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Monday, 5 April 2021

Bank Holiyay!

Monday 5th April 2021
Happiness is a three day weekend.

Well I had agood sleep last night, didn't wake till half five, I love that my sleep pattern is getting back to something resembling regular, now if my back could just sort itself out that would be lovely.

Had a gorgeous walk with Ian and Alfie, the weather was perfect for walking yesterday morning, I just wished my back didn't bloody hurt so much but I'm hoping once I get back on track tomorrow and start losing some weight that it will improve, I'm also going to start doing some exercises to stretch and strengthen it hopefully.  Will have a google or play on YouTube to find something.   

It's been 2 weeks today since mom died, it's really weird because I don't feel like I miss her in the house, if that makes sense, I mean suddenly I live alone but it doesn't feel different, probably because she wasn't really 'here' for a long time was she, so it's a quiet, calm relief.  Alfie is my problem now, he doesn't like me leaving him and barks constantly when I go, I've even tried leaving him with Anne and he still barked, hopefully over time, he'll get better.  He was a happy chappy yesterday when he got the lamb bone, walking round the house trying to find somewhere to hide it! Cracking British leg of lamb from Aldi and I've put the rest in tubs in the freezer for another day.

I'm going to have to strip the paper off my living room walls, the lining paper is coming off everywhere now when you try to paint it, it's just had too many coats of paint on it over the years and it's time.  That'll keep me busy for a few more weeks!  At some point I'm going to need a carpet fitting in the spare bedroom but I want to get it skimmed and painted first then have cupboards fitted.  I'm going to keep it as a bedroom with a double bed in because I already have the bed and I don't have money to burn, need to put my sensible head on again. 

Alfie's attention seeking this morning which makes blogging very difficult when I'm trying to type and he's jumping up me! 

I'm ready to get my healthy back though, I'm going to have a Chinese takeaway today I reckon as my last supper and then start my calorie counting tomorrow, will sort my shopping delivery out, I've booked it for Wednesday as I have lots of food in the freezer and cupboards and what I do order will be £40 as that's the minimum for my free delivery, although I may end up cancelling it altogether and nipping to Aldi for a few bits, I'll see what I need and what the weathers gonna be like cos I am more likely to eat frozen veg if it's going to be cooler than salad.  I do want to use stuff I've got so I'm thinking maybe cancel and make do, I need painkillers but I can't have a shop just to get ibruprofen can I, that's ridiculous!

I'm off for a walking natter with Vicky this morning over the park, looking forward to seeing her, she's working so bloomin hard now, I feel like I haven't seen her for ages, I know it's not really that long, probably a week but it seems like forever.  She was such a brilliant support with mom, mom adored her, many a time she'd stand talking through the window with mom and when she'd gone mom would gush over her, 'isn't she lovely, so pretty, so funny' and that would be the only ten minutes in the day mom would light up because by this point mom didn't feel that way about me lol. 

Anyway, I'm feeling another cuppa tea is needed before I start my day, whatever you have planned, enjoy.

Mwah, luv ya 

Love me xx

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