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Monday, 29 February 2016

Why are you not top priority?

29th February 2016
For one minute, walk outside, stand there, in silence, look up at the sky and contemplate how amazing life is.

That moment you close the wrong document, don't press save and lose your blog on a day when you've got lots to do!  Yep that's what I just did, so everything I've written once, I'm going to attempt to recall, I can't believe I just did that DOH!

So I made it through the weekend, on track and with a few weeklies left to take me to Friday. I had a delicious dinner yesterday of chicken and asparagus wrapped in Prosciutto (that bit hadn't made the first blog!). 

I've got a really busy week, ended up working a large chunk of yesterday because I realised I'd got such a busy week.  We go automated in my meeting this Saturday, so I had some work to do to get ready for that, I won't have time to do it otherwise as I've got my normal work, an area meeting that was on Tuesday but I've just read an email which has asked if I can do Thursday instead which means if I want to get to my weigh-in on Friday, I'm going to have to get up early to do at least 5 lots of paperwork from my other meetings.  I only need to add one extra thing to my already crazy busy schedule to make it ridiculous - good job I love it all.  I will make my weigh in though because Friday is now all about me and what I need to do, that includes, Weight Watchers for me, a couple of hours with my bestie, shopping for a healthy week, massage to chill me out, evening with mom to enjoy each other's company.  Yeah what isn't done by 9.30am on a Friday morning isn't getting done on a Friday, so I think it'll be setting the alarm to get it done.  This wasn't at all what I wrote in the first attempt of my blog, but I can't remember what I wrote ten minutes ago ;)

I'm going to cook the Moroccan bake today, was meant to do it yesterday but forgot the butternut squash, so will nip and get one this morning as it does look delicious.  I've got a fridge full of good healthy, easy to cook meals for the rest of the week so that's one less thing to think about.

My internet is on a super go slow, I just don't know what's going on, I'm not sure if it's the pc or the connection so that's really not helping this morning either. 

Just been on phone for 15 minutes to my boss, so that's another setback.  All these things that are happening this morning could easily give me an excuse to not to my meeting by Friday, because I'm going to be playing catch up all week but they won't because this is important to me.  Losing weight, making time for my meeting, it's going to the top of my priority list - is it at the top of yours?  If not - why not?  Why is your health and wellbeing important, why are you not doing everything in your power to improve your happiness? 

I'll leave you with that thought BeYOUtiful, here's today's Smart Points recipe, a tasty vegetarian option.

Spaghetti peperonata
Total = 24sp, Serves 2, 12sp each
5 mins to prepare and 20 mins to cook, 398 calories / serving, Freezable,

1 tbsp olive oil (5sp)
1 red pepper, seeded and sliced into thin strips
1 orange pepper, seeded and sliced into thin strips
1 yellow pepper, seeded and sliced into thin strips
1 small onion, finely sliced
1 garlic clove, finely chopped
handful flat-leaf parsley, leaves and stalks separated and finely chopped
1 tbsp capers, drained, rinsed and roughly chopped
2 tsp clear honey (3sp)
1 tbsp red wine vinegar
150g (5oz) wholewheat spaghetti (14sp)
vegetarian hard cheese or Parmesan, grated (1tbsp = 2sp)

This vegetarian winter warmer takes its inspiration from a classic, hearty Italian dish. Red wine vinegar and honey add a depth of flavour to this vibrant pasta recipe, which combines fragrant peppers and wholewheat spaghetti for a quick, healthy and delicious midweek main.  

In a medium lidded frying pan, heat the oil over a low heat. Add the peppers and onion with a little seasoning and cook, covered, for 15 minutes, or until softened. Add the garlic, parsley stalks and capers. Return the lid and continue cooking for 5 minutes, then stir in the honey, vinegar and parsley leaves.

Meanwhile, cook the spaghetti in a large pan of boiling water following the packet instructions. Drain the pasta and add to the pan. Toss to coat in the sauce, then divide between plates. Serve sprinkled with a little cheese.

Freezing and defrosting guidelines
Freeze the sauce only – once the sauce has cooled completely, transfer it to an airtight, freezer-safe container, seal and freeze for up to 1-3 months. To serve, defrost thoroughly in the fridge overnight before reheating. Loosely cover with foil and bake until dish is thoroughly heated through. Reheat until piping hot. 

Sunday, 28 February 2016

My members are showing them scales!

28th February 2016
Don't wait, the time will never be 'just right'.

Ssshhh, just a little delicate this morning, will be okay in an hour after my pint of water and possibly a couple of painkillers, that's what comes of mixing the grape with the grain as my dad would've told me!   All tracked and recorded though, still within my allowance.   When you track on your phone and you have it with you constantly, you really can't make any excuses not to can you! 

It's been an awesome week in meetings, we did break the 500lb lost at my scales over the week, which is just incredible especially after half term!  Yep, my members are rocking this weight loss lark and I'm feeling the lurve in all the meetings, just brilliant.  Even those who are struggling are still doing what they can, as best as they can and smiling through it where possible.  It's not about perfection, it's persistence.

Now I have some work to catch up on either this morning or tomorrow morning because I made time to go join Weight Watchers myself on Friday, it was worth it, knowing I've got to get on someone else's scales is keeping me in check!  It helped me resist moms crisps and biscuits last night even when I was under the influence of alcohol, instead I went and made us all a tuna melt toastie, check me out.  I also cooked our lunch rather than going out for food, so not only did we save points, we also saved money, it was delicious Salmon too, been in the freezer since the lovely Sheila picked me up a whole one and my sister kindly portioned it up for me.  You can't beat garlic salmon, mmm, I use those maggi's parchment things, and cook it either in cooker or on the George Foreman.  Forgot how tasty that is.  We had it with potato rosti, 10sp in the box and we split it 3 ways, I had it from Waitrose, just over £1 a box and lasts a long time.  I've never made Rosti myself, might need to do that in the future.

My internet connections really slow this morning, it's not helping at all, I'm trying to find a photo and the price of that rosti and it's not playing at all.  Meanwhile I've almost finished my cuppa tea and I'd quite like another mug, I'm thinking bacon sarnie for brekkie, or heck sausage sarnie, mmm delicious, decisions, decisions, I'll have a think, could be a full English, all tracked and Smart Pointed because that's the absolute beauty of the plan, I can!  I think Lynne's gonna do No Count so I could make the same for her and adapt it slightly, the beauty of Weight Watchers, choice, more than one plan to go with depending on your needs and let's be honest they can change daily can't they.

Found it :) £1.09 a packet, Waitrose Swiss style rösti  400g, really was tasty.  Not everything in there is expensive!
Oh I nipped into Lidl's on my way home from work yesterday too, stocked up on a few things, thanks to a £5 coupon Tina gave me, I also treated myself to flowers, they make me smile and I can't eat them, win/win.  I've been doing that the last few weeks and it makes me feel good, not everything that makes you feel good has to come out of a glass or on a plate, sometimes we forget that don't we. 

Right I'm off to get another cuppa, before facing the kitchen clear up, lots of can't of diet coke strewn around the room, every drink that went in them was measured and tracked though, using an old night nurse measuring cup ;)

Here's your quick Smart Point recipe, remember they all get put onto my website afterwards at www.happyowls.co.uk so you can get them afterwards at any time.  

Rocket Cheesy Chicken Pasta serves 4 – 10pp each
250g dried penne pasta (24pp)       low fat cooking spray
300g diced chicken breast (7pp)    3 tbsp pesto sauces (7pp)
75g low fat soft cheese (2pp)          40g rocket leaves
175g broccoli, (break into small florets)

Cook pasta according to packet instructions, add broccoli for the last 3 mins of cooking time.  Heat a non-stick frying pan & spray with low fat spray.  Stir fry chicken for about 8 minutes over a medium heat until golden brown and cooked through.    Drain pasta and broccoli, reserving a little of the cooking water.  Return to the pan and mix in the pesto, soft cheese and 4 tbsps of the cooking water until evenly coated.  Stir in the chicken and rocket leaves & serve immediately in warmed bowls.

Enjoy your Sunday, I know I'm going too, might even go for a walk, actually not might will, I have to go for a half hour walk at least because I did a deal with the devil, sorry I mean Helen, one of my members! 

Ooo, my delicate has gone, I'm back to normal, so the grain and the grain hasn't done too much damage!   Enjoy your day BeYOUtiful.

Saturday, 27 February 2016

And now I'll do what's best for me.

27th February 2016
If you don't like how things are, change them! You're not a tree.
So I did it, it would've been so easy to change my mind, I really had to rush round yesterday morning to get everything done in time for me to be able to drive to the meeting, but I did it.  I'm officially a Weight Watcher member again and hoping to make it through the week.  I have to say I felt cared about from the moment I arrived, I looked at the lady at the table where you join and said "can I join the meeting please?" She gave me a huge smile and replied, "Of course you can, we'd love to have you!"  Instantly I felt comfortable.   I came away feeling that my leader cared and understood, plus that she would support me on my journey.  It's a heck of a trek, 40 minutes each way so I'm really making the effort, so I better stick to plan and stay on track.  One day down, six to go before next weigh in.  It didn't go quite as planned, my bestie will be joining next week, her lad was poorly so she couldn't come yesterday.  I ended up having the day to myself, so after my meeting, I went for a wander round Lichfield, did some food shopping in Waitrose (payday treat!) and finally finished my day off with my massage.  Sometimes it's good to spend time alone, it made me realise even if I could, I wouldn't change my life, I choose it to be this way and I love it, even the crazy of it all.

Now to make it through the weekend, isn't that when the going gets tough, but I'm determined to do it, I know I can and I will because I did not make that long road trip yesterday to not lose weight!

Will be taking some Salmon out the freezer this morning, that'll be our main meal today, bought some nice fresh veggies too, just need to decide what else to serve it with.

First my meeting, looking forward to catching up with my Saturday gang, it's the best way to end my working week, the buzz is fantastic and I love how they all sit there with their coffees putting the word to rights, just how a good community should be I say!

My internet connection is on a go-slow this morning, that's not how I want to start my day, I need speed and enthusiasm, just like the person using it!   I am today, I've drunk my pint of water, done my meditation session, I'm on day 4 or 5 of a generosity one, each month I focus on a different thing and generosity is this months, it's not just about giving stuff away, generosity is so much more than that and this is reminding me of what I already know.  Generosity is more than simply giving, it's giving without expectation, it's giving without any sense of hope or fear, and that's why it's always good to be reminded of these things.  We can be guilty of giving and expecting something in return, I don't necessarily mean something physical, it could just be that we hope that they're grateful, that they just say thank you.   Have you experienced that where you've given something to someone and you've expected them to say thank you and be pleased and grateful, maybe you didn't even realise you did hope that they'd be grateful, but they just weren't!   It's good to be reminded that we shouldn't be doing or giving to get a reward, we should simply do it because it's a nice thing to do or sometimes it's the right thing to do.  We should never expect anything, it often leads to disappointment.

Right I'm getting a little deep, so I'm off to shower and dress, got a great day to get to!   My members have already lost 430lb this week, I'm going to add to that total, be great to smash the 500lb total this week.  I'm just loving the results from members on this plan, it's not just the results that are incredible, it's the fact that my members aren't getting that many gains, even when they've had a bad week.  It's also that they're realising they're good enough, they don't have to lose weight to be great or better, they're already BeYOUtiful, the weight loss will help them weigh loss, it might improve their health but it won't make them a better person, they're already okay xx

Hope your weekends awesome too ;)

Stay BeYOUtiful!

Here's a quick easy recipe;

Fast Fillet

Serves 1 = 2 Smart Points

1 bass fillet (up to 180g = 2sp)
1 lemon, (juice ½ and slice other ½)
¼ teaspoon capers
100g chopped vegetables

Wrap 130g bass fillet, lemon slices and juice of half lemon, fresh tarragon, 1/4 tsp capers and 100g chopped vegetables in parchment. Place on a baking tray and cook at 290oC for 15 minutes. 

Serve with 250g jacket potato (5 Smart Points)

Friday, 26 February 2016

Off to join Weight Watchers ain't I!

26th February 2016
If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito. Dalai Lama

As expected I gained on the scales this morning, thankfully it was only 1/2lb - phew!  That'll be the Baileys - oops.  So total weight loss since starting at the beginning of the year is 6.5lb, not lost since 5th February which is why me and my bestie are going to join a Weight Watchers meeting this morning, we're going to go get the support of a leader and the group, as my bestie reminded me, meetings are where the magic happen.   It's also an extra hour to catch up with my mate and instead of lunch we're going to do our shopping together in Lidl's or Aldi after the meeting and go for coffee - flat white with skimmed milk of course not a mocha, choca, fatty, latte type which would set me back a squillion Smart Points!   Yeah I think with this extra push, we will get our Mojo back in March and lose more. 

But first I have a lot to get done in the next three hours, so I'll not waste time sitting at my desk messing about, I'll get right on it and get my work done. 

I have seriously enjoyed the meetings this week, listening to everyone chat to each other so I am really looking forward to being part of that from the other side if I'm honest and it's far enough away that the members won't know me so I can have a bit of anonymity, ooo and it's close to an M&S food hall and Waitrose so I could treat myself to some healthy, posh meals, it was payday yesterday after all, I can't take it with me ;)

So I'm in a rush, what's my plan, because my fridge is also empty and it'll be easy to go off track later, it's a Friday night afterall, I'll be having my massage this afternoon, then I won't feel like 'cooking' when I get back.   This is where knowing yourself really comes into play, by knowing this and not ignoring it, I can plan, I'm going to pick something up from one of those shops I've already mentioned, it'll have to be something that takes no effort at all because I know I won't do it, not when I'm all chilled out later.   

If I have an early night tonight, that'll help to save those weeklies I'll collect at the scales today for the weekend because me and my mate are also having a sleep over tomorrow so I'll need some!  But that's already planned, I'm going to cook for us tomorrow, that'll keep those points down, I won't drink too much either because she can't take her booze, it makes her poorly so if I don't have some much, she won't either and I won't have to listen to her being ill in the night! 

Right I need to get gone, I have lots to do, this morning is important to me and I WILL make time for it, catch you tomorrow, below's a quick easy meal that's filling too.  Quick food rocks doesn't it, especially when you're busy, tired or can't be bothered - which seems to be a syndrome at this time of year for so many members "CBB Syndrome", it's terribly catching and easily spreads, so you watch out because you do not want it, and if you get it, you want rid of it as quickly as possible!

The best treatment, is finding easy meals to cook for one, thing's like the tuna melt toastie I had last night, tinned tuna, bit of low fat mayo, 1sp of low fat cathedral city lighter, takes minutes, tastes divine!  Another is to surround yourself with people who aren't afflicted with the condition, you want a room full of people that have the "Doing It" disease, if you can catch that, it's the best, it kills off all those "CBB" germs and you start to feel so good.  Right I'm actually really going now, have a great day - YAY it's Friday mwah BeYOUtiful, take care of you, go catch the right disease ;)

Coronation chicken jacket potato = 9 Smart Points

Fill a 225g jacket potato (5sp) with a

1 tablespoon Mayonnaise, Low Fat   (1sp)
1/2 teaspoon Curry Paste (1sp)
Splash Worcestershire Sauce   
Splash Lemon Juice
1 level teaspoon Half Fat Crème Fraiche (1sp)
75g cooked chicken cut into chunks (1sp)
Black pepper

Whisk together all of the sauce ingredients (mayonnaise through crème fraiche), season and then mix in the chicken. 

When the potatoes are cooked, cut a cross in the top of each and spoon the chicken and sauce into each potato.