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Friday, 2 April 2021

Have a very Good Friday

Friday 2nd April 2021
Spend more time with people who bring out the best in you not the stress in you.

It is Good Friday isn't it? I don't know what's going on at the minute, I'm in my own little world as you can imagine, occassionally someone will knock the door with a card and some kind words but otherwise thisweek it's just been Alfie and I and he doesn't talk much but boy does he have a way of telling you what he wants, when he wants it!  I did spend a lot of time on the phone yesterday morning though but inbetween that, I decided to strip that last wall in the back bedroom just in case the fitted wardrobe/cupboards don't happen for whatever reason.  The rooms now bare wall and floor waiting for what next, nothing in the next week though as I was going to have it skimmed by a plasterer and they're all busy and booked up, I was just gonna paint it and sod the lumps and bumps, still might but my brother was 'it'll look shite!'  It'd be clean and cheap though wouldn't it!  I'm gonna stop thinking about it for the weekend as I have friends coming to see me so here's hoping it ain't bloody freezing or I'll be burning things from the shed to keep us warm.  

My besties coming today she finally has a day off, we've not seen each other in so long, well over a year, I think there might be tears at some point but hey, I ain't cried for at least 12 hours! 

Two meals yesterday and a packet of crisps but I'm getting on the scales every day as I've got Noom on my phone and it's telling me too, I'm 2lb lighter than I was yesterday which just goes to prove our body weight fluctuates, it's not what you weigh one day to the next it's what changes over a period of time because I haven't cut 7,000 calories from my diet at all!  I think how you react to the results on a set of scales should influence how often you step on them, weekly at the same time is good for most people as then you are more likely to see real results.  Whereas daily will mean you'll see fluctuations like I have this morning and imagine if that goes up again tomorrow, some people would have a super meltdown, whereas I don't give power to that lump of metal, I'm more about how I feel when I get out of bed. 

Then you could go with the never gonna weigh myself again rule of thumb, some people do!   They go by how their clothes fit, by the meals they are consuming rather than the numbers.  I didn't weigh myself for a month and I gained 8lb, I honestly was surprised as my clothes didn't feel any different, I've gained well over a stone and I'm still wearing some of the same clothes so how my clothes fit for me isn't gonna work.  Ignorance isn't bliss in my case, cos that 8lb gain was a real surprise lol, although why I don't know when I was seeing what I was choosing to eat and not moving much at all.  

One thing for sure is if you're weighing yourself more than once a day, you know after a wee, after a poo, that kind of thing - STOP, it's not necessary and it's obsessive, scales are there to help not harm and being controlled by them isn't helping anyone.  My Owls and I called them Trevor in my groups and Trevor was a tool! 

Speaking of Happy Owls, exciting times ahead for sure, I had a big delivery yesterday which will be stored until we're ready for blast off!  Elle and I are starting to get excited and I'm going to get stuck back into our plans next week, it's good that I've got this time to put it all together and focus on it without having to think about moms needs, there's no stopping us now.  Be Happy Owls is coming soon.... #BeHappyOwls #Hoot

Shh, Elle will tell me off lol, I'm not supposed to be saying much yet tee hee, I can't keep my gob shut can I really, I'm excited, these books I've had printed are awesome if I do say so myself. 

As you can see my mood is lifted, yesterday was a good day, I've slept well, bed by 9pm after falling asleep in my chair, didn't wake till 4.20am with Alfie taking up 2/3rds of the bed I reckon, little shit takes up a lot of space. 

Today I shall mostly be starting with a tasty breakfast then not thinking about my 'diet' for the rest of the weekend, fine food and alcohol is on the cards, Louise delivered me my obligatory annual Milky Bar easter egg, Sheila bought me more chocolate, wine and hot cross buns and I have a Marlies on the way courtesy of another lovely kind lady.  I'm truly blessed that such wonderful people are looking out for me. 

Have a very Good Friday, hopefully you've got the day off, if you're working, I hope the day goes quickly for you. 

Mwah, luv ya 

Love me x

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