bloke you might want to skip this paragraph!) I'm not gonna lie, it wasn't a comfortable experience, actually it was bloody painful, apparently being my age doesn't help, especially when I've not had sex for a very long time, being a full time carer didn't leave much time for shagging!  She did warn me she may not be able to do it and I'd have to go get something to help lol, but I wasn't going through that experience twice so I cursed instead and put up with the pain, it's only a couple of minutes ain't it and if it could potentially save my life, then it's worth it!  If I get a normal result, I won't be called for five years, one benefit of hitting my 50s apparently.  Please make sure you keep your appointment when it comes through, it's worth it. 

Not thought about my menu for the day ahead yet, I'm thinking fish though, maybe with butternut squash chips and peas mmm.  Weigh day today, I expect a maintain after losing 4lb last week, I'll be happy with that, I can tell I'm eating better and my heads in a great place and wanting to eat healthily and drink less.  My knee is full of inflammation so I'm hoping losing weight will help with the swelling and the pain there, my sciatica comes and goes as does the pain in my lower back, hopefully all this will ease a little the more I lose weight. 

I've also got a white sweet potato to do something with this week, will have a look for ideas later, plus a cauliflower to use, Elle has sent me a few tiktok ideas for cauliflower :) she does like a bit of tiktok.  Look forward to hearing how her birthday weekend went at our Huddles today, looking forward to them as always, it's great to catch up with everyone.  

But first a shower and a cuppa, here's to a very, great day, if you haven't joined us yet, come on - you know you want to, you won't regret it x

Mwah, luv ya 

Love me xx

Monday, 26 July 2021

Beat the street?

Monday 26th July 2021
The fact you aren't where you want to be should be motivation enough!

Late this morning, had a lie in ain't we!  Alfie woke me around 5 being sick but I got it up and we both managed to go back to sleep, I heard my phone beep but ignored it and woke up about 7.45, nice.  I obviously need it, especially as I had another early night, was charging fitbit so not sure of exact times but I feel refreshed and that's all that matters. 

It was drawn to my attention yesterday that it was 5 calendar months to Christmas day - OUCH!  After last year everyone didn't really get to have a proper one, I'm guessing all being well this year will be amazing for most.  Mine will obviously be my first without mom, but I won't let it make it a sad and lonely one, don't you worry.  

Anyway, we're coming to the end of another month, Sunday is the first of August, what would you like to achieve in that month?  Success, stability or are you going to throw it all out the window and take a gain, maybe you haven't even started yet and you're thinking I'll wait till after summer and start then.  Why?  What are you waiting for, you don't have to be a diet machine, you can just focus on being a little healthier, do what you can, when you can.  

For instance, I'm going to do meat free Monday again today, I'm also trying to up my fibre to 30g a day, damn its not easy!  I haven't actually managed it yet so maybe today I will triumph with the veggie stuff.  Here's some examples of what has a decent amount of fibre in, showing it can be done!  

I'm also trying to cut back on my wine, at least two days a week without any at all and less on the days I do drink, I managed it last week, so here's to week two, I'm under no illusion it's no good for me but I enjoy it, so it's finding a balance where I know I'm still be over the recommended limit but below the crazy amount I was drinking when mom was alive to make the days bearable! 

I've just signed up for beat the street, it'll maybe get us out walking a bit more, Beat the Street it's a great way to get the kids out the house, it's a walking game and there are boxes to hover your card over until it beeps and flashes, I've signed up for the local school as there's prizes to be won and these schools need all the help they can get!  You can get the cards and sign up yourself, come on let's get walking a little more, or cycling!  

Alfie needs his walk, he's sat on my foot bless him, so I'm off, have a great day, I plan too, there will be baked beans involved and canned apple :) 

Mwah, luv ya 

Love me x

Sunday, 25 July 2021

2000! BOOM!

Sunday 25th July 2021
Self care isn't selfish.

Before I talk about today, let's cover yesterday, wow what a morning, really busy and buzzing, loved the chat this week and to top it off we did hit our 2,000lb lost by our members since we opened our huddles, that's incredible and we're so pleased for and proud of each and every one of them, even those who are managing to maintain their weight, if they are there and trying they are amazing!  Love that they're committing to 12 weeks by taking up the £38 off, which means not only are they saving a tenner but they're prioritising themselves and their health. 

Alfie and I had a couple of walks, I did a load of washing and ate a pork salad, later I had a chicken sandwich and a very, early night I was in bed for 8 as it was a little cooler than it has been and I have sleep to catch up on, over 9 hours had which I'm grateful for, still some tossing and turning though.  

Today is going to be self care Sunday, I'm going to cook myself a roast pork dinner making sure I eat well, yes even if you live alone you should still cook for yourself!  I'm going to enjoy a bath, a facemask, mmm what else could self care Sunday include?

You could; 

- Start your day with a glass of water.
- Do a little yoga or morning stretches.
- Get some fresh air.
- Eat a healthy breakfast.
- Enjoy a cuppa.
- Go for a walk.
- Take a long, hot shower. 
- Enjoy a bubble bath.
- Moisturise your body.
- Play some music.
- Dance around the kitchen.
- Enjoy a healthy snack.
- Have an early night.
- Do some colouring or something creative.
- Binge watch a box set.
- Listen to a podcast.
- Cook a simple meal.
- Take a lunch break.
- Meditate for 5 minutes. 
- Plan your evening meals for the week.
- Call a friend for a catch up. 
- Have a cuddle with a loved one or pet.
- Create a bucket list.
- Watch a movie.
- Read a book or magazine. 
- Write a letter. 

I'm sure there's many, many, more things you could do, I'm already playing music, I like Radio 2 on a Sunday morning, I've got a movie lined up for later and me and Alfie will cuddle up on the settee.  I've just had a thought and think I might need to change the dinner as I have chicken which is use by today I think, will check in a bit.  I can freeze the pork and have it another day.  I've also realised that there's a lot of self care in my life these days, I'm so thankful for my life right now.  

Ooo I forgot to tell ya, I've planted some spinach and lettuce seeds in trays to see if I can grow them easily, I've just got to work out how to keep the foxes away from destroying them, I bought them in last night just to be safe, so maybe I will grow them indoors or take them out and put them in at night, it's not difficult to do that is it. 

We've got our zoom huddle this morning, I enjoy them, nice positive way to start our Sundays, will walk Alfie beforehand, although he's spark out at the minute! 

Oh if you're looking for a cracking movie to watch, Cruella is brilliant and I really enjoyed Thunder Force too, I do love a good film, so if you have any recommendations, let me know or good tv stuff.

Here's to an enjoyable day, take care of you because you're important too. 

Mwah, luv ya 

Love me 

Saturday, 24 July 2021

WOW how much have our members lost!

Saturday 24th July 2021
Losing weight is hard, being fat is hard - choose your hard!

I love food and alcohol so yeah losing weight is hell hard but I know I need to do it, I don't want to be unhealthy and risk my future health, so I'll continue to work at it.  The more I do it, the easier it gets because those habits are changing, well I'm building healthier habits and putting the bad ones to sleep.

After walking Alfie yesterday my sis came and sat with him so I could go do a bit of shopping, it was nice to get out the house for a couple of hours dog free, still no fun wearing a mask in shops though, but I did it. 

Then when I got home I had a play with my new Weber, used it as an oven to cook this beautiful piece of pork, gonna enjoy a pork salad later, I know it should be on baps with stuffing but I also know that'll probably give me acid or heartburn, which I'm gutted to say so do the smoothies so they're maybe not the best idea for starting the day sadly, helped remind me why I don't eat a lot of fruit.  

I have to admit, I've never been a fan of eating outside, always thought I have a perfectly good oven why am I cooking in the garden, but I'm sold by the Weber, my brother showed me how to use it and I've never been able to cook a joint in the oven, but that is delicious.  Obviously it's a lot of meat for one woman and her dog but it'll freeze, so in future to make use of all the coal I'm using I'll cook a couple of joints, get my moneys worth, then fill my freezer, it cooks a whole chicken beautifully so on days my sister fancies one we can do two and have one each.

Other than repotting my olive tree, I relaxed the rest of the day, food wise, I had my shake for breakfast, acid indigestion for the rest of the day!  Some cooked chicken for lunch and a pork and apple sauce sandwich for dinner with a glass of wine.  

We sat outside till six, it was much cooler yesterday, but I was still uncomfortable in bed last night, tossing and turning, then when the alarm went off, I could've slept, typical ay.  The rain didn't come but it's forecast possibly this afternoon, here's hoping it cools everything down and gives the gardens a water.  There's the middle aged brain coming out in me. 

We're close to a milestone weight loss total for the huddles this morning, I do hope we hit it, especially as it's Elle's birthday, I've not seen success at the scales like this in a long time, so it's great to see people are finding what suits them and doing that.  I love that there's different plans being followed from calories to Keto.  OH and keep your eye out on Facebook to find out the total if we hit it and I'll post on blog obviously tomorrow. 

Anyways I need to go get ready for work, thinking a Slimfast or cold coffee for breakfast to use them up, I picked up some canned cafe lattes in Home Bargains yesterday for 49p, they're great for when I forget to make my own, which I have every day since I had the idea of doing it!

Enjoy your day, hope to see some of you this morning :) 

Mwah, luv ya 

Love me x

Friday, 23 July 2021

Surrounded by the best people!

Friday 23rd July 2021
Your health is your wealth!

Cracking day at the huddles yesterday, I'd say yesterday was all about work but it's so damn enjoyable, work seems like the wrong word to use, even the stuff I do at home on the laptop is stuff I enjoy doing and know it will help others so enjoy it even more.  The members are supporting us so much and for that we are beyond grateful!  I'm working on meal ideas and meal plans, after all let's be honest yeah we all know your heads gotta be in the right place to lose weight but when it is, you want to know WHAT to eat, because you've eaten badly for so long or too much, that you could use a little help.  We like to talk food in our huddles that's for sure, we really do, after all it's the one thing we all have in common and Elle and I want our members to be their own experts, work on their own solution - we're all different aren't we, Elle likes cake, I like wine, we wouldn't want to switch diets! 

We both enjoyed pizza for tea last night, the lovely Louise bought us samples from her family chip shop, thankfully they were the smaller ones not a huge on, donor kebab on a pizza - who knew!  The scary thing was that the base alone worked out at about 700 calories (OUCH!) thankfully there was no alcohol consumed by me last night so I made it to the end of the day within my allowance. 

I managed a little lie in 6.45, that's helped me catch up a little on sleep, this weather is stopping me from sleeping, I'm tossing and turning with the heat, then Alfie woke me at 1am to go up the garden, he's suffering to, so I wasn't angry.  I've just heard there's flood warnings for today, a bit of rain would be nice but floods can be very dangerous, so stay safe everyone. I was contemplating giving my new BBQ a go but now I'm not so sure!  We shall see...

There's at least a cool breeze this morning, it was unbearable yesterday, the worst I've felt since this hot weather started, I felt sick in the car driving on the afternoon, I put a wet towel in there for Alfie, thankfully Bloxwich only takes about 15 minutes to get to, he's good as gold in the car, he really is.

Friday, is my day off huddles, I'm not sure what I'm going to do with myself but I do know I'll enjoy it whatever I choose, loving my life  right now.  I've got a olive tree to repot, I want it to grow bigger and it's not going to in the pot it's been in for the last few years.  Ain't my life rock and roll - I bloody love it. 

Who knew I'd start thinking about lowering my alcohol intake and upping my fibre lol, I was just shy of the recommended 30g yesterday, it's not as easy as it looks I have to say, but as I empty the freezer of all that processed food I indulged in when mom was still alive, I'm replacing it with healthier stuff, frozen fruit will definitely fill a drawer at some point to make smoothies etc, I have noticed it gives me acid though, so not sure what the solution is there, I think it's the fruit anyway unless it's the milk?!

Okay, I'm off, things to not do, places not to be :) 

Mwah, luv ya 

Love me xx

Thursday, 22 July 2021

A-Z eating?

Thursday 22nd July 2021
Start by starting - if not now then when?

I got some work done yesterday after our huddle, it was nice to sit in the garden in the shade whilst doing it though, putting some stuff together for our members, sometimes we just want help with what to eat and we want normal food, not fancy stuff, food that fits in with our family and our lives so that's what I was doing. 

I still had a few hours for me though and watched a bit of tele in the cool of the living room, I'm so glad I have tile flooring, it really keeps the room cool for Alfie on days like this, then he has his bed for all the other days, although he spends most of his time on the settee with me bless him.  We've both had a hot night tossing and turning, I'm a spring/autumn kind of girl, this is way too warm for me, I like my sleep as you know and don't like it being disturbed by the heat. 

I made a tasty smoothie yesterday using up a bag of raspberries out the freezer, I added a litre of Alpro no added sugar almond milk (it's on offer in Sainsburys half price £1 but I've just had an email to say they didn't have any for my order so they've substituted with their own brand but I don't think it's long life plus it's a little higher in calories so I won't be having them when they arrive, might have 1 to try), anyway I then added a banana which needed using up and the leftover yogurt I had plus a few teaspoons of agave nectar as it needed sweetening up a bit, it made a litre and a half so three portions at 182 calories each.  Great breakfast and almost 10g of fibre in one portion, I still didn't hit the 30g of fibre that's recommended, so need to work on that!   Lunch was lazy bitch fish pie, it took 15 minutes, I used 4 frozen basa fillets and pan fried them in 2tsp oil, topped with a tub of Heinz mushroom soup then leftover mash, and sprinkled with 20g of parmesan cheese =  484 calories per portion, it was missing something so I added a spoon of wholegrain mustard to my plate.  

I then had these for my tea, shared with Alfie, damn they were good and my favourite wings from the shop so far, but I want to try Iceland's home brand bbq wings to compare as I have a feeling they'll be as good as their salt & pepper ones are good.  They're both £3 a bag, but the Iceland ones are £3.53 per kg as opposed to £5 for the TGI ones.  
They took me over my daily target what with the wine I had, but at least I added a bit of lettuce!  Must do better today :) They were just too tasty, shouldn't have cooked the whole bag lol, 

At least I added some new foods to my A-Z list this week, now to decide what to eat today and add to that list! 

A - Almond milk, agave nectar
B - bread, baked beans, broccoli, banana, butter, basa
C - coffee, chicken wings, 
E - edamame beans
F - french fries
G - gravy, green beans
H - hotdogs
I - Iceberg lettuce
K - kidney
M - milk, mushrooms
N - noodles, 
O - onions
P - potatoes, peas, pastry, parmesan
R - rolls (cheating I know it's bread), raspberries, Ryvita
S - steak, Slimfast, sesame seeds, soy sauce, soup
T - tea
V - veggie sausages, 
W - wine, wings (chicken)
Y - yogurt

First things first, I need to go shower and get ready for work, then a quick walk with Alfie before it's too hot, here's to a happy huddle day, have a great day yourself.  

Today I shall mostly stay within my calorie target!  No wine Thursday here, which will definitely help ;) 

Mwah, luv ya 

Love me xx